Ambie Lapin

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Gridania-transparent.png Ambie Lapin
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania
Class Archer
Occupation(s) Adventurer, Cartographer
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Full Name: Ambie Petite Lapin

Pronunciation: Am-bee Peh-teet Lah-pon

Birthplace: The Black Shroud

Current Residence: Thanalan

Relationship Status: Single

Religion: Menphina, the Lover


Height: 6'4"

Build: Average, a little soft in places

Skin Color: Peachy

Eye Color: Bright green

Hair Color: Blond, slight highlights

General Clothing Style: Tunics and tights, knee-boots, hats

Voice: Clear, kind, and honest


Ambie doesn't mind listening or giving advice, acting like a big sister or mother to others at times.

Ambie has a kind, motherly nature. She doesn't mind listening to people when they need to talk or giving out advice when needed, but she also doesn't have a problem pointing out when someone has done wrong - no matter their position above or below her. When she sees genuine potential and kindness in someone she will often defend them to the last, a fierce loyalty that can only be broken with the most damning evidence or betrayal. Even so, she has a lonely heart. She feels that most of her efforts and affections are one-sided. As such, she tends to rely on herself before others unless they express otherwise.


Having no real talent for magic and due to her father forbidding her from learning to use blades, archery was her only option left. Through the need to become more independent and the desire to prove her own self-worth, as well as some natural talent and a good eye, she took to the bow quite easily. By the time she'd left Gridania she was considered an upper-middle level archer. Having traveled the Black Shroud throughout her childhood and teenage years she has a working knowledge of plants and how to forage. She also retains some of her mother's skill in carpentry, but it's not a professional or highly practiced level of knowledge yet. As a working hobby she enjoys sketching and map making.


Likes: Good food, sweets, the colors green and yellow, working with her hands, whistling, being relied on, the sea, animals (especially cats, dogs, and Chocobos).

Dislikes: Carrots, food with carrots in it, feeling alone, unfair judgements towards others, being considered the 'older woman', hot dry desert air and sand.

Hobbies & Talents: Archery, botany, sketching/drawing, tea making, chocobo riding.



  • Vilier Lapin: Ambie's father. It was said that nearly any weapon he picked up he was able to use with exceptional skill, even if he had never used or trained with it before. His favored weapon is the lance. Little is known about his life before Ambie was born, only that he and her mother traveled from place to place within the Shroud. After the Calamity took his wife and many of the people they'd been traveling with, Vilier took Ambie to Gridania to try and establish a settled life in the hopes that his daughter would have a better life. After a few years though Vilier seemed discontent. Seeing that his daughter was more than old enough to live on her own and how independent she had become he decided to leave and set out on a journey to places unknown. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Lulu Lapin: Ambie's mother. Though not professionally taught she was a clever carpenter, often the main provider of income for the family. She was an elegant lady no matter what she wore or how she wore it, and imparted upon Ambie the importance of looking one's best. She adored her husband but seemed to dislike their constant traveling. She'd wanted a more settled life for Ambie, which Vilier would later try to honor. Lulu was one of many taken by the Calamity.


  • K'ailia Yohko: Though on the one hand Ambie feels compelled to look after her, K'ailia often pushes her buttons far too hard with her wild, childish behavior.
  • Artoiroux Gemane: Interesting and slightly eccentric. Ambie occasionally finds herself wrapped up in his adventures.


Common Rumors (Easily overheard):

  • "Poor girl. Heard her father just up and left."
  • "She wears that hat like she hates her hair, she does."
  • "I was sure that woman was going to drool all over my confections with how long she stood there staring at the chocolates!"

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):

  • "When I told her the cake she was sampling was made of carrot, she immediately began to spit and choke and throw a fit about it!"
  • "I've seen her stealing long looks at the male Miqo'te that pass through. Her expression gets all soft."
  • "Carries herself a bit boyish-like in those clothes. I'm willing to bet she'd look lovely in a dress if she tried."
  • "When she lifted up her hat and wiped her brow, I was surprised to see a sizable scar on her forehead! I must say, her hair hides it well."

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard):

  • "I drank too much and prattled on for what must'a been bells, yet I remember her sitting and listening the whole time with those kind eyes."
  • "Came around a bend in the road to hear a right pretty sound once. Sounded like some kinda woodwind instrument. Instead I was surprised to see this Elezen woman resting and whistling a sweet tune to pass the time. She looked a might bit embarrassed when she realized I'd heard."
  • "Yeah, she came to me once asking about her father. I couldn't tell her the truth... I just couldn't. Wouldn'tve helped her anyroad, he could be anywhere now. What's important is those Elezen men following behind him. Brr! gave me the chills lookin' at them. If I were her father, I wouldn't want her mixed up in all that. Hells, I don't want to wind up mixed up in it either!"

Player Character Rumors (If you want to share one, feel free)

  • "Ambie is a nice woman. She got a smile out of me quite often. She can be a bit sarcastic, but that is part of her charm I guess." -Lan Darklyn


Early Childhood

Ambie was born in the Shroud - an unspecific location that she never thought to ask about as her parents would often travel from place to place. The three of them and a group of other Elezen traveled together and would camp for a moon or two in a place before moving on to the next. As a result Ambie didn't have many lasting friendships with people her own age, especially since she was the only child in her group. She ended up clinging to her parents to fill that emotional need. As she got older she began to adjust to a more independent attitude, but still viewed her father especially as her closest and best friend.

The Calamity

It's perhaps fortunate that Ambie was knocked unconscious when the Calamity struck, not having to witness the horror around her. All she can recall is one moment it was calm and the next she awoke to find nearly everyone she had ever known was dead. She woke to her father's pleas, and it was the first time she had ever seen him crying. Only two others that traveled with them out of a dozen or so survived, but they left for lands unknown. Here mother was not one of them. Ambie was in shock for a time, but forced herself into resilience for her father's sake.

Post-Calamity to Present Day

When things had calmed down somewhat and Ambie and her father were back on their feet, Vilier decided to take her to Gridania to start a new, settled life - the kind of life his late wife had always wanted for them. Ambie joined the archer's guild in the hope that it would both bring her some peace of mind by strengthening her mental focus and also help ease the burden she felt she had placed on her father. As Ambie seemingly thrived in her new environment, Vilier seemed to grow more and more discontent. Eventually he sat her down and had a talk about her future, and how she was more than old enough to live on and by her own terms. Despite her protests, Vilier left Gridania to go on a journey - never specifying where he was going.

After trying to live alone for about a month, Ambie decided she needed to go find her father. She sold her home and set out to Ul'dah, thinking perhaps he would be drawn to the Coliseum. On her way she was attacked by the local wildlife and lost many supplies, but a chance encounter with K'ailia lead to her finding a safe place to eat and sleep in Ul'dah Garden. Garden fell some time afterward after much internal and external strife, prompting Ambie, K'ailia and Hokujin - also a former member - to band together and adventure on their own as The Venture Association.

Many adventures both big and small were had, but a time came where The Venture Association's purpose and that of its members became too different. In the end everyone went their separate ways. Some friendships were kept and others lost.

Currently, Ambie hunts and trades to sustain a living. In her spare time she likes to sketch wildlife and simple landscapes, occasionally selling them for a small profit. She's all but given up searching for her father after finding out about his past - deciding it might be best to leave him be, if it's what he truly wanted for her.


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