Andras Astora

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Andras Astora
A grey world is an honest world
The Crow
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Garlemald
Age 25
Height 5 Fulms, 11Ilms
Weight 160 Ponze
Profession Mercenary
Patron Deity None
Server Balmung


Andras is on the slightly tall side compared to the relative average sizes of most midlanders. He has a shaved head with red streaks going across some of his head and has some form of a black face piant on his face every now and then. He has red eyes and a somewhat darker skin tone and scar on his face. His body is built like that of a soldier with a defined and sharp body but not overtly muscular.


His story is rather quite simple and direct. He was orphaned at age 7 and simply shifted from orphanage to orphanage until he was old enough to be able to fend for himself. At age 13 he was no longer given asylum and since no family took him he was tossed out of the orphanage system he was in, but he held no grudges or disdain, he respected the fact that he was able to live so far due to those orphanages and simply moved on with his life. He soon came across a band of mercenaries who decided to take him in to do some labor and train him to eventually join the ranks, the skills he learned with those mercenaries were invaluable; Reading, writing, cooking, basic concepts of trading and bartering as well as maintaining ones gil so that you never run low. Among the teachings he was obviously taught the art of combat and tactics and was highly proficient in mastering combat techniques and remembering multiple tactics, he favored the lance but was also skilled in the use of daggers and kept some on his person always for less than desirable situations. He traveled and fought with these mercenaries for 7 years before he parted ways with them seeking to live out his own life and undertake jobs of his own desire. He quickly made a name for himself being able to accomplish a multitude of jobs his clients brought him and soon was given the moniker "The Crow". He earned this monkier due to his somewhat dark attire and his wielding of the lance as you can aptly correlate many lances to hold the likeness of a birds beak. However the more substantial reason he earned this title is because some jobs tend to get unnecessarily dangerous at times and yet no matter how dangerous he manages to come through and complete the task, to some a crow is creature that fancies the afterlife moreso than the living at times and seeing as how the jobs that Andras undertakes incur death quite often at times many saw it fit to give him the moniker. He also tends to be rather tricky and discreet with his words never giving anyone the full picture, this vague air around him helps when he gathers information and makes him a hard read. After building a name for himself he soon caught the eye of the Garlemald empire and was contracted by them to join one of the units in the suppression of the doman rebellion. He carried out his contract brilliantly and is said to have impressed some officers of the empire during his time fighting with them. Shortly after he completed that contract the empire sent him to Eorzea a land new to him with intentions unknown. ((Important side note he keeps his identity as The Crow secret in Eorzea so he can travel freely. He undertakes jobs if they are offered but not under the moniker of The Crow so that he is not compromised and will not be wearing his more notable equipment except for when doing his contracted job for Garlemald))


In order to find work he is no stranger to social banter and the such and is quite considerate with his words but at the same time never truly reveals his full hand nor complete intent. He often talks in somewhat overtly polite or elegant ways and sometimes even a riddle or two to mask his true intentions and distract the one he is conversing with. This does not mean he does not recognize serious matters and will often change his tone to his more perhaps normal way of speaking to ensure that whatever situation lies before him any parties involved are keenly aware of what is happening and what will be done.

Affiliations and Known Associates

As mercenary he is associated with a wide assortment of people and organizations but the only real significant one would probably be the Garlemald Empire at this current time.


  • Nicknames: The Crow
  • Age: 25
    • Nameday: 13th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 160 Ponze
  • Body: Athletic/Built
  • Hair: Shaved/Black
  • Eyes: Red
  • Skin:Slightly tanned complexion
  • Clothing: Wears various attire when not on the jobs but always makes sure its attire that will not interfere to heavily with his movements should he need to fight in them.


  • Optimism
  • Intrigue
  • Resolve
  • Word Play
  • Reading


  • Hubris
  • Ignorance
  • Arrogance
  • Honor
  • Law

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Well versed in combat, Favors the lance and dagger
  • Crafting: Only proficient enough to maintain his own gear
  • Other:


  • Combat
  • Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Determined
  • Unyielding


  • Grey moral compass
  • Self preservation
  • Committed to jobs once contracted
  • No loyalty
  • Adverse to politicians/nobility (But will take and complete a job if given by such types)

Other Notes


None-He believes in a higher force but will simply wait and see for himself where death takes him rather than revere deities and follow fractured followings.


Tends to make light of numerous situations despite what the overall atmosphere may be like.


His battle and or field gear is a wide assortment of equipment for various situations, some for surveillance and to blend in while others are used for general combat and or tasks. However when conducting his most prioritized contract he tends to equip black and gold lined armor in order to ensure the job gets done. It was this armor that also helped him obtain the moniker of crow and was used during the doman rebellion as well.


They are not in any centralized location and can be caught wind of many areas since he travels a bit as a mercenary.

Common rumours

  • "Ah the crow? now that is a man who can get the job done."
  • "I heard there is a mercenary in the empire worth his weight in gil ."
  • "Its best not to cross the crow to save money, you end up just paying far more"

Uncommon rumours

  • Ever since that name crow came up the resistance has been facing some troubles.
  • In the black market a stock of empire tech was bought by the crow and has many wary of selling other empire tech.
  • I think I saw that mercenary at a tournament or two, and seem more interested in those fighting than fighting himself

Rare rumours

  • "I heard the empire hired some mercenaries during the doman rebellion and that he was one of them."

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