Alter Bee

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Alter Bee
Gender Male
Race Miqo’te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 22
Nameday 23rd Sun of the First Astral Moon
Trades Self Employed
Server Balmung
Availability Evening GMT
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Basic Information

Given Name: Alter Bee

True Name: None Given

Age & Nameday: 22, 23rd Sun of the First Astral Moon, 1558

Nickname: Bee

Place of Birth: South-West Vylbrand

Employment: Owns Dedrik Bee's business aggregate

Education: Schooled at home by private tutors, Bee is well educated and can read and write

Physical Description

Height: 6 fulms approximate

Weight: 165 Ponzes

Body Type: Athletic, Androgynous

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Red

Skin: Fair

Body Modifications:

Each of Bee's upper and bottom front teeth are filed to a sharp point, identical to his brother Kyle Anderson. He also has a small scarification beneath his right eye that is tattooed in red.


Two prominent facial scars on the bridge of his nose and cheek. Bee also has some notable scars proudly on display, particularly on his back. A puncture scar that shows a very close brush with death, acquired in a deal gone awry in the times following the Fall of Dalamud.


Bee's clothes are often eccentric, lots of embellishments and strange fashions often adorn his body. Which is also similarly as well groomed as his tailor fitted garments are, even the clothes that he wears for long periods of travel or combat are often expertly crafted and luxurious.


There is no doubt that Bee is a contender to his brother in presence, even in their separation they ended up being remarkably similar in the end, even though they do have attitudes that are the literal opposite of the other. Bee is confident, much like his father. The Miqo’te has a sure and calm composure at most times as his discipline leaves him to be rational and rarely ever at a loss to anger, preferring to reason and analyse any circumstances he finds himself in. Bee can do business despite that he isn’t too interested in the endeavor of acquiring wealth, preferring to enrich himself with adventure and thrill, actively seeking it even in social interactions. Even if that is just a way of flowering up that Bee likes to joke, make fun and antagonize people, often only to elicit a less than rational response.

The wealth is nice, he'd say. However, Bee knows all too well that wealth is better with comraderie, something that he learned from his father. A truth he knows that not many people will see past his carefully arranged veneer of smug, lofty obliviousness.


A cross between a deeper feminine and a youthful masculine pitch. Bee is very well educated and spent his childhood in the company of a master wordsmith, so to speak. He is incredibly fluent and enunciates correctly at most times. He knows how to mimic the many different dialects of the Eorzean people, a skill learned from his father.


  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Competition



Adoptive Father - Dedrik Bee (Deceased, NPC)

A lonesome talent, Dedrik was a master fencer and business magnate systematically industrious in his pursuit of fortune, celebrity and happiness. His relationship with the locals of Thanalan and Vylbrand was a positive one despite that his reputation was tainted with shady dealings, he was personally responsible for building an aggregate and trust which small and upstart businesses can still join to this day to receive funding and grow off of, even in his absence. The Bee Shipping & Trading Company is the pinnacle of Dedrik’s achievements, valued a small fortune as well as his other assets. The Bee Shipping & Trading Company and Trust is currently run by a board of representatives for Alter Bee who only steps in to oversee commissions, trades, charters and sales of considerable importance or value. Dedrik Bee found fulfillment in the challenge of raising a child, his fortune and celebrity were dwarfed by his happiness in the end.

BrotherKyle Anderson

Born as twins, Kyle was never far from Bee. The boys grew up in roughly the same region, unawares of their biological relationship even when they met face to face. Bee was adopted by Dedrik and Kyle stayed with Frank Anderson, friend to Dedrik and the former leader of a mercenary group known as The Murder, renowned to soldiers and other military types. The boys met many times over the years. Following the Calamity, ever meeting one another again seemed like a mathematical improbability. That being said, the unlikely did eventually occur once stability returned to the city states of Eorzea, a fleeting encounter that changed both of the teenagers lives. Imagine it, looking into a mirror that is not there and remembering all of the times sitting around at a dinner table, playing in the woods, cray fishing, rough-housing and beating hedges with sticks and never knowing exactly what you had was. The realization of a true paradigm of stupidity is what occurred on that day, 7 Years after the Calamity. Their remarkable similarities are an enigma after so much separation. However, their interests remain far between, only because of their vastly different lifestyles. Bee seeks companionship on his travels and adventure, forming a covenant with his brother to fill this role, even though he is reluctant. Bee insists on his brother’s participation upon realizing that it quells his pains.


Kyle Anderson - (Best Friend)

Bee has plenty of "friends" and contacts, the status of a young landlord and wealth will do that. It is no surprise that he has always been alone to some degree, especially after Dedrik died. Bee spent many years estranged from his "friends" after the loss of his father. After reuniting and now that he is aware of their family relation, Bee spoils Kyle and dedicates himself to doing all he can to make up for lost time with his brother, finding that much sought after companionship in him.


Rivalries are inevitable when you're the son of a businessman, when you take on that business or participate in it it carries on to all that are involved. Most rivalry and competition is welcomed by business, as it forces the respective services to improve and offer superior assistance in opposition of one another. Thankfully Bee doesn't suffer so much from his fathers past rivalries, as Dedrik organized a plan for his subordinates and their families to run his business and push it forward in his absence. Even then, Bee has experienced first hand the worst kind of rivalry, the hatred and desperation that can blind a man under duress.

Following the fall of Dalamud, Dedrik did his best to keep his businesses afloat, carefully reestablishing contacts to get his business back up and running in Thanalan and Vylbrand. Dedrik didn't always do things to the books, but he kept his word, shaky and uncertain times after all. A few shady deals here and there was all it took to bring the man crumbling to his knees, business gone awry and one skirmish is what it took for him to lose his life and bring unto Bee a near-fatal injury.

These enemies from the past have moved on or died, simply. The mysterious Alter Bee of Bee Shipping & Trading is naught but a name on the records, his representatives carry the burden of rivalries positive and negative.

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