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"Everything is breaking, no mistaking, its all changing. Tear it down, watch it all start burning."




Alvide Lachance is the result of innocent curiosity meeting heretical knowledge. Born to gifted spell-casters, each on the opposite of ends of an unspoken but understood moral spectrum. Her mother, Alvione Caibaire, a bookish Gridanian scholar and chirurgeon. Her father, Eauchaut Lachance, a Woodwailer-turned-mage. Injured during a bandit raid near Quarrymill, Eauchaut and Alvione became romantically involved while his recovery progressed in her care. Brief but torrid, their relationship would be short-lived at first. Duty called Eauchaut back once his wounds had healed, but not before they had vowed themselves to wed once they were able. The two resumed their lives separated for a time with Alvione traveling frequently. The pair always found each other during moments of leave and respite.

When Alvione found herself with child, Eauchaut withdrew from the Wailers and wed her immediately. The two settled into a quiet life to prepare for their child. Alvione retreated from active work, focusing on study and private tutoring for students of magic. Ever supportive, Eauchaut opened a library and shop for spiritual, thaumaturgy, supernatural and worldly magics alike. Having taken an interest in his wife’s studies, Eauchaut read with her on topics of his own curiosity. After Alvide was born, it was not uncommon for Alvione or Eauchaut to treat incantations and research findings as stories to lull the infant.

The two became exceptionally well versed in their respective areas of study, even so far as to host conferences and parties for the great minds and peers in their fields. Alvide grew up around inquiry, curiosity, and knowledge. Professional mages and hobbyists alike were her earliest acquaintances, they and their children her earliest friends.

Exposed to so much, Alvide had all the opportunity she would ever need to excel in the arts, much to the pride and excitement of her parents. Her formative years were spent immersed in classical education as well as eclectic performance and magical arts. Through her father she learned traditional spear work as exercise and self-defense. Her mother versed her in biology and mending arts. Alvide grew to be a polymath in several magical schools and theories as well as a proficient lancer.

She found a keen interest in history and legend, and often found herself accompanying archaeological expeditions to study relics up close and intimately. Alvide supports what she considers a professional hobby by discerning and recreating ancient enchantments from off such relics, but in a more marketable and safe scale. It is not uncommon that she is employed for practical applications of her skills when not pursuing a historical lead.


Alvide is strikingly tall at six and a half fulm. She has soft features, demure and carefully made-up with cosmetic accents. With eyes an almost exotic green, strange in their luster, raven hair worn long, Alvide can be captivating to some in just a passing glance. Her Gridanian heritage is betrayed by her honey-colored skin, a far cry from her paler Ishgardian cousins in the north. She embraces her loveliness as its own virtue, but never shies away from wearing her thoughts on her expressive features.

Her figure is long and elegant like many women of her kin. Her height blends details into proportion that might seem exaggerated on a shorter woman. She has a provocatively generous bust and a slender waist, often pushed up and cinched respectively, that amplify her visual presence.

Almost everything she wears is specifically chosen to shape and form to draw the eye to her face and bust, though rarely does she expose any glimpse of her legs. Her adornments are sometimes excessive in number without being tasteless. Other times she embraces the extremes and risks gaudiness.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Striking eyes
Expressive smile
Intimidating height


Alvide is as curious as she is vain. Having long understood that her beauty and attractiveness will open doors, she rarely hesitates to capitalize on this to achieve an end. Her inquisitive nature has earned her a reputation as an attentive listener and confidant. Dedicated and task oriented, she will require that interruptions allow her to finish a thought before being addressed. While she enjoys elegance, she is in no way haughty or uptight. She is flirty and playful, fond of sensual touches, or even encounters, toward and from friends and acquaintances alike. It might not be frequent to hear colorful language from her, but she usually only finds amusement when used by others. Fiercely independent and guided by whim, Alvide often pursues her own interests in spite of others. Her attention can be held with the promise of reward, though with her methods she believes it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission.


Rare and unusual. Trinkets, relics, books, and historical locations. Anything of curious antiquity is sure to earn a positive reaction. She enjoys discussion and debate as well as appeals to her vanity and talents.
Magical Challenge. Magic is in her blood and is part of her every day. Any opportunity to dazzle or entertain is taken as gladly as any professional endeavor. She doesn't hesitate to rise to the task in creative or unusual circumstances.
The Bold Our time in this world is not unlimited. Alvide is smitten with confident people who make known what they want and reach for what they wish to take.


The abrasive and confrontational. It is almost effortless to rouse her ire with suggestion or insult that sullies her vanity. While she would not react with escalation, she has no problems with responding in kind. However, even without suffering insult, she can't stand the behavior in general.
Willful ignorance. With a background in learning and knowledge, there is no reverence in the lack thereof or unwillingness to improve.
Conformity and Order A prideful individualist, Alvide shuns concepts of strict organization and the idea that such groups should govern her or anyone else.


Collecting. She has an eclectic collection of trinkets, books, and artwork. Often no more than objects of sentiment rather than value, though she is always on the search for new items to add.
Illusions. One of the lesser of her talents, but the most fun. Weaving magic as harmless illusions to entertain or distract is something she does almost without thought and especially upon request.


Versatility. With a broad range of magical skills at hand, Avlide is equally at home being a healer as well as she is with more damaging spell casting. Her knowledge of biology only gives her enough ability to perform basic triage without magic. Almost everything she does is magically augmented including her usage of weapons such as her beloved spear.


Vanity. Alvide puts a good deal of effort into her appearance and enjoys her natural beauty enough that threats or insults against it will provoke a negative response almost universally. She will fake a numbness to insults if they occur frequently, but she is quite sensitive.


Curiosity and Intrigue Mild or moderate, if there is a question to answer she will not hesitate to ask and discuss. A day spent without indulging the mind, body, or expressing a talent is one wasted.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Eauchaut Lachance, Father. ()
Character's Thoughts: "One could ask for no better a man for a father."
The very first teacher she had, a man of patience and wit. An example and the standard by which other men are held.
Alvione Caibaire, Mother. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Dearest Mother, I cannot wait to send you my newest books."
Role model, affectionate and doting. Perhaps she spoiled her daughter, perhaps not.
Character's Thoughts: "Quite troubled for one so young. His clumsy altruism is getting the best of him."
Alvide has served as a confidant and counsel to him.
Martel Anjeaux. ()
Character's Thoughts: "One of the finest Hyur I have laid eyes on."
There is scant little to say over a man one only knows in body.
Fin Anjeaux. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Innocent for someone who knows so much blood."
Mistook Alvide for an acquaintance and then made her into one.
Lucrece Sauveterre. ($) - Employer
Character's Thoughts: "I look forward to what she has in store."
Briefly met during an interview for prospective employment.
Ramius Raske. ($) - Co-worker
Character's Thoughts: "I plan to bother him with endless questions."
An inventor in employ of the company, one of a cheerful disposition.
Ruinous Bear. ()
Character's Thoughts: "A uniquely large while subdued old Roegadyn. A talented flirt."
Met in passing before enjoying an afternoon on the beach.
Xau'zi Lihzeh. ()
Character's Thoughts: "Intriguing and attractive."
She briefly guided him through the Shroud, away from a waiting bandit ambush.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Calls herself a sorceress. Her words, not mine. Does all kinds of magic-for-hire things, some for free even!"
"She'll lend an ear to anyone who needs to talk. Wuh? Naw that ain't an Elezen joke."
"That prissy look and fancy talk is just an act! Heard 'er carryin' on, swearin', drinkin' with the rest on board."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Her illusions may as well be real..."
"I think her parents run the Knowledge Society. That's like a club for witches or somethin'."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I swear, she can read minds!"


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
I am a long time creative writer and I enjoy entertaining others. I predominantly write and RP for entertainment of others, so don't be shy. It is impossible to offend me as a player, so rant, rave, shoot the shit, ask me to RP. I'll say so if you need to tone it back.
Personal RP Limits
There are no lore related topics I will avoid. I do draw the line at distasteful topics, or if it seems to negatively affect a player. So long as the concept and execution are fun I am happy to participate.
I will play From light-hearted to dark and violent, the entire spectrum is possible. Ask if unsure.
I won't play No lore characters (From this universe or any other), or altering MSQ characters/events.
Little Tidbits.
I do try to match RP partners in posting style and length, but will cater my writing to the situation. If a scene calls for detail or brevity it will be assessed case by case. I am willing to let RP partners take the reins with this one.
Always feel free to send a tell for questions or interest, preferably out of character first. I can't promise that just because my character is around that I myself am. I do check tells when I get back.


Potential Plot Hooks
Alvide is a lover of magic and men and will not turn up her nose at either. However, she will pursue even trivial curiosities.
Expeditions or adventures intent on exploring the very old places of the world.
Discussion on clever or problem-solving applications of magic.
Plain old flirting.
Character Lore Adherence
I do my best to stick to what has been given to us, but in the gray areas some creativity is welcome. I'm open to suggestion in areas I'm not sure of.
Her expertise is played as a nebulous blend of magic schools not unlike red mage in concept. Her expertise is in the magical arts, and martial skills are only formidable so long as she is able to use aforementioned skills.
She is gifted slightly in the Echo as far as sharing thoughts and memories.

Name - Alvide Lachance
Race - Elezen
Age - 30
Name Day - 10th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Deity - Halone, the Fury

Alias: Alvi
Citizenship: Gridania
Occupation: Sorceress
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Honey
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Key Items: Ear clasps and ornate rings
Favorite Food: Undecided
Favorite Drink: White wine
Favorite Color: Purple
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