Anthony Vieri

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Ishgard.jpg Anthony de Vieri
Anthony V3.png
Baron, Lord, Chairman, former Member of Parliament
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 27
Relationship Status Single



Anthony holds the aristocratic title Baron and is the patriarch of the Ishgardian noble House de Vieri, the chairman of the Eastland Company and one of the first supporters of Ishgard's new Republican government. His fortunes greatly benefited from the opening of Ishgard's borders. He is charming and young with ambitions to match. His abrupt resignation from Parliament and formation of Eastland Trading Company came as a surprise to many. Ishgard's political animal had re-entered the world of business without notice. Hopefully, the expansion of the Eastland Company will help furnish him with the means to attain his goals, whatever they might be.


Anthony is the epitome of the stereotypical Ishgardian noble in every way. He carries sharp features that are common among his people, with an angular chin and high cheekbones. His skin is fair and without marring, a testament of his upbringing and lack of direct martial activities. His dark brown hair is cropped close to his head - but not too closely, taken care of with the vigilance of one who cared about their features. Such an accusation would not come falsely to the Baron de Vieri -- all six and a half feet of him were finely adorned. Whether in expensive silks or, more commonly, his dueling gear, he was dressed to match his station. Trained in classical fencing schools and self-taught in Red Magic, Anthony is hard-pressed to be found without a rapier gracing his hip. Despite his highborn status and wealth, he seems clearly comfortable bearing arms, attesting to an upkeep of both physical and mental prowess as well as a slight window into the soul of a man who doesn't want to admit he's left his old life behind.


Anthony is best described as ambitious, carrying within him a fierce drive and staggering amount of dedication to causes. He's charismatic and gregarious, with a legitimate interest in other people that often leads to him being considered friendly. Despite the rarity of both kindness and ambition pairing together, Anthony is often quick to see the best of people, and trust until proven unable to do so. It wasn't the House he was from, nor the Company he represented that left an impression when someone walked away from a meeting with him. It was the raw emotion he contained; the charm and force of personality that made up Baron Anthony de Vieri.



  • Critical Thinking: Anthony considers himself to be quite the adept political mind, making plans for the future and coordinating his business ventures to aid him in his own advancement.
  • Wit and Charm: A brilliant political mind is nothing without the charisma, wit and charm to help persuade others to listen to you. Luckily, Anthony has more than enough of these qualities to suffice.
  • Interpersonal Skills: He's a well-born, ambitious young man who aims to move up in the world, via any means necessary. In order to do so, he has to be social and make friends with everyone. It helps that he enjoys it, seemingly content no matter what company he finds himself in.
  • Red Magic: Anthony learned Red Magic from the Vault's hidden texts. He was self-taught for many years until the Crimson Duelists re-emerged and he was able to refine his talent at the hands of the new masters.


  • Heart of Silver: Anthony often gives into his better angels and that can affect his business practices.
  • Cold Steel: Despite classical training and experience, Anthony is out of practice when it comes to the arts of personal combat. Should anyone wish ill upon him, he's more vulnerable to those who would draw steel upon him.
  • Ishgardian Arrogance: Even though he is an outwardly friendly soul, Anthony can be condescending toward those he views as inferior.


  • Writing: Classically educated, Anthony is know for composing literature and poetry when he has spare time.
  • Mathematics: With the running of a business comes the mastery of numbers and accounting beyond the norm.
  • Stargazing: Anthony's always loved watching the stars. Though he doesn't have the talents of an Astrologian, he still can enjoy the lights they cast upon the heavens.



  • Aronaux Farendaire: Cousin (Balmung)
  • Judiel Farendare: Cousin (Balmung)


  • Aneira Mercer: Knight-Dragoon of House Vieri


  • Unnamed Political Opponents in Ishgard
  • Business rivals
  • [If you want to play one, let me know!]






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