Alva Lynn

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 Alva Lynn
Gender Female
Race Midlander
Clan None
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age ??
Deity None
Orientation Asexual
Marital Status Single, uninterested
Occupation Mercenary
Nameday 25th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
To rise. To fall.
To crash. To burn.
To stand. To rebel.
Is this not the creed of those who struggle against the world?
Is this not the creed of those who sought to walk down the charred path of redemption?
Is this not her creed? She who walks upon a road paved with suffering?

Height: 5 fulms 5 ilms

Weight: 124 ponze

Complexion: Pale

Hair: Black

Eyes: Faded blue

Surprisingly, Lynn's face is untouched despite her "Career". The only notable marks are the dark circles that surround her eyes, not of any threatening origin, mind you, simply the sort seen in a hopeless soul.
Lynn's general behavior is incredibly cold, regardless of how sober or drunk she is, infact, she seems to be the same regardless of how badly her liver is being butchered...All that can be said is that she has no interest in actually speaking with people, quite content to drink herself to death alone.


Apathy: She seems to default to not caring about those around her. If you're ignorant enough to believe that, at least.
Unapproachable: Her solitary demeanor and perpetual frown make her difficult to approach, for sure. Brooding types are common, and easy to deal with, right?
Recklessness: Lynn would sooner leap than look, as is expected with dumb muscle. Now if only she were actually dumb.


Skill Mixing: -----------
Fast Learner: ------------
Aether-Sensitive: ----------


???: -----


You: -----

During a fight, Annabelle can appear in a variety of different ways, depending on how she has decided to work with the situation given. Due to her knowledge of various arms, she is inclined to simply pick one and work with it, before going into a fight, her weapons of choice dictate almost everything about this, of course, but all have the potential to leave the woman in a state of madness, rushing around and just tearing up the area, as recklessly as one can, of course, that's only if certain criteria are met. How she fights before this point has occured, varies.


Assortment of Greatswords


Conjury: Annabelle's bread and butter when it comes to most combat scenarios. Annabelle employs conjury to her War disciplines more than any other, allowing her to make frequent use of wind and earth focused techniques. The main example of this would be her talons, which, when in use, are always charged with wind-aspected aether. Alternate uses include using conjury for mobility, especially when certain parts of her limbs are damaged. An example of this would be if she wasn't able to use her legs in the middle of a battle. Annabelle is able to stay on the offensive by literally launching herself into her opponent. However, this also means she crashes into things frequently, risking further injury as she does. Still, it's better than being caught.


This is where Annabelle seems to fall flat on her face. There is absolutely nothing on this planet that will ever make her good at putting things together. She's a bit of a blockhead in that sense.

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"Even with a full mug in 'er 'ands, she's complainin' about not 'avin' enough..." '~Adventurer

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"I could've sworn she was missin' at least half a tongue, if not the whole thing!" ~Person
"I think she's in with that group that keeps causin' trouble in the Pearl Lane...What do you mean which one..?" ~Brass Blade

Rare Rumors

"I wonder where the two adventurer's she used to wander about with went of to..? Haven't seen them since they all went off hunting." ~Ishgardian Knight

Player character rumors, feel free to add to this!

"Go ahead and throw something in here, one of you!" ~Name
💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Poor Standing Deceased

♥ ☠Airel Lynn: Lynn's dearly departed sister, whose cause of death is a well kept secret.

Kataani Hawkeye: Of all the people to help eachother reach a deeper understanding..Kataani and Lynn? Wat.

Jebei Dotharl: Jebei.

Khava'ya Kitsune: A performer who, in Lynn's eyes, seems to have a potentially unhealthy aim of being the star of most situations.

I'mhati Tia: She lets him refer to her as "Spanks" because it's funny.

Leith'ir Eilam: A strange man, and almost impossible to figure out, though not as much as...

Zalitai Dalamiq: The Archmagister, out of all the people documented, she knows the least about this man. At least for now.

Azrat and Tarixxian: Those guys..? Yeah whatever.

Alyx Noirtier: Chiding herself for being unable to realize that Alyx was not the type he portrayed himself to be for a handful of minutes, she has returned to holding him in a respectful light, though their minimal interactions has resulted in it being just a neutral respect.

Khada'li Nhija: Lynn herself has no hard feelings towards Li, but their relationship is less than stellar at the moment.

Araris Vairoy: Having at least tried to take his life once or twice, she eventually settled on just not liking him.

Lady Dusk: Someone who Lynn thinks is in SERIOUS need of a hobby.

Annabelle Nemesia: The Griffith to her Guts.

What I am looking for/interested in:

  • Pls.
  • Anything with solid character development. You might think this is like "Well isn't that all RP?" HELL NAH BOIII YOU DON'T GET THIS KIND OF THING IN A TAVERN NIGHT

What I will NOT RP:

  • Anything where participants start either powerplaying/powergaming( ie. performing an action and then immediately warping away, denying any form of consequence.)
  • Harem based stuff. Annabelle is not some stupid waifu.


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