Amiabelle For-Now

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 Amiabelle For-Now
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 23 (born 1555)
Height 5'8"
Weight/Build Athletic, swimmers build. Muscular but sleek.
Identifying marks Nothing significant. No tattoos, piercings or scars.
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Basic Info

"Amiabelle" is the daughter of "Ami-mom" (born 1517, musician/percussionist) and "Ami-dad" (born 1513, troupe manager). She was a late-in-life miracle baby and thus, has no siblings. She was born on the "For-Now" compound, which is the headquarters for the "For-Now" traveling troupe of entertainers and performers. "Ami's" shoulder-length hair is reddish-brown with lighter brown highlights and tips. She usually wears it in an easy-to-care-for bob. She describes her complexion as "a shade lighter than maple syrup -- the good syrup, though, not the cheap syrup".


"Ami" is a talented but not extraordinary performer. She has good vocal range and can carry a tune, but will probably never win a singing contest. The same goes for her acting chops; she knows her lines, hits her marks, "becomes" her character, but still isn't *quite* there. As for movement, she's a flexible, powerful dancer who "feels" the music, but her muscularity holds her back from being as graceful as one might hope for.

In other words, don't expect extraordinary things from "Ami". She's good, she's gracious, she's dedicated and willing to learn but she's not a sensation. Fortunately, she's not a diva and is a pretty good judge of her talents and, more importantly, her limitations.

In other areas, she is very talented with the bow, has shown an innate understanding of the basics of magic, is a wizard with a needle and thread and definitely knows her way around the cooking pots. She's a quick study, so with a little guidance and her own willingness to study hard, it is quite likely that she will hone all these skills.


The "For-Now" troupe was established in the 1540s by "Ami's" parents. While the troupe is comprised of about 50 performers (including actors, singers, dancers and musicians) and 45 crewmembers (including set builders, drivers, kitchen crew, teachers and animal handlers), just about everyone does at least 2 to 3 jobs. A singer may double as a set builder and cook, for example, or a musician may also be a carriage driver or teacher. There are also at least 15 children in the compound, offspring of the troupe members. Many of the children are also performers. Membership is somewhat fluid, with members coming and going, although the core group of about 75 have been with the group since its inception.

As is the case with many traveling performers, the troupe is not necessarily always accepted by society as a whole, especially by ruling class and authority figures. Show people are typically considered to be somewhat... odd and untrustworthy. That being said, the "For-Now" group is one of the more highly respected (relatively speaking), simply because their productions are fantastic!


"Amiabelle" is usually pretty chipper and upbeat. She will often try to find the good in any situation.


None so far, aside from the "For-Now" troupe.

Other Notes