Altantsetseg Torgud

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AlaMhigo.png Altantsetseg Torgud


Biographical Information
Birth Name Altantsetseg Torgud
Nickname(s) Alta, Tsetseg
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Birthplace The Nhaama Desert, Southern Othard
Born 1545
Nameday 6th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Tribe Torgud
Physical Attributes
Hair Pale blonde
Eyes Violet
Height 4'10"
Career Information
Occupation Dark Knight
Rank Refugee Resettlement Agent
Out-of-Character Information
Time Zone GMT-5
Server Mateus
Profession Gladiator
Job Dark Knight
Known languages include Standard Xaela, Torgud Xaela, and Eorzean.


If not known for their endurance as they traveled the Nhaama Desert, the Torgud clan was unmistakable for the white paint that decorated their bare bodies. On the contrary, having a member born completely white was unheard of to the Xaela in general. So much so that many shamans across different tribes valued the unusually pale scales and appendages of an individual as powerful fetishes in rituals. Despite this, a bright young girl born into the Torgud clan refused to be hindered by this superstition, albeit her family decided to break away. Not just for the fact that she would be actively hunted by enemy tribes, but also considering that the desert sun's rays tore into the girl's flesh, regardless of the amount of paint she was coated in. Still, her family never minded the sacrifices they've made, traveling south of the Fanged Crescent to be free from persecution and tribal conflict.

For the following years, the girl - named Altantsetseg, their 'golden flower' - spent her days sitting at the feet of her elders, fondly listening to their recounts of events and ages far into the past. This fed her curiosity of martial arts, particularly as she developed a profiency in swordplay. However, she was naïve. With Doma under Garlean rule since she was only seven years old, she felt a surge of heroism burning in her for the next four years, particularly as she attempted to smuggle weapons to the citizens. Her efforts proved futile as any resistance was crushed by Zenos yae Galvus' XIIth Legion. This also robbed her of her freedom, as a member of the Legion had captured her, particularly mesmerized by her unusual appearance. Though displeased with her outspoken demeanor, he would take her as a slave, following the Ala Mhigan Imperial Viceroy back to his territory.

Upon their arrival, she was made a servant, being put to work in the kitchen and the bedroom. She was certain she could weave a plan out, however her options were slim. After spending years of shaking off contemplations of suicide in the event they retrieve sensitive information from her, she finally found her chance. At the time, she was at the home of her captor's family while he was away at war. It was there she spent several moons tending to his wife, of whom arguably had a worse temperment than he. While watching their young daughter, she discovered a jar of Mother's Mercy for tending to serious wounds, however she was retrieving bandages. A sennight later, she would utilize this when their daughter was away, lacing the wife's breakfast with an excess of the substance. When she would feed, her throat became clogged, offering Altantsetseg the brief opportunity to escape. With trembling hands seizing a pillowcase stuffed with necessities and a few belongings, she fled out of the manor's door. The year was 1559 when she ended her three-year turmoil as a slave.

Apparently, she was being watched by the Twelve as a Midlander boarding school teacher took note of her atypical race and took her in, raising her in secret before aiding her in escaping the city-state. Her husband, a Highlander, was a former soldier for the city-state before it was occupied by Garlemald, whom had now fled with hopes of establishing a resistance cell someday. In the meantime, upon seeing her twenty-first summer, the teacher set her off for Coerthas. From then on, Altantsetseg used her pet names of 'Alta' and 'Tsetseg' as aliases. While residing as a nomad within the Black Shroud, she never forgot what the teacher had done for her, yet it was not the only memory that lingered with her. She could never forgive her captor; not even the murder of his vicious wife felt like adequate revenge. As she grew older, this served as fuel for her inevitable profiency in the dark arts. Primarily to study this, she would move to Idyllshire, hoping to further utilize her talents in protecting the defenseless from the rise of the Primals.

Years later, Altantsetseg still listens to the ghosts of her past, both good and bad, to give her strength. Now brandishing a greatsword, she sets out as a mercenary for the reformed Eorzean Alliance. In her pursuit of perfection, her goal is not to flaunt her title of mastery, but to wield the shadows so that Eorzea is not forced to live under Garlemald's own.



Stern and straightforward. She refuses to define herself by words and appearances, nor does she determine other's worth by it. Thus, she is incredibly honest, sometimes bluntly so. It may initially seem that it is because she is uncaring, yet the reverse is the truth. To her, a dignified and lawful individual does not veil their history.


She's much more comfortable spending time with one good friend than having her social circle full of many acquaintances. Thus, you wouldn't see her at many large gatherings that don't involve her work. Still, she does take the time to connect with her fellow clan members and knights as she encounters them.


Difficult to read, at most. It doesn't help she has a resting grouch face. When she isn't thumbing through tomes of military history or drawing out strategies, whether by herself or with friends, she doesn't settle for the idea of sitting around, sipping on tea. It isn't her hands she seeks to keep busy, but her mind. Thus, many conversations she holds, both important or casual, are over a board game or during sparring. She lives by the concept that no sharp blade is as valuable as a sharp wit. Still, she seems to be growing a beloved saber collection, albeit her custom-made greatsword always remains at her side.

Notes & Trivia

  • Afflicated by the first type of oculocutaneous albinism; she possesses little to no melanin in her complexion, resulting in even her scales being a pristine white, her eyes colored a soft violet hue. Many marvel and gawk at her appearance, disregarding her struggles against severe sunburns, skin disease, and farsightedness. Both injury and inability to focus her gaze caused her right eye to remain concealed behind an eyepatch.
  • Notable marks include a scar across her right eye, hemmed with the remnants of crude stitching.
  • The black Ferndale mare (named Sable, after the shade in heraldry) that serves as her most frequent steed was gifted to her by an Ishgardian ally that assisted her through Dravania to Idyllshire.


Young Altantsetseg by Gailla