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Amelia has been adopted as a child by nice hyur merchants who treated her as their only daughter. She was raised in a way to help her parents with their merchant business and eventually probably take it over. After some years of watching and being taught by her father she finally also took over some part of the family business by herself to prove her worth and get better at it. Unfortunately the day of her taking over came suddenly as both her parents died in a tragic road accident and she had to keep going. Amelia was able to keep her family business going for some years alone but it took a big toll on her, she didn't really had time to do anything anymore. After a little while she was able to find a friend who became her business partner and she helped her run things for a while. Then one day she met again with a friend of her father and a fellow Au'ra who told her some small information about her possible biological parents, that discovery is what pushed her to let her partner run the business and she go adventure to find them or at least some more information.


On a dark and stormy night a hyur couple found a little Au'ra baby on their way to Ul'dah. The couple quickly sheltered her in their home and sent information so her parents could find her and bring her back. After many days of waiting with no one coming forth they decided to adopt her as their own since they themselves couldn't get a child and named her Amelia. The young girl was raised as a hyur in Ul'dah and even though everyone knew and could easily tell she was not one. From a pretty young age she also shown liking into music, crafts and archery and she could negotiate with her father to get an archery mentor from Gridania and artisans of various crafts to teach her their crafts. Those various teachings made her also able to mostly defend herself on the roads while traveling for business as she grew older and wanted to explore more of the world outside of Ul'dah and her father estate, this knowledge also helped her gauge the quality of the various goods that were sold to the business. Amelia was also learnt about negotiation and trades/haggle from watching her parents and their diverse partners doing business even has a young child since no one paid her mind to watch their trades talk. Those partners and various trader are also how she learn about the rest of the realms and their races.
In her teen years as she grew more into a women Amelia also found her passion for fashion and music. One day she was sent to an event to promote her father goods and bring jewelry to one of the lady at the event, that was the first time she saw this many fancy well dressed ladies in the same place. That is the moment she first really realized how her wardrobe was lacking and also how beautiful where all the ladies in their fancy dresses, makeup and jewelry and that's what triggered her real want. From that point on she made a point to try and dress better at all time and started to experiment with makeup and different style of clothes, that passion also made her double down on her weaver craftsmanship, to be able to create her own fashion or adjust her clothes to better fit. Around that time she also developed her own music taste moving away from her parents music and she also started to slowly learn the harp with a smaller one she could bring around with her to play outside in the forest, away from other til she was good enough. Playing music while walking always helped her relax and think more clearly which become more important as she grew up and took on more responsibilities in the family business.

A couple years ago both of Amelia parents where caught in a bad road accident on their way back to the house in Ul'dah. The loss completely devastated her and she nearly gave up on running the family business or do anything, but after much thinking and even more music she finally decided to go on with it for as long as she could. With the help of some friends she could get the business running again with little down time given the circumstances and while it didn't grow much she was able to keep most of her parent partner and trade contacts. As the time passed she also got better at being underestimated in the trade negotiation, being a well dressed lady with a fair physic, most traders took her for an easy haggle target until they realize, too late, she was the one driving the price all along. After having somewhat stabilized the business and started to grow in some goods area Amelia started to search for a partner to help run the place to help reduce the amount of time she had to spend daily just to be able to process/sell/send everything. It's also around that time that she often took a bit of more time on her travel to Limsa to stay at the beach and relax for even a little bit and that's where she met with another great lady who quickly became her friend and partner in the business. Both of them kept running the once family business together for a year, until an Au'ra came by one day to trade his goods and after a talk somewhat personal on why was an Au'ra running a business in Ul'dha he happened to have bits of information on her possible biological parents. From that point on that knowledge start to haunt Amelia and in the following month she took leave of her partner position in the business to go out and explore the world, find new fashion trends to explore, new items to trade and most importantly more information on her parents


Amelia core values are trust, generosity, integrity which make her someone who will gladly give her time to help friend and family without problem. She will often trust people from the start and keep that trust until betrayed or that person give her reason to do otherwise. Once that trust is taken back or broken though it will be nearly impossible for that person to gain it back and they might find themselves being pushed out of her life. When not in business or dealing with strangers amelia is often found to be funny and talkative, mostly fashion and/or crafts, music.


Music. - Like her father before her amelia was always fond of good music to the point of wanting to learn the way of the bards.
Crafting. - Being a merchant daughter has its advantage, like having access to many professional crafters who can taught amelia much of their knowledge.
Archery. - Amelia always liked bows and archery even from a young age, while even after many years she's not exceptional she's good enough to allow her to defend herself.
Beaches. - Who doesn't like beaches really? You can usually find amelia in her swimsuit relaxing at the beach or in the pool in her free time.


Arrogance. - Arrogance is not something amelia tolerate for long and she will quickly remove herself from arrogant peoples.
Betrayer. - Trust being one of her core principals she hates people betraying others and people betraying her will remember the consequences.
Deep waters/Ocean. - While amelia can actually swim long distance in deep waters, if need be, she prefer not and would only do so in extreme circumstances. The beach is enough for her.


Music. - Amelia likes to spend time playing music while thinking or walking in the forest it make time go by faster and allow her to practice.
Crafting. - Amelia can be often found honing her crafting skill in her free time since it helps her being self sufficient and it is something she loves.
Fashion. - Amelia has been known to have an extensive wardrobe for every season/events. Even now while running her parents business and adventure she often has many outfit with her.


Negotiations. - Amelia was always naturally good at negotiations being able to read people often accurately, she used that skill much more when as a merchant.
Trades/Deals. - Being a merchant daughter she was taught from a young age about trades and deals from watching her father do business and his teaching.


Shy in social situation. - Even being a merchant amelia is often shy in social situation especially with persons she doesn't know well and it often take her some time to open up.
Curious. - Even from a young age amelia always has been curious of just about everything, she often ended up in weird/dangerous situation because of that curiosity


Finding her familial history - Amelia main motivation to go out and explore is to find more information on her biological parents and their history.
Discovering new fashion - Amelia always wanted to go around the realms to see other women fashion to incorporate into her own wardrobe and learn to better mix and match outfit.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Emma Ermenred, Mother. ()
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Alrek Ermenred, Father. ()
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Emilie Ironsmash, Business Partner. ( $)
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Amelia Ermenred Portrait.jpg
Name - Amelia Ermenred
Race - Au Ra, Raen
Age - 22
Name Day - 7th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon

Alias: Ame
Citizenship: Ul'dah
Occupation: Adventurer / Musician
Hair color: Brown with blonde highlights
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Drink: Wine
Favorite Color: Pink
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