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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ara'to Vere
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"Leave me alone"
The Rogue
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Server Balmung
Age 23
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Namesday 6th Day of the Fifth Umbral Moon


♦ General

Ara'to hails from a small Keeper family known for traveling through Eorzea. Born to a family of artisans, mother a well known cook/baker and father a talented bard, Ara has always felt art was not his true calling. His true skill lie in the use of weaponry, specifically melee blades of most sizes. While raised to appreciate the arts and with a basic hand on them Ara was always sneaking off to refine his skill with sword and dagger. After coming of age Ara decided to split from his family and try to find work. taken under the wings of the leader of a smaller mercenary band Ara learned proper technique for skills he had already spend most of his teenage years trying to perfect. Travelling with the mercenaries proved to be good for Ara for he had inherited a strong wander lust of his parents and wanted to see as much of the world as possible.

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(Few years later)

Arriving at Limsa Lominsa Ara sought to join the Maelstrom for true purpose in life and to avoid any other incidents involving banditry. Ara developed a true admiration for Merlwyb over the years but discovered that guard duty was not for him. Not only did his constant itch to learn drive him to madness but the red tape he has to deal with as a guard was what truly pushed him to look for another way to solve crimes. Taking to the streets at night proved to be dangerous but much more rewarding to Ara. He felt he made much more of a difference hunting the dark things at night than spending weeks trying to prove a criminal of guilt in the day. Along the way of his new vigilante habit Ara met a man named Jack. After learning of Ara's frustrations Jack decided to take him in as a member of his rogues guild. They taught him a much more dirty way of fighting than the refined technique he had learned before but that worked just fine for him, he took the the guild and all of their teachings much better than he could ever have hoped. He decided to renounce his position of guard for a new place in the rogues guild. Jack noticed his need for travel immediately so has taken to sending Ara on most of the longer distance investigations needed which Ara very much appreciated. While still a very loyal member of the rogues guild Ara has been given free reign to come and go as he pleases so while he will always have a home there and does often go back to take some of the more difficult investigations he is now more interested in finding like minded adventurers that he can bond with and fight with.

♦ Appearance

Standing at 5'8, tall for a miqo'te, Ara can be slightly intimidating. With a piercing mismatched stare he can seen to be very bored or disapproving more often than not. Bright silver hair inherited from his mother does occasionally bother Ara so he's been know to dye it a darker color. Because of this the very edge of his hair is almost always a dark black if it hasn't been dyed in some time. Traditional keeper stripes line his face, something he has continued to do even after leaving his family and most of the tribal ways behind him, even if only for sentimental reasons. Unusual spots always show on his body, ears and tail similar to those of a coeurl. Inherited from his mothers side of the family, no one is quite sure where the marks originated from but they leave a distinct impression on most people that Ara both enjoys and hates in his line of work. He is generally seen either fairly well dressed due to his time traveling and preforming with his family or without a shirt due to heat. As he does not handle heat very well more often than not his shirt is gone if the situation allows it but he can accept wearing more clothing when required. He is not very fond of heavy armor so it's highly unlikely to see him in any unless extremely necessary.

♦ Behaviour

While general a quiet person Ara can be known to get much more talkative and often quite sarcastic in the company of friends. With a very dry humor and a fondness for riling up people with a bit of a hot head, Ara can be a bit of a shit at times. What he is also very good at hiding is he also has a very bad tempter. While not know to necessarily go off on people it's not unheard of for him to get his revenge in a wide range of ways. Being the 4th child has taught him a lot about getting revenge on people in a more subtle way that can be used maliciously again people he has no love for and in a very devious way for people he is more fond of. He never lets anything go too far and he is very accepting of all boundaries so if a limit has been set he will definitely not even attempt to push it. Ara can be very protective so while he doesn't speak much he can more than get his point across when protecting anyone he feels needs his protection.

One thing that is mostly unknown at first and somewhat surprising about Ara is that he has an absolutely terrible sense of direction. He's not ashamed to ask for direction as he ia well aware of this flaw but pointing it out or laughing about it is very likely to set you in his sights.



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Learning- No matter how useless or useful the information he wants to learn it all.
Spicy food- While he doesn't have much of a tolerance for it he does love it all the same.
Tight spaces and high perches- Like a cat he loves to fit himself into small spaces that he really has no place squeezing into. Also likes to be as high up as possible at all times.
•Water- This is his greatest guilty pleasure. Even though it leaves him looking like a drowned rat he'll take any and all chances to be in a decent body of water.


Snow/Ice/The cold- Coming from a pretty tropical location he hates the cold. He also just hates being covered up with lots of clothing and he can't exactly do that in 20°F weather.
Loud people/noise- He has VERY sensitive ears and while he enjoys music, voices and natural sounds he cannot stand loud noises. Even high pitched voices can sometimes set him off.


Cooking- Not exactly his favorite activity his mothers love of it has pushed him to learning more than the basics. Talented mostly towards baking, he doesn't mind cooking for himself or others as long as he doesn't have to be near the hot stove constantly.
Dance- While definitely not a professional Ara has a small passion for dance. He grew up with music in his ears so of course he took to the art to a minor degree. He's not exactly comfortable doing much in front of strangers he can be taught steps for small private sessions.


Favourite Food/Drink: Fruit tea and spiced food is usually his first choice
Favourite Place: Costa Del Sol

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