Ancel Forestier

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Ishgard.jpg Ancel Forestier
"The Northern Light"
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): • Warrior
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Good
Reputation: Respected.
Occupation: • Martial Combat Instructor
• Horticulturist
• Aspiring hero
Education: Complete
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Halone
Free Company
Cat's Meow Bar and Grill
Items Carried
• A pair of glasses
• A charmed lexicon familiar
Race: Elezen
Clan: Wildwood
Age: 48 (1th Sun, First Umbral Moon, 1529 6AE)
Height: 6 fulm, 10 ilm
Weight: 200 ponze
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Rugged, kept in shape
Notable Features: A fine scar that reaches from his bottom-left eyelid to his lower cheekbone
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity
 "Gracious and Glorious."
  - Kingsglaive Academy Motto


Ancel Forestier; last born of the House Forestier of Ishgard, a kindly expatriate who seeks to lend a hand to those who need it most. See him roaming the blazing wastes or temperate fields and discover camaraderie in the strangest of times. With a strong sense of justice and a firm code of ethics, Ancel strives to be a beacon of hope like the enigmatic figure who liberated his home of Ishgard.


[The House Forestier] Established in the bustling rise of the Halonic Inquisition, a small family of converts hailing from the Black Shroud migrated to Coerthas to learn the teaching of Halone. Thus the Forestier line was created. A family of horticultural fanatics by trade, the men of House Forestier are most often employed as loggers for the Holy See. Women are most commonly botanists or florists, providing medicinal herbs and decorative plants for doctors and peddlers alike. Ancel, a man born many generations down the line, was the first of the Forestiers to be summoned for active duty as an Ishgardian Outrider knight. Rather disinterested by the traditional sword-and-board his comrades commonly donned, Ancel requested he remain deployed with an axe, for it was the one tool his lineage had mastery over generations of use.

[3.2, The Gears of Change] Times are hard in Ishgard, the Dragonsong War is reaching an all-time high, the consumption of the Azure Dragoon by the dreaded primeval wyrm Nidhogg putting the entire Holy See on edge. Busy scribbling away at countless scripts and assignments from his students, Ancel has been waiting patiently for the day even he, a retired knight of Ishgard, would be summoned as garrison for the final confrontation with Nidhogg. Though he knew when it would all come to a close that he would be able to teach full-time, as peacetime would be bestowed upon the war-ravaged nation of Ishgard.

[3.3, Revenge of The Horde] With another triumph by the hand of the Warrior of Light, Ishgard is liberated from the age-old adversary that haunted the Holy See the past few moons. Officially relieved from duty and payed duly in victory bonds, Ancel closed his book in Ishgard to see a new chapter written in Thanalan. Here he hopes he may find a new calling among the rowdy locals, purchasing land and opening a school for would-be gladiators and miscellaneous vigilantes alike. On his own time, Ancel spends his days toiling away at his garden, reaping and sowing countless species of flora to peddle to merchants in the inner city, hoping that even in retirement he'd live a fulfilling life.

Seeing the success of his enterprises come to fruition, Ancel broadened his horizons by going so far as to use his liberated sense of duty to seek out challenge in the hopes of bettering the realm. A self-proclaimed champion, Ancel parades the land, taking on all behests and quests for no reason other than the thrill of it. It brought a great joy to the middle-aged knight that one day, perhaps he will be celebrated as a hero. Perhaps he too will receive the blessing of Hydaelyn and maybe, just maybe, he will become a Warrior of Light. One thing was certain, though; ever since he set foot out of Ishgard, he knelt only to fate, and his eyes were forever set heavensward.


Voice: (Liam O'Brien, as Grimoire Weiss) [1] [2]Spoilers for Nier!

Clothing Style: Heavy tweed jackets and flagrant noblewear, in combat, an all-encasing steel suit lovingly named 'Borealis'.

Laterality: Right-dominant


  • Color: Green
  • Food: Stale bread with dip.
  • Drinks: Skyspring Water
  • Scent: Fresh, aromatic plants.
  • Place: Coerthas, pre-Calamity.


  • Habitual smoker
  • Light alcohol tolerance
  • Far too trusting


  • The Kaiser Behemoth, due to a fateful brush with the beast on his days scouting in the Western Highlands.


  • Can play the piano
  • Grows and crafts his own Fogweed Cigars
  • Can read most defunct texts, such as vintage prints of the Enchiridion.
  • A very proud hobby of gardening, a trait not uncommon among the Forestier bloodline.


  • Raised in a minor house of Ishgard, Ancel received the typical education via scholasticate and private tutors. Though in his later years, upon donning the mantle as an educator, Ancel has a considerably higher intelligence than your average Elezen.

Abilities and Skills

Note: This section is for reference only, feel free to use the information provided here in character so long it is within a reasonable assumption. Thank you kindly!


  • Conflict Resolution: A teacher above all, Ancel will most often attempt at diplomatic resolution due to his typical aversion to conflict. If peace cannot be made, its only reasonable he too begins to bite back.
  • Advanced herblore: Ancel has a near-perfect understanding of natural herbs and plants that grow in the wild, able to discern edibles from toxins with ease.
  • Forester Stance: An unusual form assumed by male Forestier loggers, the axe is held in standard position, but swung with the upper hand sliding down the shaft to meet the other at the pommel. This is meant to maximize penetration and the weight of the impact, though can be proven rather unwieldy in tight spaces and against small, mid-range foes.


  • Dravanian Hoe: As the name implies, it was a simple farm tool fashioned to bear the crest of a Tatzelwurm, a land-dwelling relative of the Dravanian dragon. Offered as a token of peace since the resolution of the Dragonsong War, Ancel cherishes this hefty bill and prefers it as his primary gardening tool over its intended use as a maiming weapon. (Represented by the Canopus Bill)
  • Battleaxe: Exactly as the name implies, there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary from this metal axe. Use it, break it, buy another. For the business conscious knight. (Represented by the Iron Battleaxe)
  • War Hammer: This weapon is indisputably the most outlandish tool in Ancel's arsenal. It was too big to be called an axe. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron. (Represented by Parashu)


  • Titanium Alloy Suit 'Borealis': Painstakingly crafted with mobility and durability in mind, this stunning white suit of mail is multiple small plates conjoined by chain and thick leather hide. The flaw in its design lies in the vast amount of space between plating, making it highly vulnerable to precise assaults to the chest, groin, joints, and neck area. The helmet piece is a dome of the same material which offers far more coverage, the only point of outside access being the thin grating between rigid grooves that line the face vertically.

Strengths: Blunt weaponry (fists, axes, greatswords, hammers, goats), long-distance ranged weaponry (arrows, bullets), direct attacks to the head. Lightweight material allows for exceptional movement variety. Exhibits a strong resistance to Void magicks.

Weaknesses: Precision weapons (Rapiers, pikes, lances, knives. At close range, arrows and bullets are more applicable.) prove to be the most effective in circumventing the narrow slits between plates to more vulnerable regions. Despite being traditionally blessed by a Halonic priest, it does not provide any additional protection from traditional aethereal attacks, rendering almost useless in direct magical combat (Thaumaturgy, conjury).

Music Box




Player Rumors

Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.


Name and Lifestyle


  • 'Ponce' A name given to him and his outlandishly lavish fashion in the much more casual Ul'Dah by a band of miscreant Miqo'te known as The Alleycats.
  • 'The Bull' A name bestowed to him by a swordswoman in the Grindstone sparring competition for Ancel's close-quarters, no-hesitation advances with on the offensive.

Current Residence

  • Kingsglaive Academy; House 53, Ward 12, The Goblet. (Always open for RP, simply send a /tell so I can relocate my character to meet any guests.)