Angelous Mortis

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Angelous Mortis
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Garlemald
Place of Birth Ala Mhigo
Nameday 25th of Fourth Umbral Moon (Age: 23 )
Marital Status Single
Occupation Draconarius of Regnum Garlemald
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Basic Info

"Adrondight and I Will Realize Our Lords Ambition" —Angelous Mortis


Height: 5'11

Weight: 165

Complexion: Tan

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Particular Traits: Red Face Paint of an X on his face, 2 facial scars- one on the cheek another across the face



  • Carving small statues out of wood
  • Training
  • Reading Strategums
  • Archery Practice


  • House Galthens
  • Battle
  • Arondight
  • Caelum (His Unicorn)
  • Cold Weather
  • Books on strategy, magitek and history


  • Eikons
  • The 12 gods
  • ignorance
  • False Peace
  • Beast Tribes
  • Retreating


  • Color: Red
  • Food: Unknown
  • Drinks: Unknown
  • Scent: Unknown.
  • Place: Unknown.
  • Festival: Unknown.


  • Realizing Ramsus Galthens Ambitions
  • Expand Military Knowledge
  • Master All forms of combat
  • Fall of Eorzea to the Empire


  • No Belief in a higher power, only faith in his owns skills




  • Is quick to anger when something he cares is insulted or attacked.


  • Dishonorable Death
  • Eikon Bahamut
  • Failing House Galthens


Nothing is known yet.


Abilities and Skills



  • Arondight :Laterus (Lance)



Family and Relationships


  • Father: Randolf Wolfe (deceased)- Died the day of the revolt in Ala Mhingo
  • Mother: Octavia Wolfe (deceased)- Died the day of the revolt in Ala Mhingo
  • Sibilings: None


  • Sworn Brother: Ramsus Galthens
  • Sworn Brother: Nar Y'neitred






Name and Lifestyle

Birth Name

  • Aidan Wolfe


  • The Dark Pesmerga
  • The Reaper of Carteneau
  • The Dragon of House Galthens


 Angelous Mortis, Given name Aidan Wolfe was born in the city state of Ala Mhingo. At age 3 Angelous parents lost their lives in the Revolt agienst the king. Orphaned by Revolt, Angelous lived on the street for a very short ammount of time, as the empire plucked Angelous of the street and stuck him in a military program with many of the other childeren Ala Mhingo. Angelous had a hard time at the school as he constantly got in fights with garleans and non-garleans alike, he would continue this through out his school years. The Teachers tried to be rid of him, But his marks in school and aptitude for combat were top of his class. Because of this he was sent to top garlean school.
 Once at the prestiges Garlean Military school, Angelous kept up with his habit of getting in fights and propeling the stereo type that Ala Mhingo are savages. Angelous was quiet but did not take insults well, he continued to Score exceptionally and attarct the ire of teachers and higher class mates alike. The Garleans superiors continued to provide challenges refuses to have someone pesant blood insult those noble born, Among these noble was Ramsus Galthens who wanted to keep the ranks of the empire pure with true garleans fighting for it and ruling it.Ramsus along with other nobles were frustrated to know they could not do much to stem the tide of nongarleans raising threw the ranks with the Legatus Gaius policy of ability over blood. 
 This saw Angelous at the top of his class. Graduating at 18 he saw himself place into Legatus Nael VII Legion and with an familiar face of the Noble Ramsus of house Galthens, amongst some others. Before departing to the VII legiog Angelous was visited by Legatus Gaius who gave him a name to show that even though not Garlean born he was as much a Garlean as the rest, erasing his Ala mhingo name of his Aiden Wolfe and giving him the name of Angelous Mortis to show that angelous has become a true Garlean. 
 The nobles Dicided to each Angelous and some other none garleans who had just joined the ranks a lesson to put them in their place, Ramsus refused to be part of their plot, but the nobles went ahead any way. Angelous was with a squad comprised of none garleans to invistage a skrimish with the eorzeas. This turned out to be a trap and Saw Angelous squad wiped out, Angelous held his ground receving several wounds, until finally Angelous collapased to his knees. Closing his eyes and accpeting what was coming, suddenly their was a large scream. When Angelous open his eye, He witness the Ramsus Galthens cleveing his way through the ambusher, till they feld in terror. Angelous saw this as a turning pointm his attitude towards garleans and nongarleans alike became for peaceful. He would not see ramsus for a while. 
 Soon after that incident was the battle of carteneau where Angelous witnessed the power of the Eikon Bahamut and his own powerlessness agienst such terror. It was not the only thing that was to remeber from Carteneau, other memory burned into his mind was the image of a young Miqo'te charging the enemy lines in a frenzy even with the destruction bahamuts realase was wreaking around her. Angelous began making her way towards her while both army were fleeing in different directions Angelous and the Miqo'te were below the beast. It was at this momment when the Miqo'te stopped her charge and began staring up at Dragon freeded from the moon, it was a this momment as well Angelous realized Bahamut was preparing one final attack. Without thinking he sprinited to the side of Miqo'te and brought her to the ground hiding them in one of the fizzures created by bahamuts release though not completely unaffected by the blast. They both survived and parted ways after the battle, Angelous said nothing when the Miqo'te walked away but her odd eyes were forever burned into his Mind.
 After witnessing the destruction of VII legion, and his comrades in arms. Angelous realized he needed more power to fight the Eikons And Eorzeas. After the battle of carteneau Angelous began covering his face and marked it with red face paint, inremebrance of the VII legion wishing to embody all of the lives lost. After destruction of the VII legion Angelous was placed in the XIV Legion under Legatus Gaius. In the XIV Legion Angelous met with Ramsus agian here though not placed in the same unit they saw each other from time to time, Angelous remebers the Ramsus saved his life. Gaius understanding Angelous quest for power to fight the eikon assigned to the Frumentarium directly under the command of Nero Tol Scaeva Himself. Angelous was ordered to study Eorzea forms of combat, from the secrets of the dragoons to the secrets of the summoners who tap into the power of eikons. Angelous took this to heart and learned of all eorzea Forms of war. Angelous Dedicated the next 5 years to understanding eorzea forms of combat, and learning what he could about the best tribes. 
 During Angelous time in the XIV Legion he met individuals who eventually became comrades, one such individual was the young Hyur Amelia Pendragon who came from the capital. Though Angelous kept to himself at most time, Amelia like a buzzing Nat would float around him constantly talking and telling him stories at frist Angelous would walk away, But Amelia would follow. Amelia would ask questions and even though Angelous would not answer, this not halt her from anwsering for him with her own guess. Angelous saw Amelia tomboyish attitude apperent even though she you try to act like a lady though it be short lived as she would blurt out somthing unlady like and be back to square one. Over time Angelous grew used to Amelia precence around him, And would even throw out a few words once in a while or walk next to her instead of infront of her. It was the first friendship he made in the XIV Legion.
 When the fall of Gaius happen, during the attack on the praetorium, once agian Angelous was met with deaths door. As the praetorium was ready to cumbust, Angelous was discovered by Ramsus Galthens who new an escape route. Angelous once agian was saved by Ramsus and this time he would not let the debt not go unrepaid, Angelous kneelt and swore an oath of loyalty to Ramsus, but Ramsus corrected Angelous and told him "No an oath of brotherhood". With this Angelous has commited him Self to serving Ramsus Regnum Garlemald to realize House Galthens ambitions.