Alueaux Dunant

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Ishgard.jpg "Alueaux" [Deceased]
Ffxiv 10062016 205047.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age Deceased
Height 6 Fulms 6 Ilms
Occupation Adventurer
Server Balmung

Alueaux Dunant Is an Ishgardian Dragoon turned Adventurer who could be found honing his craft across Eorzea against a vast number of foes, excelling at the slaying of Dragons with the end of the Dragonsong war he had turned his attention to exploring a world otherwise ignored throughout his life. Alas his Adventures were short lived and so it is understood he was killed in action in the Twelveswood.

Alu as he was known to friends hailed from a lesser noble house of the citystate of Ishgard; a former Dragoon with the conclusion of the Dragonsong War and the scattering of the Horde the cities Dragonslaying Elite found themselves with little prey. Seizing upon this moment the disillusioned Dragoon took his leave, to make up for years spend in service by exploring a world he was keen to ignore in his duty. Often found haunting taverns in the Shroud or La Noscea he was noted among those who know him to utterly despise Thanalan and its residents; yet without alcohol was hesitant to comment further. Making his living off guildleves from the Adventurers guild and contracts on the fly he could be found anywhere at anytime, open to all manners of work provided the gil is right. It is reported the Dragoon fell in combat during an ill-fated leve deep within the Twelveswood, the Adventurer's Guild having tasked a group of Adventurer's to locate his group after their disappearance.