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Aoiro Ame
Aoiro Ame
The Disguised

Alias... Mistress Ame
Birth Name... N/A
Age... 31
Gender... Female.
Race... Miqo'te
Clan... Seekers of the Sun
Orientation... Straight.
Marital... Single.
Deity... Menphina.

On an average day in normal circumstances, Ame is pretty relaxed, but always up for entertainment via good-natured mischief or flirting for fun, but if it ever sounds like it's more trouble than it's worth, she drops it. She's not one for the dramatics, nor does she stand for it if those around her do it. When she is in her position of leadership she is more stern and keen on making sure everything goes according to plan. She is very protective of those around her and when it comes to her Guildmates, she knows when and what to defend in their honor

BODY TYPE: Fit but not overly toned. She keeps a light exercise regiment to keep fit.
EYES: Dichromatic; one - her left - is light golden honey; her other eye - the right - is an icy ocean blue. She was born with it due to the fact that her father was a Sun Seeker who secretly married her mother whom was a Keeper of the Moon.
HAIR: Silver-ish white. Like many of her clan, her coloring is one that they claim reflects Menphina herself; her hair soft white against the paleness of her skin, just as the Moon is in the sky. She keeps it long for the most part, but likes to change it up with the help of her transfiguration potions. When she isn't using them for espionage, she finds use for the simple ones in her every day life.
SKIN: A paleness that matches the shimmering stars and glistening moon in the night sky. Yet under her left eye is a beauty mark which her father had upon the same lower lid and upper cheekbone. Most scars are hidden across her body, due to the fact that her best friend was a healer beyond their time. Her herbs and potions helped not only heal but hide the wounds that were inflicted upon her during her battles.
HEIGHT: She isn't the tallest of the clan, but not really on the short side either. She is just below 62.2"
WEIGHT: Average.
Voice: Her voice isn't as soft as those in her clan, it is more boisterous. She never was one to keep her tone down when she was young and that has never changed. Yet when she sings, it is as if her voice is Menphina herself. Her octaves range from alto to soprano, and her lullabies are the sweetest as they come.
Clothing: Usually keeps to blacks, celeste greens, blues and reds at time. She isnt one for bright frilly colors. Most of the time you can see her wearing a black bandage covering her eyes, especially in brightly lit area's due to the fact that her pupils change from those of a keepers to those of a seeker. Too much light causes trouble seeing for her so she tends to keep it on unless it is dimly lit outside or night time. The inside of various places are dimly lit, so you can catch her in the tavern without it on.
Mystrie Rain - Her best friend, and closest ally. She met Mystrie when she was growing up in Gridania, climbing the ranks to become an amazing adventurer. She knows she loves her like family and would do anything for her after the years they've spent together.
Bastian Ghostpaw - They met in one of the Southern Thanalan villages protecting the tribes people from an attack. Since then they have been close friends and drinking buddies.
Aluna La'Breya - Bastian Ghostpaws guild leader, TRUST. She met Aluna while hanging around with Bastian and had become close friends in alliance ever since.

A good challenge
Being Lied to.
Overly Cocky People.
Dramatic people.

She was an only child and lost her parents at a young age due to the mix of clan races. Before her parents being assassinated, she was sent out to Gridania on a caravan for her protection. Knowing she wasn't welcome in either of the tribes; she kept to herself in Gridania for survival. She had grown up training and hunting on her own, with weapons made from the guilds; but being thrown out due to their manufacturer errors. When she grew older she decided to become an adventurer seeing that it was the only way to survive peacefully. She took travel to U'ldah where she took interest of becoming an adventurer and learned the arts of the sword and became a Paladin. She also pushed her limits in the black magics, tampering in transfiguration potions, ultimately known as Fantasia. As she grew strong, the Resistance took notice of her potential and decided to recruit her into their special forces. There with her transfiguration abilities, she became a spy within the Empire. She worked there for a time being, sometimes still taking simple jobs to help out the resistance. She decided to settle down for the most part while training herself in all the classes. With her best friend she created the FC known as The Order of the Night Riders. And there, their story continues. More Short stories to be added!
I will play mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death

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