Ambellina Lusin

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 Ambellina Lusin
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Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Othardian/Eorzean
Age 19
Marital Status Single
Occupation Botanist, occasional mercenary
Height/Weight 5'(150cm), 120lb (54kg)
Orientation Pansexual

Basic Information

Born the only child to wealthy parents, she was indoctrinated into the school system at an early age. However, it was soon apparent that being well-versed in the arcane arts was not for her as it was for her mother. She preferred sitting outside and examining plants, and her parents soon recognized her gift in all things green and growing. She was plucked from school and immediately given her father’s bow, which she soon proved herself sufficient in wielding. As soon as they felt she was old enough to handle it, she was relocated to Eorzea, to live with her only remaining grandmother and explore the foreign flora. When she came of age, she was offered a job at a small farm ensuring the health of the plants. Now she works for a small inn as the groundskeeper. Her parents are as of yet unaccounted for since the Garlean destruction of Doma, unfortunately.


Fantasy novels
Pressed flowers


Musty smells
Rough cloth


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vice(s): Manipulation, sadism
Favorite Food: Candy
Favorite Drink: Lemonade
Favorite Color: Green


Carnelian red irises, bright crimson limbal rings. Golden hair, bordering on strawberry blonde. Usually worn in a ponytail, though it’s taken down for formal occasions. Pale cream skin. Tends to burn easily. Very soft to the touch, with peach fuzz instead of full body hair in most areas. Soft, smooth opalescent scales along her neck, cheekbones, lower arms, hips, and shins. Back-pointed horns, and a forked tail that’s always moving. Patches of shinier skin on her shoulders from a severe sunburn; hardly noticeable unless very close, or wet. (Lame, right? But a scar is a scar.) A few thin, silvered scars on her arms from doing botanical work; it’s clear that they were immediately medicated and babied, and aren’t very remarkable either. She smells of sun-drenched lilac on a late spring day, carried by a warm breeze just gentle enough to caress the leaves and make them sigh.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Incredible knowledge of flora from many, many years of practice. Along with this knowledge comes the intuition of being able to identify unknown plant life based on previous patterns and observations. She'd describe herself as decent enough with a bow, and her tail gives her a better sense of balance than say, a hyur in the same position. She’s strong-willed, and thus isn’t often affected by mind games and fear-mongering.
Weaknesses: She can get very lazy, and very very apathetic. She’s often accused of being a psychopath, as she seems to lack empathy for anyone who she doesn’t consider a close friend. She was raised in a wealthy family, and as such, she doesn’t really know the plight of the humble Eorzeans. Her parents encouraged her to go to school to become an arcanist like her mother, but she wasn’t at all interested in the droll history taught about it, opting instead to sneak out of the classroom and examine the landscaping. In general, she’s just too uninspired to gain knowledge of history and mathematics. She’s also claustrophobic, and slightly scared of caves.
There is no such thing as honor, as far as Ambellina is concerned. She’ll be the first to draw her bow, to take cheap shots, and to do whatever she can to gain an advantage over her opponent. To her credit, she fights for her life, not for sport. Her defense isn’t the best. Hits that wouldn’t bother someone trained in heavy armour would stagger her, and bigger blows can easily incapacitate her. But of course, she’s used to being mobile and agile, and depends on her quick reaction time to get her out of harm’s way. She’s absolutely horrid at attempting to channel magic, and thus doesn’t bother.


  • She has a bad habit of bargaining far past the point of a normal person’s tolerance, sometimes to the point that the shopkeep will give her a ludicrously low price just to get her out of the store. She then turns around and spends her hard-saved bargain money on a dress that she fancies in passing. Otherwise she seems a bit shy, and doesn’t talk much.
  • She’ll never turn down sweets. When she first learned of maple taffy, she was enamored. Since then, she’s been fascinated by the process of cooking.
  • She’s especially fond of abstract poetry and fantasy novels, which to her seem a rarity in Eorzea.
  • Pressed flowers lay sandwiched between parchments and stones everywhere she stays for any period of time. Collecting rare flowers, pressing them and putting them in her collection brings her a lot of joy, though she tries to hide it from those around her.
  • She’s very skilled with the harp and the piano.
  • She has a naughty habit of kleptomania, finding herself impulsively collecting feathers, as well as anything shiny that she thinks she can pocket surreptitiously.
  • She has a bit of an oral fixation; if she feels something similar to plastic, smooth and not too hard, it’d be hard to get it away from her mouth. She won’t make eye contact in most situations unless chewing on something, which can get awkward. Her tail is always moving as well. It can get hilariously animated during a heated discussion.
  • Sexual assault/nonconsensual sex is a personal trigger of hers. If her mark has a history of this in their past, you can bet she’s killing them in a much more creative and unfalteringly cruel way.


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