Amelia Ashford

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 Amelia Ashford
Amelia, waiting in The Pillars.
Ishgardian Runaway
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ishgard (Currently residing in Gridania with Charles Delacroix at the Lily Hills)
Birthplace Unknown
Guardian None (Previously under the care of Lord Bayaronet of Ishgard, as his ward)
Nameday 17th Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon (Age: 22)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Freelance
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Basic Info

"Oh, yes. I suppose I do miss my home. Sometimes I miss it terribly. However, my heart is yet unable to forget the pain that drove me away.." Amelia Ashford


Height: Average for a hyur woman, though short compared to most of her highlander counterparts.

Weight: Her body is finely sculpted from training. Her physical strength is apparent through the slender curves of her arms and the roundness of the muscles on her legs. Appearance (Body Claim)

Complexion: Fair skinned with a youthful blush upon her cheeks. She either does not spend much time in the sun, or simply lacks the ability to tan.

Hair: Long, full waves of pale blonde hair tumbles elegantly from her head. She does not often style her hair, though occasionally will braid it or put it in a ponytail during training or sparring.

Eyes: Wide, almond-shaped eyes make a frame for cool, and expressive blue irises. They are a light, icy blue that matches the ice of her homeland.

Voice: Gentle and soft, almost musical. She carries a fairly obvious Ishgardian accent.

Clothing Style: It all depends on her daily schedule. Her wardrobe is diverse, containing simple clothes for sparring or doing manual labor with, suits of armor and even fine gowns of extraordinary detail and value.

Abilities and Skills


  • Flexible, like a dancer and strong as an aldgoat!
  • Adept at the piano and harp, with a lovely singing voice.


  • Sword and shield (preferred, most skilled choice)
  • Fists (preferred during sparring)
  • Knives (unskilled, currently training with)


  • None


  • Learned the Goldsmithing trade from an old acquaintance-turned-mentor, Earnest Rutherford.


Amelia was raised since infancy as the ward of Gasparde Bayaraonet, a lord of a minor noble house in Ishgard. Lord Bayaronet loved and often treated Amelia as his own daughter, though Lady Elise Bayaronet was not as warm with the hyur child. Lady Elise often expressed her displeasure of being forced to raise an outsider with her husband, but Lord Bayaronet was always quick to quell her complaints.

As Amelia grew older, she became as educated and polished as any other young noble, but she often found herself alone. The young elezen gentleman and ladies often treated her with cold civility at best. She was a hyurian outsider, a nobody with an unknown name. Amelia learned quickly that her circumstances were an unforgivable affront to the nobles that she called her peers. She didn't even know who her parents were or why they left her with The Bayaronets. Did they not want her? Were they dead? Amelia, on more than one occasion, attempted to press the issue with Lord Bayaronet, but he would always smile sadly at her and pat her head, mumbling something about, "Perhaps when you're older..".

Still, despite all of this, Amelia was always able to find solace with Lord Bayaronet and his son, Alexois. Amelia and Alexois played together as kids and grew very close, much to the amusement of Lord Bayaronet and the dismay of his wife. The two children would spar together, learning to fight from the knights that served the Bayaronets. Amelia saw Alexois as not only a friend, but as a source of safety. He often stood up for her in front of others, and was always quick to shame anyone that dared speak ill of her. As the years passed, and as the two grew out of childhood, Amelia began to see Alexois less as a protective older brother and more as the man he was becoming. He was one of the only kind voices she knew in the society of their peers and Amelia quickly began to fall in love with him. It is unclear whether or not Alexois noticed the change in her demeanor around him, but it would not matter either way. For the moment, he simply cared for her as a younger sister, and Amelia's love would remain unrequited.

Alexois had been betrothed since infancy to a young lady from a neighboring house, Yvette Savoix. Their marriage would serve to merge the households in business and name, a carefully executed arrangement for the betterment of both houses. Yvette was increasingly unhappy as she watched the relationship between Alexois and Amelia grow ever closer. She would often treated Amelia with cruelty, secretly harassing and belittling her when Alexois was not looking. At first Amelia did not think much of it, as she was used to being shunned by her elezen peers, but Yvette's disdain for her seemed to be about more than her inferiority of birth and name. Amelia realized that perhaps, as Alexois' betrothed, Yvette was uncomfortable by Amelia's strong bond with him. Initially, Amelia was determined not to let Yvette ruin her friendship, but as time passed the secret harassment grew ever worse. As a result, Amelia began distancing herself from Alexois,especially when Yvette was around. She would often leave for the Forgotten Knight to spend her days or evenings watching the patrons stomp up and down the entrance stairs and drink themselves silly. It was at the Forgotten Knight that she happened to meet a young merchant's son named Charles Delacroix.

Charles was a hyur like Amelia, and they initially bonded over stories of the "noble hospitality" of Ishgard's elezen. Being of the same age and race, their friendship quickly blossomed and Charles became Amelia's respite from the frustration of watching Alexois with Yvette, and from Yvette's constant snobbery. Amelia would confide in Charles about her feelings*****STILL EDITING****** Charles was a tender youth who quickly became enamored with Amelia, but could never admit it to her. Charles knew Amelia was in love with Alexois and knew that, at least for now, his friendship was the only way to remain close to her.

Alexois never liked Charles, which surprised Amelia since he had always been kind with her other friends. She couldn't understand why, but whenever she spoke of Charles or when he was around, Alexois would seem frustrated. He would easily lose his temper and make disparaging remarks about Charles or Amelia, which started to increase the distance between Amelia and him. This tension climaxed later in their teens, and lead to events that would cause Amelia to flee Ishgard.

On the evening of an autumn ball, Charles was surprised when Yvette called on him, saying she had a gift from Amelia. She handed Charles the small parcel and left without another word, while Charles nervously opened the present. It was one of Amelia's necklaces, a silver locket with a note attached expressing her excitement to see him at the ball and how she had something important to tell him. Excitedly, Charles attached the locket to one of the buttons on his coat and eagerly ran to meet Amelia at the ball.

Before finding the blonde in the sea of lords and ladies, Charles ran into Alexois. When Alexois realized Charles was wearing Amelia's locket, he grew outright belligerent with the hyur. The two made a scene and eventually came to blows. The soft merchant's son was no match for the tall elezen Lord and when Amelia found the cause of the uproar, she sawCharles bloodied and beaten in the street.

She was furious and cursed Alexois, exasperated at his recent behaviors. Embarrassed for everyone involved, Amelia swiftly left the ball, helping Charles to reach the chirurgeon. Once there, Amelia was surprised to see Charles in possession of her locket. She thought she had lost it servers days ago! When Charles told her that Yvette had delivered the present earlier that evening, Amelia suddenly felt a knot tightening in her stomach.

She knew Yvette was a bad influence on her beloved young Lord, but she never believed she would be capable of orchestrating something so horrible. Amelia stayed with Charles until he fell asleep. She needed the time to steel her resolve and find the words to tell Alexois. She thought that perhaps if he understood it was all Yvette, maybe they could become close again. She missed him, and her heart ached thinking about the days when he used to smile for her.

Amelia made it back to the manor and barely stopped to greet Lord Bayaronet on her way to Alexois' room. She stopped outside the door and took a deep breath before reaching towards the handle. A noise made her stop, her hand resting on the door. Again she heard it, like someone sighing. The pit in her stomach grew larger and she silently pushed the door open, afraid to say anything. Through the crack she had made in the door, she saw flesh. Bodies moving together and sighs of passion.

For a moment she couldn't make sense of the scene, but she eventually recognized Yvette's ebony hair, spilling across the bed. Without another thought, Amelia backed away from the door. She must have made a noise because Yvette slowly turned her head towards Amelia. Cheeks flushed pink, she smiled at the horrified hyur. Unable to look anymore, Amelia ran quickly to her room and began gathering her things.

Her hands never stopped shaking as she shoved her belongings into bags with uncharacteristic carelessness. The pit in her stomach grew into her chest and threatened to consume her whole body. Without a word, she left the manor and made her way to the gates of the city. She purchased passage south with a caravan and climbed into the back of the wagon. She sobbed the whole way to Gridania, biting her pillow so the merchants wouldn't hear her.


Art by Jessica Thomas