Anthony Valron

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Ishgard.jpg Anthony Valron
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First Spear of Halone's Spear, Minor Noble
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Balmung
Relationship Status [It's Complicated]
Age 23
Health Alive and Well



Brash and openly xenophobic when in his native land of Ishgard, this Elezen is a man fighting a war against himself. Oddly enough, outside of Ishgard he is open, outgoing, friendly and even kind.

This internal conflict has driven the male towards arrogance, hedonism and relatively small abuses of his power - at least while in the Holy See. He knows the limits of his power and exactly what he can get away with. He's developed an inferiority complex like no other, due to his bastard birth and lack of true-born blood, however, he tries very hard to mask that cancerous aspect of his personality.

Anthony writes Arthurian Romance and children's fables ICly, and has a few small stories published under a nom de guerre. He also dabbles in poetry. The young man is innately skilled, but his writing is mainly rumination and fantasy. Higher literary plot and skills are still a bit beyond his grasp, but he does attempt them once in awhile.

He keeps a journal, bound in black leather. It is always with him, no matter where he is, or what he's wearing. Filled with soliloquies of self-doubt, stories of daily events, and his dreams committed to paper, the pages within this journal are things he would never speak of aloud - except maybe to a lover, or a best friend.


Lord Anthony de Valron is the only surviving offspring of an Elezen Lord of Ishgard. He is baseborn, but was granted his father's lands and titles, as the only surviving Valron. His face in general is reminiscent of his mother's but it has the sharp edge of his father's noble heritage. His ears, too, are smaller than a trueblooded Elezen. He is fair of hair, and his eyes are the hue of the finest of emeralds.

His armor is well-kept, perfectly shined. He's taken to wearing a Chivalric Coat when wearing his sword and a Foestriker's Tabaard when using his bow. He takes pride in his armor and weaponry, tending to their upkeep himself. In fact, his armor is kept on a mannequin in his private chambers in plain sight.


In Ishgard's forums and streets, Lord Anthony de Valron is the perfect example of nobility. His carriage is upright and proud, his emerald orbs rarely stop to look at the commoners decorating the street as the trash they are. Of course, that isn't actually what he thinks. However, the man has perfected the veneer of casual disdain necessary to be highborn in Ishgard - and it bothers him greatly.

In a southron city, Anthony is totally different. He's kind, flirtatious and funny. He'll approach anyone for a conversation, so long as they seem to be amicable. Anthony sometimes introduces himself as Ser de Valron instead of Lord. It suits him, though, as he views himself in a far more martial light than some see other noblemen and women.


Fighting Style and Weaponry

Anthony fights with the strength, passion and skill of a Knight of Ishgard. He favors a bastard sword, forged with titanium alloy. He does not often use a shield, which allows him a more aggressive style of swordsmanship - however, situationally, the Knight will use one, mainly when fighting Lancers/Dragoons or Bards/Archers. Many of his enemies have overextended themselves because they viewed him as an easy target, only to have limbs cleaved from their bodies due to his quick strikes.

As of late, the Lord of House Valron has taken up the bow. He's often seen around with a shortbow as well as a bastard sword - his typical armament.

Training and Innate Talent

Lord de Valron has trained with Lance, Bow, and Sword since he was a child of six. He's put thousands of hours into his fighting skills and is suitably capable. He's also got an innate talent for quick reactions, making him a nimble swordsman and a skilled archer.



  • Anthony enjoys writing, and he keeps a black leather-bound journal on his person at all times. He also dabbles in writing songs, but has not the talent to sing them.
  • The Knight enjoys fighting and considers himself quite the swordsman. Some of it may be hubris, but the boy has a great deal of innate skill and years of training.
  • He enjoys spending time with his friends.
  • Anthony likes pretty girls. It tends to get him in trouble.


  • Dragons. Duh.
  • People who do not offer respect to him or others. He'll step in if he sees a fight, or argument.
  • The influx of new people in Ishgard. There's just way too many.


  • Writing - The Knight carries his journal everywhere.
  • Dueling - Anthony loves to spar and put his swordsmanship to good use. He's pretty good.
  • Business - He actually enjoys creating business relationships and making Gil.

Local Haunts and Common Locations

  • Ul'dah: Anthony can be found near the Quicksand, or seated in the Gold Court. He prefers the waterfalls and plants in that area, as he's quite unused to the heat.
  • Gridania: He's often seen at a table inside the Carline Canopy, towards the back. He doesn't like the crowds. He can also be located near or inside the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre
  • Coerthas/Ishgard: The Jeweled Crozier, the Astrologicum and the Fortemps Manor are all places that Anthony frequently haunts. Camp Dragonhead and the Observatorium in Central Coerthas are also common locations.



  • Lord Aronaux de Farendaire
  • Lady Aelayne de Valron (Soon to come alt, distant cousin!)


  • Ser Adrien Durmont
  • Sakima Artorian
  • Shiloh Artorian
  • Addison Hines
  • Phyllo Qeqerhyllo
  • Sebastian Pavel




Common Rumors

  • "Have you heard? Halone's Spear's comin' around again. That Lord de Valron's startin' up his private army once more. I hear he's hirin' the best, as long as they do what they're told. Pays well, too!" - Ishgardian Tavern Patron

Uncommon Rumors

  • "Oh? Lord Valron's rebuilding the Spear? Wonder where you heard that. You'd think he'd come to his father's lieutenants, eh?" - Ser Johnathon Durmont
  • "Lord Anthony's something else. The life of the party, to be told. Don't tell his friends, he's rather afraid of them finding out." - Ul'dahn Trustfund Party Boy

Rare Rumors

  • "Anthony wants to be the next Grand Company. Kid's got an ego bigger than his inferiority complex." A snort filled with derision accompanied the almost-insulting words before the well-born male walked off, without ever giving a name.

PC Rumors

  • "Lord de Valron brings an unique mix of strength and personality to the mercenary business. Once he takes a contract, he'll see it through." - Ser C'adrien Tia

Halone's Spear

The Free Company Halone's Spear is a private military contracting firm that does a great deal more than a standard mercenary company. The Spear maintains a reputation of perfection in the field - at least, in regards to their contracts. They have never broken one or failed while completing an assignment. Their operations range from razing a rebel village, escorting -very- expensive caravans of jewels and precious metals, to training a resistance force behind enemy lines. The Company has existed for two hundred and twenty five years and was House Valron's claim to fame for eons.

[Headcanon] Ishgard has long fought the Dragonsong War, pitting those who fight for the Holy See against the hordes of Dravanians. It stands to reason that those who serve their terms in the military might seek another form of more lucrative fighting service afterwards. Perhaps, the best of these would seek service in a unit well known for their competency, their personal honor and the fact that they never, ever have abandoned or broken a contract.

House Valron founded this company of soldiers, and long ago - in the faintest of memories, the company saved a group of House Fortemps Knights and some minor members of the family from sure death by the Dravanian Horde. This served to both elevate the elder Valron from the gentry to the nobility, and to cement the reputation of the Company in Ishgard. [End Headcanon]

[Introduction] Enter, <Halone's Spear>, a highly-reputed and expert group of mercenaries who style themselves as a private army, rather than mercenaries. They prefer the term "contractor", to mercenary. If you have a problem, if no one else can help - and if you can afford them, maybe you can hire the Spear.

Soldiers who are part of Halone's Spear are military veterans, with years of experience and training. Fighting against them would be the equivalent of fighting against a modern day special forces unit.

[Example Jobs and References]

  • Arm and train a resistance cell of Ala Mhigans
  • Raze and eliminate a village of Ixali
  • Rescue a force of House Fortemps Knights from heretics in Coerthas
  • Escort High-Value Caravan of precious metals and jewels from Gridania to Ul'dah

[Contact] Please contact me OOCly to hire us. We need work. We want work! ))

Historical Timeline

B.C.Y. = Before Current Year

25 B.C.Y. : Anthony de Valron born to Lord Alexandyr de Valron and Kiera Stone. Ser Willem Durmont named Godfather.

22 B.C.Y. : Lord Alexandyr de Valron executed, Anthony, Kiera, and Willem flee to Dragonhead, taking what they can of the family fortune - as well as the signet dagger of House Valron.

13 B.C.Y. : Anthony begins training with sword under the tutelage of Ser Willem.

4 B.C.Y. : Anthony's first kill of a Dravanian in Dragonhead.

1 B.C.Y. : Anthony is Knighted and travels into the Holy See, to plead his case before Count de Fortemps. Ser Willem dies of natural causes in Coerthas.

3 Months Before Current Date: Anthony meets his Cousin, Lord Aronaux de Farendaire for the first time while in Coerthas, and together, he finally manages to seek out Count de Fortemps and regain his standing.

8-19-15 (real world) : Lord Anthony de Valron reforms the private military armament and contracting company Halone's Spear. Plans are current to purchase several facilities to serve as safehouses and headquarters for the company.


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