Analeil Iethil

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Ana Iethil
Analeil Icon2.png
Player: Analeil
Full Name: Ana Lene Bloodfury/Analeil Bellethiel Iethil
Titles held: The Messenger
Age: 21
Race: Hyur Highlander
Eye Colour: Yellow-green
Hair: White-blonde.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Never ask her that.
Scars, tattoos, etc Ana lacks in tattoos or any particularly nasty scars that stand out, but she sports multiple piercings throughout both of her ears, one in her right nostril, and one in her navel. All of them are brightly colored.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Theme: MYPET - Pays to Know

Tall, willowy, and usually pale (unless she's taken a few jobs that keep her sitting on a rooftop or three in broad daylight), Ana tends to sport a wide, sly grin that's framed by white-blonde hair. It hangs down just past her shoulders when left down, though more often than not she leaves it up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright green and tend to be lined in kohl, which is the only make-up she ever bothers with 'lest necessary for some sort of event.

Imagine a toddler hopped up on fifty over-sweetened cupcakes with absolutely no concept of personal space, and you, in a nutshell, have Analeil. She's friendly, probably over-friendly, loud, blunt, and excitable at what seems to be all hours of the day, no matter what's going on around her. Goldfish just die? Analeil's got a dance that will cheer you right up. The kicker is, you have to dance with her, and there's no music.
To anyone with a low tolerance for being annoyed, she's probably not the kind of person you want to hang around. Unfortunately, those are the types of people she targets with her antics. Intentionally.

But Analeil's personality and demeanor can be changed like a flip of the switch.

When working, or more often when crossed, Analeil has been known to sport completely blank features and become colder than ice. She's been accused of being both dangerous and unstable in the same breath, and when asked about it directly she only flashes a sly smile that says she has a secret that she's no intention of sharing.



Early Life

Ana Lene was born the youngest of three girls to Kaolin and Thrandr Bloodfury in Gyr Abania. She retained very little knowledge of her home, and very little memory of her parents. The clearest image she can paint of them is a pair of blurry faces abandoning her and her sisters on a stranger's doorstep in the Black Shroud on a dark, stormy night.

The stranger was an elven man that they came to know as Eledhwen Iethil. He was middle-aged and lived alone in a two-bedroom hovel buried deep in the Shroud, and was tasked with watching the forests. He never explained his relation to her parents, and Ana was too young to think to inquire. After her parents' departure, he offered the three girls the opportunity to reinvent themselves, to renounced their ties to the Bloodfury clan and their Gyr Abanian ways, and to live a life as he did.

Not one of them chose against it. Truthfully, none of them had the sense to consider that it might not be in their best interests.

After extending her name to "Analeil", she and her sisters were moved into his home. The three shared one of the two bedrooms, which led to both their bonds strengthening and a lot of petty, childish bickering. They were made to keep the house clean and tend to the grounds. He taught them to cook, to hunt, and tasked each with a particularly chore that was theirs and theirs alone. He also taught them to fight, taking care to pay special attention to each of their strengths and hone them, though each girl was trained in archery until they were near-perfectionists. On weekends, they all traveled to Gridania to sell vegetables, meats, and pelts in the marketplace. He did his best to acclimate them to life in Gridania.

Ana became particularly close to her eldest sister, Malin-turned-Ilanthia. She followed her around everywhere, emulated her every move, nearly idolized her. Ilanthia relished in the attention and praise, but she wasn't the greatest influence. Ilanthia alone was a giant troublemaker, and often would she drag Analeil into her shenanigans. This included everything from throwing rocks at some of the stabled animals to stealing from the market stalls. Whatever Ilanthia could do to be a nuisance to the Gridanian citizens, she did, and Analeil was always along for the ride.

As they grew older, that closeness turned to rivalry. Anything Ilanthia did, Analeil had to do better. Whatever Analeil had, Ilanthia had to take it. The rivalry lasted well into their later teens and into the present, until they eventually parted ways entirely.



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