Aoixin Kaete'Klizem

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Gridania-transparent.png Aoixin Kaete'Klizem
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania

In loving memory of Kayleen

(Please note: Kayleen was a fellow RPer who passed away December 24th, 2011. In her memory we are keeping her character page within the wiki. Please visit her Deviantart @ :) )

Aoixin Kaete'Klizem

Aoixin Kaete'Klizem [Ay-Ox-Xin ‚óŹ Kat-ey-Kli-zim] is the current active leader of the rouge freelance assassin Linkshell known as S L A Y E R S. The man is generally referred to at Xin in public due to the threat of the empires authorities in the S L A Y E R S line of "unethical" work. The name Aoixin is an ancient dialect thousands of years lost meaning "Soul of Crisis". His surname is an matching ancient dialect meaning "Cataclysm".


Aoixin, being a Duskwight Elezen the mans skin is a dark shade of blue, giving him a great advantage of hiding in the simplest dark places during the night. A head of feathery spiked silver blue hair is more often then not hidden beneath a black bandanna or hood. Unique eyes of pure crimson dotted with small bright red specks, giving his eyes the illusion of glowing generally always gaze out from beneath shadows cast across his face always looking right through someone with a grin plastered to his lips. Despite the traditional elezen physique of tall and limber he has a thicker more muscular build, yet has still been able to maintain his flexibility of the elezen race.

Other Art (I wanted to post a select few pictures Kayleen drew that few people have ever seen... please enjoy them... there are many more, Kayleen loved to draw.)

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