Amasar Qestir

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 Amasar Qestir
Gender Male
Race Au'Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Othard
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Amasar looks fairly typical for his race, quite tall and clay-skinned. His frame is best described as wiry, not particularly muscular but also more than just skin and bone. He typically dresses in an overly showy way, though the reason is perhaps not the most obvious. Dark of scale and hair, his bright purple eyes stick out a little more because of the slight contrast.


Being silent, he often has a hard time expressing himself. He tends to overexaggerate facial expression and gestures to compensate, trying to convey emotion with meaning. Beneath all of this, he is a naturally calm and relaxed person, slow to anger and difficult to offend. Notable things that irritate him are slavers and Garlean sympathizers. He's not bothered by mention or jokes about his muteness, as he is perfectly capable of speaking, simply choosing not to due to his Qestir pride. He likes to take a measured and cautious approach to things when given the chance, and will tend to react quickly up until his plans run out, then acting off instinct and becoming more prone to panic.


Amasar is not a very adept combatant. While previously an acceptable archer in his former country, his skills deteriorated considerably upon migrating to Eorzea due to a lack of several things, including a bow, targets to use a bow on, and food to maintain the strength required. He acquired a firearm early into his time in Ul'dah, and has since occasionally dabbled with using them correctly. In terms of melee combat, the only thing he has going for him is considerable reach, but any trained close-range fighter should be able to overwhelm him assuming they made no major mistake.



  • Triple Triad
  • Quiet places
  • Purple eyes


  • Braggarts
  • Fighting
  • Slavers


  • Triple Triad, obviously.
  • Magitek Tinkering.
  • Keen mind for numbers.


  • Communicates entirely in gestures and motions.






Common Rumors

  • "There's no way he bought that outfit himself. I think it's stolen."
  • "Seems to always be hungry, must not eat often."

Rare Rumors

  • "Everything he has was bought for him by a former lover."
  • "He'll bet most anything on Triple Triad. Maybe that's why he's broke."

PC Rumors



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