Anja Wulfgard

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 Anja Wulfgard
Anja Wulfgard portrait.png
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Server Balmung
Age 32

Family History

Long before the Garlean invasion of Ala Mhigo, Anja's family worked as common laborers and sellswords in Gyr Abania. However, during a chance encounter her great-great-grandfather, Hrodi Tufisson, saved the life of a nobleman whose fortunes were on the rise. This nobleman, Rúnar Wulf, returned the favor by elevating Hrodi's family to serve as the guardians of his bloodline. To mark the honor, their surname was changed to Wulfgard.

Unfortunately, the tumult of Ala Mhigo's pre-invasion politics soon took its toll on the Wulf family. By the time of Anja's great-grandfather, Beiner, the once-proud bloodline had been utterly culled by its rivals. With nothing left to protect, the Wulfgard family fled. They took a ship to the Bay of Dha'yuz and then hired passage inland to Ul'dah. Lacking local connections, they returned to their squalid roots, trading muscle for barely enough coin to survive. Beiner fell into a deep shame over the loss and changed his surname to Tufisson before taking his own life.

Refusing to accept the lot of Beiner, Anja's grandfather, Surt, kept the Wulfgard name. He swore that by the time of his death, he would reestablish the family's pride. While working as a cargo handler at Ul'dah's gates, Surt noticed an inefficiency in local commerce. Trade caravans would arrive at the great city, hoping to sell their cargo and return to the road as quickly as possible. Idle caravans cost money and risk banditry while providing no gain. Meanwhile, locals looking for a particular good had to simply hope a matching caravan had recently been through the city.

Surt devised a simple plan to alleviate this issue of timing: He would buy any goods a caravan possessed, if he predicted they'd be in demand. This allowed the caravan to pick up new cargo and get back on the road. Surt then stored the goods, eventually putting them to market at an increased price. Within a few years, his business had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Not only did he have warehouses in Ul'dah, but soon he was replicating his model in Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and a few smaller towns. True to his word, his family's good fortune had been restored.


Anja was born in Ul'dah to Sigmund and Freydis Wulfgard. Throughout childhood, she enjoyed material wealth and the finest education. She showed particular pride in her family's heritage and impressed even her grandfather with her understanding of the Tufisson-Wulfgard line. However, being the fourth of five children, her older siblings had already been groomed for the most important roles in the family business, leaving little room for Anja to live up to the stories of Hrodi or Surt. As she approached adulthood, she became increasingly discontent with what she saw as her fated mediocrity.

On her 17th birthday, Anja declared her intent to leave Ul'dah and find her own way. As a compromise to her parents, she accepted an ongoing stipend to work in the nominal role of "market scout" for the company. She promptly established apartments in both Gridania and Limsa Lominsa, a comfortable distance from her childhood home.

In the years since, Anja has flitted from one interest to the next. She's studied commerce, magic, and swordsmanship—though found her calling in none of them. She found particular success in white magic, though to the chagrin of her Padjal tutors, she abandoned them as well in favor of the only career training she managed to complete: general medicine and surgery.


There's a marked gap between the jobs Anja holds and how she spends her time. One might say her resume is far more impressive than her day-planner.

She's a trained doctor and white magician, but hasn't established a medical practice anywhere. Every few months, she sends her family notes on new market opportunities or economic trends she's observed in her travels. However, none of these take up much of her time, leaving her free to spend most days as a gadder.

Indeed, the only times she seems truly employed is when the Twin Adders conscript her into service as a field medic.


Anja has a heart full of purpose, but a mind that's perpetually dissatisfied. Her parents wonder if it's the unsated Highlander blood in her veins. Whatever the cause, Anja can't shake the sense she has no meaningful place in the world—or at least none she's discovered yet. She fills that profound emptiness by wandering about, seeking stimulation wherever she can find it. She's not a true vagabond, having two homes and a small list of favorite social spots. However, a sense of restlessness forever hangs about her.

The young woman is friendly and compassionate, which is why she favored the healing arts. She loves accumulating new facts and is quite a conversationalist. She's also a bit of a prankster, often amusing herself by creating awkward social situations just to watch how they resolve.


Anja is effectively apolitical. She has no particular loyalty to the Eorzean Alliance nor any animosity for the Empire. Indeed, the only city-state she has a particularly strong opinion of is Ala Mhigo, which she despises for its history of pointless turmoil and, more specifically, the way in which that turmoil nearly destroyed her family. Realizing these are an unwelcome opinions in a war-torn society, she doesn't often share them.

Having seen the destruction wrought by magic's use—and the stillborn sciences of so many societies—she is increasingly fascinated by practical pursuits, such as industry. She's far more impressed by the cannons and forges of Ishgard than the conjurers she once trained with.


Her religious views aren't much stronger than her political ones. Seeing life as a scripted joke, she's become a nominal follower of Nymeia. She has a degree of reverence for all of the Twelve, which has led to her often cursing "eleven of the Twelve", so each of them might presume they're the one not being defamed.

Random Facts

  • Has developed a mild tranquilizer addiction to cope with the psychological trauma of treating—and losing—patients with severe, battlefield injuries.
  • Is more intrigued by parlor tricks than actual magic.
  • Sees Padjal as possessing an unmerited arrogance, which is the chief reason she finished her training in white magic apart from the guild.

Out-of-Character Information

Open to roleplaying, even when the RP flag isn't on (which it almost never is). Feel free to send a /tell or do walk-up RP anytime.

Player lives in Central US time, keeping a relatively "normal" schedule, though awake and available into the A.M. on most weekends.