Anis Dauremant

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Ishgard.jpg Anis Dauremant
"I came to reclaim something of mine."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 34
Nameday 19th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Height 185cm
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Server Siren
Tumblr Eoghanedhel

"Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own. The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding go out to meet it."

Anis "Eoghan" Dauremant is a Duskwight Elezen from Ishgard. Former captain of an elite squad in Ishgard's Order of the Knights Dragoon, he is known for being strict as well as valuing honor and justice, demanding the same from the men who came under his command.


"I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself."

Anis is a proud Duskwight elezen, captain for one of Ishgard’s elite, The Order of the Knights Dragoon. He is, also, one of the main Astrologians representants of his family, the noble house of Dauremant. Though heir to a noble House, he makes no distinction between the rich and the poor, helping whoever is in need regardless of their status in Ishgard’s society. At the same time, very aware of his own social position, the elezen knows how to impose himself and act as the future head of a noble house, whenever needed. His pragmatic behavior, as well as him valuing honor, pride and justice made Anis to quickly earn the respect, love and admiration of both the rich and the poor - though some of the ishgardian nobles see his interactions with people from the Foundation with pure disgust. Sharp with words, it isn’t hard for him to give a proper and often well deserved reply to whatever bad arguments and words might come to him. It weren’t few, the times when he’d silence the voice of many ishgardian politicians, in warfare and business matters, replying with a smile the glares of hate and annoyance he earned from proving them wrong.

Very open with those close to him, it isn’t rare to catch Anis teasing and provoking his family and just for the sake of a good laugh- this, of course, being his way of showing how much he cares for them. His brutally honest personality has, more than one, made them very embarrassed, as Anis sees no problems in exposing many of his and other people’s business to whoever that is trying to listen. Protective, he is willing to do absolutely anything, even to die, if it means that his family and all those dear to him will continue on to live happily and safe.

When not engaged on fighting and warfare matters, Anis can often be found studying Alchemy, Carpentry and Weavery, as well as devoting his passion for the nature through the art of Botany. He also bears a huge passion for music and is usually the one playing instruments such as the piano, flute or violin, on dinners and other family meetings and parties. This love for music was, also, the reason why he engaged in trainings to become a Bard, following, even if just a little bit, his grandfather’s steps, a great archer and musician of his time. Books are also a favorite past time of his, and in most of his afternoons, Anis can be found in the company of a good book and a cup of tea.


"That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach."

Named after the Star Anise fragrant spice by his Far East-obssessed mother, Anis was born to Lord Nellemond and Lady Gwenollie de Dauremant on the 19th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, along with his twin sister, Hanaelle. From a young age, he displayed interest in battles and dreamed of becoming a knight to protect his family and friends, as well as aiding his homeland against the Dravanian horde on the 100 years long Dragonsong War. As a boy, he loved pretending to fight against his sister and his father, the latter performing minor healing tricks both to amaze his children and to try turning them to the healer’s path as well. With Anis being the firstborn son, it was Nellemond’s wish that he’d continue the family’s bloodline and become the next Head of their House. For that reason, and also out of sheer fear of losing his son in battle, the Count tried to hold Anis back as much as he could, whenever the boy talked about truly becoming a knight and going to the battlefront. Hanaelle, too, was held back as she would become the leader to House Dauremant, should anything happen to her twin brother.

Though managing to raise Anis and Hanaelle into fine, skilled healers, Nellemond’s efforts to keep his children away from battle proved to be in vain. At the age of fifteen, both Anis and his sister joined the Temple Knights, soon starting to raise on it’s ranks. Though often training with the rest of their troops, learning how to use sword, shield and bows, it was with the spear that the twins displayed their full potention. One of their masters, Ser Eoghan Breen - one of the most brillian Dragoon Knights of his time, even praised by the Azure Dragoon - took upon himself to teach and mentor the twins on the path to Ishgard’s elite squad of warriors. It wasn’t long until the man, who became a second father figure to Anis and his sister, saw his dearest students shine and wear in the Drachen armor they so long have aimed for. With time, the sucessfull accomplishment of missions as well as their loyalty and dedication granted Anis and Hanaelle the rank of captains of their own units. Together, along with their men and the support of Ser Breen’s own squad, they managed to save the life of many ishgardian citizens from their dreadful fate against the Dravanian Horde.

The Dragonsong War, however, have once again turned such glorious achievements into a story of grieving.

It was in one of their many missions together that the battallion formed by Anis’, Hana’s and Eoghan Breen’s units suffered a massive attack from the dragons, during a mission in the Western Highlands of Coerthas. Such blow granted Anis a permanent huge scar on his back, as well as it took away Ser Breen’s life in the man’s attept to protect his students and their men. When getting back to Ishgard, not only the twins had less than half of their men but they have also lost their dear master and friend. Upon seeing that and taking notice of Eoghan Breen’s death, Nellemond once again insisted that his children would give up on the path of battle. The scar on Anis back, which almost got him killed, was enough proof that he couldn’t afford to lose a son or a daughter in that way. Anis, of course, was not blind to his father’s feelings, the near-death experience and the loss of his mentor having a great impact on his will to continue on fighting. He, however, didn’t want to abandon it all, nor he wanted Ser Breen’s sacrifice to save them to be in vain.

Deciding that only their training in Ishgard wasn’t enough against the Horde, both Anis and his twin sister left the city-state - adopting Ser Breen’s first name, Eoghan, as a surname in tribute to their late master - pursuing new, different fighting techniques. Taking separate ways from his twin sister, upon crossing the lands of Eorzea, he enrolled in various training combats while aiding the citizens to recover from the recent Calamity, bestowed upon them by the Primal Bahamut. Along the way, not only Anis made dear, close friends who started to accompany him in his journey, but he also met his significant other.

As news spreaded that the Holy See had opened it’s gates for the rest of Eorzea once more, seeking for their help, Anis deemed it was time to finally come back to Ishgard. Reuniting with his sister, and now along with a group of close friends and with his new family, the Dauremant heir once again walked into the gates of the Holy See, hoping that this new, acquired strenght would help in saving the life of his people from the terrible fate his master had, in a dragon’s deadly fangs.

  • After The Dragonsong War

Upon the defeat of Nidhogg and the end of the Dragonsong War, the Order of the Knights Dragoon was dissoluted almost in it's entirety, being rearanged to other duties - there was, after all, no need to elite dragon slayers now that peace between men and dragons was established once again. Very few Knight Dragoon units remained, under the order of the Lord of the Houses, Aymeric the Borel, as a special aid force since Ishgard joined the Eorzean Alliance once again. Though remaining captain to one of these Dragoon units for a while, Anis laid aside his spears unless absolutely necessary. He returned to his former job of being an Astrologian, aiding those in need, as well as taking part of bureaucratic businesses alongside is father and sister. Seeing the fall of Nidhogg as the fulfillment of the promisse to his master, Anis then dropped Eoghan Breen’s name, turning back to use his real surname and once again being know as Anis de Dauremant.

He went on to live a peaceful life with his husband, Antoine, a Xaela Au Ra whom he met on his journey through Eorzea before returning to Ishgard. He and his husband remained in the coerthan city-state until after the battles in Ala Mhigo and the far eastern city of Doma, where the ruling power of both cities was once again returned to it's people. Anis was then taken by his husband on a journey to the Far East, where he not only met all sorts of different people and cultures as well as visited the Azim Steppe, Antoine's homeland. Both then decided to establish themselves in Kugane, a city state in the far eastern country of Hingashi. 'Twas not a decision that'd last forever, for Anis' heart would always call back to his homeland and family. Still, it'd be for long enough so they could enjoy and learn all there is to learn from that new land and new way of life he was presented to.


"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it."

House Dauremant:

House Dauremant originates from the marriage between a direct relative of Sylvetrel de Dzemael to a highborn nobleman, roughly a hundred years ago. They soon rose to a very respectable position in ishgardian society, with vast wealth and an influence almost as big as that of the Four Houses themselves. Their commitment with the city-state’s growth and wealth, as well as charity actions, earned them the respect of citizens both of low and noble birth. Though mainly a family of healers, most of them Astrologians, more battle-thirsty members of the Dauremant family made their names within the Temple Knights and the Order of the Knights Dragoon as fierce physical combat warriors. Aside from warfare matters, the House is nowdays responsible for the majority of the production of potions and medicines of Ishgard, due to their excellent management and knowledge of Alchemy and Botany.

Rumors spread the tales of them giving shelter to Auri survivors from the massacre the Au Ra suffered when arriving from Othard to Dravania. This strained the already fragile relations that House Dauremant had with the High House of Dzemael. Though being their descendants, the Dauremant’s more welcoming and peaceful nature has always directly conflicted with the Dzemael’s more traditionalist ideals and methods. Said rumor culminated into the two Houses getting apart from each other. Both still maintain a relationship of acknowledgement as a family, with formality and mutual respect, but they reunite only when and if necessary, chosing to stay apart for the rest of the time.

The current headline of House Dauremant is:

  • Count Nellemond de Dauremant, current Head of the House. Though retired, he remains a praised Knight and White Mage among the Temple Knights.
  • Countess Gwenollie de Dauremant, Count Nellemond’s wife and mother to his four children. Also a retired Knight, famous for her quick skills with the sword as well as her excellent management of spells as a White Mage. Has an absurd passion and obsession for the Far East, to the point of naming one of her children after the Star Anise fragrant spice. With proper adaptation, of course.
  • Anis "Eoghan" de Dauremant, firstborn son and heir to the House. Sometimes too witty for his own good, but still always seeking and fighting to make those around him happy and safe.
  • Hanaelle "Hana Eoghan" de Dauremant, firstborn daughter and Anis’ twin sister, also heir to House Dauremant, who trained and fought alongside her brother for almost all of their lives.
  • Idristan de Dauremant, thirdborn son, who is constantly trying to improve himself and be a good fighter as much as his older siblings. A kind soul who, despite being innocent, is as brave as the rest of his family and also very skilled with his conjuring and white magicks.

Eternal bond:

Antoine "Pentstemmon" Haragin is the male Xaela Au Ra with whom Anis has fallen in love and built a family. Antoine immigrated to Eorzea along with some surviving memebers of his tribes, and went to the Far West, into the lands of both Sharlayan and Yafaem territorry. Once there, the Xaela, whom adopted the provisory "Pentstemmon" name to disguise himself learnt all the tricks and trades on the art of the Black Mages, from studing old scriptures and demons left from the era of the War of the Magi. After leaving the Weeping City, with the help of a friend, he approached Anis in search for help in the beginning of his life in Eorzea. Coming from a failed marriage, when noticing that feelings started to flourish between them, Anis was at first unsure and afraid that the au ra would be much like his ex-husband- and arrogant man whom, at times, Anis'd ask himself why did he get married with. Seeing in Antoine the friendship and companionship he had never noticed on his former partner, however, it didn't take long until the couple finally tied the knot.


"Word spread because word will spread. Stories and secrets fight, stories win, shed new secrets, which new stories fight, and on."

  • Gibrillont: "He could pass by a commoner, weren't it for the fancy garments he wears. Ser Eoghan's one of the few nobles who come in here without bothering if the person next to him is poor or rich. He likes to talk and there's always a new story to share."
  • Mother Miounne: "Anis is often here, along with some friends and family. I've rarely seen someone from the north with such interest in the nature and green of the Shroud. I've heard he's even made it his new home, in a cottage in Lavender Beds."
  • Baderon Tenfingers: "'Twas a bloody surprise to me and me lads, to see a highborn son o' Ishgard doin' the 'ard work o' commoners. Never expected to see that. 'e's got a keen sense for business, that one."
  • Momodi Modi: "The flamboyant ishgardian noble? Perhaps I've seen him once or twice. He comes in here every few moons to gather with some comrades before departing again. I heard he had business with master Severian from the Alchemists' guild."






  • Nature
  • Snow
  • Water
  • Wine
  • Music


  • Heat
  • Disorganization
  • Loud noises
  • Immaturity
  • Corruption


  • Spearmanship
  • Botany
  • Reading
  • Violin & Piano
  • Wood carving


  • Slightly short-sighted
  • Noticable cheek scar
  • Overly Organized
  • Head tilt
  • Often chuckles

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