Amadeus Greene

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Amadeus Greene
Amadeus wiki.png
Amadeus in a Maelstrom coat with the Misericorde badge
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nameday Unknown (Somewhere between 28 and 33 cycles old)
Deity Althyk the Keeper
Affiliations Misericorde, The Maelstrom, the Wood Wailers (former), House Fortemps (former), Brass Blades (former), Ala Mhigan Resistance (former), "U" Tribe of the Sagolii Desert (former)
Server Balmung
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Basic Info

Birth Name: Amadeus Greene

Pronunciation: You should know how to pronounce these words

Nicknames/Aliases: 'Deus, Runt, Mean Greene

Place of Birth: Unknown

Place of Residence: Limsa Lominsa

Height: 5 fulms 6 ilms

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Explorer, soldier (former), Misericorde crew member, treasure hunter, occasional thief

Skills: Amadeus Greene has combat experience from the Garlean war and various other conflicts in recent Eorzean history. He is best with a dagger or a pistol, but is competent with other weapons as needed. He is a skilled fisherman and hunter as well. He is good with maps and has a great sense of direction. He likes to keep his ear to the ground and knows most circulating rumors about people he deals with.

Flaws: Amadeus has no idea how to use magic or advanced technology. He is also dirt poor.

[OOC] Primary Classes: Ninja, Warrior, Dragoon, Machinist

[OOC] Secondary Classes: Paladin, Monk, Bard


Where's the fun in that?


Social: Amadeus is a friendly sort. He enjoys meeting new people and is very laid back. He tends to disappear for weeks, months, or even years at a time, but he has a great memory and knows how to network, and thus keeps his friends close.

Combat: In a fight, Amadeus tends to go for the quick and easy kill. Unless it's war time, he will never attack unless he feels his life is threatened, but once it is he will be quick to stick a knife in someone's throat if he has to. He is generally friendly and easy-going, but he has killed in the past and will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Religion: Traveling to all the places he has, Amadeus has seen a great deal of belief systems. He tends to not think about religion but, if he had to classify himself, he would be agnostic or atheist.

Speech: Amadeus speaks like a well educated man, but tends to throw in phrases or words used by commoners. He enunciates his words, but also has a foul mouth.



Amadeus Greene is a short Midlander, standing at only five fulms six ilms. His shaggy red hair is generally matted down from wearing bandanas, hats, or helmets. He has a lean, muscular build and brown eyes. He has a thin scar going diagonally from the bridge of his nose to his jaw, with a light break in the middle. He doesn't say much about it, but it isn't anything he dwells on. Most assume he received it in the Garlean war, or being part of some Ala Mhigan resistance. Amadeus wears black face paint across his eyes. He claims he first put it on years ago while in Thanalan, but doesn't remember why he thought it was a good idea at the time.

Clothing and Armor

Greene is a practical man, and as such, he wears clothes that fit his environment. He wears armor when on the front lines, he wears furs in Coerthas, etc, etc. Amadeus also enjoys wearing hats and bandanas and will look for one to match whatever outfit he's currently wearing.


Clementine Whittaker: Amadeus's new employer. She is the current leader of Misericorde after the departure of Isaac Jacobi. The two vaguely remember each other from their past, seeing as how they're the same age and were both schooled at the academy in Ul'dah in their youth.

Jacqueline Henner: Another member of Misericorde. "She seems nice." - Amadeus Greene


There are a great deal of rumors about Amadeus Greene. Here are just a select few:

"He tried to sneak into Ishgard twice. Said he was 'curious about it'. Insane!"

"Oh I know him! He found my kid's cat for her."

"He punched some Seeker in the mouth in the Quicksand. Something about 'getting him back for what happened in the Sagolii.'"

"The Ala Mhigan refugees love him. Doesn't sound like he's a native, but he must've helped them out with something."

"He comes from money. He just has none left."

"I met him for the first time in Gridania. He was helping the Wood Wailers hunt down some Ixali. Then, he just left. Haven't seen him since."

"He's been here a few times. Sometimes he dines with royalty, and sometimes he eats what he can find with the homeless. All I know is, a lot of people around here owe him favors. And everyone's got an opinion on him, good or bad."

"The man is a saint."

"That guy is an asshole."