Althalos Valoran

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Althalos Letholdus Valoran
400 x 354 pixelspx
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Place of Birth Ul'Dah
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Nameday 31st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Marital Status Widowed
Occupation Scholar/Summoner
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Basic Info

"Never give up on Eorzea. Defend her to your last breath!" —Althalos's mother, Avarosa

Althalos Letholdus Valoran was born in Ul'Dah 19 years before "the Calamity." His mother, Avarosa Gwenivere Valoran was a very powerful Bard/Scholar who fought in the war with Garlemald. He enlisted to the war to help his mother. On the day of the Calamity, Althalos lost most of his memory in a brutal attack which left a scar on his right eye. The only thing he remembers is his mother's voice telling him to defend Eorzea to his last breath. His only possessions were his mothers journal, grimoire and a picture of his late husband. A man in Paladin Armor with black hair pale skin. He has spent the last 5 years of his life studying his mother's grimoire and searching for the man in the picture as a means to hopefully jog his memory. He has decided to set out for Limsa Lominsa to train in the Arcanist arts. Bearing his mother's grimoire he intends to become a Scholar and defend his home...... to his last breath.

Althalos is a direct descendant of the last King of Ala Mhigo.


Height: 74 ilm

Weight: 237 ponze

Hair: Dark Auburn with highlights

Eyes: Left Eye: Emerald Green/Right Eye: Snow White

Particular Traits: Brand on right side of face.

Voice: Very deep and quiet

Clothing Style: Casual with a flair for purples and blacks

Laterality: He has heightened sight in his right eye which also gives him clairvoyance on occasions.



  • Goldsmithing, Cooking, Treasure Hunting, Chocobo Raising


  • Disloyalty, Dishonesty, Cowardice


  • Color: Indigo
  • Food: Seafood
  • Drinks: Ul'Dahn Wine
  • Scent: Lavender
  • Place: Ul'Dah (Main City)
  • Festival: All Saints' Wake


Althalos has no set religion. However, before each fight he prays to Rhalgr for strength and guidance.


Althalos is a Warrior of Light and member of the Scions.


Althalos is quiet and usually keeps to himself. He does not feel comfortable in large groups. He will, however talk to anyone and engage in idol conversation if approached. You will know that he is comfortable around you when he greets you with a half smile on the left corner of his mouth. He is very self sufficient and likes the comfort of his own thoughts. As he does not remember much of his life before the Calamity, but wishes to overturn every last stone until he finds his past. He is the type to over analyze a situation, but won't speak about it too often. If he looks worried then chances are he is in deep analytic thought. It will be hard for him to trust at first, but once he is with you he will protect you with the up most ferocity and loyalty.


  • As he now has heightened sight and clairvoyance, it has become a burden as well as a gift. It sometimes hinders his ability to heal effectively and raises his destructive capabilities allowing him to summon Primal Egis in place of Scholar Fae.


  • Fear of failing his allies


  • Highly skilled Healer and Goldsmith. He has a very powerful connection with the fae.


  • He is highly intelligent in Scholar knowledge. A grimoire left to him by his mother allowed his to study extensively on the art of the fae and Healing.

TV Tropes

Abilities and Skills


  • Goldsmithing, Healing, Cooking, Chocobo Raising, Calirvoyance and Heightened Sight


  • Grimoires, Staves, Wands and Sheilds


  • Healing and DoT Magic


  • Goldsmith, Culinarian

Family and Relationships


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Living Relatives: None as of his knowledge. His mother was the only known relative he had.

Current Residence

Before Dalamud's Fall

Ul'Dah. 25 years.

After Dalamud's Fall

Limsa Lominsa