Areante Holliday

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Gridania-transparent.png Areante Holliday
Areante Holliday.jpeg
Light in the Dark
the Gifted
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Gridania
Strength 54
Dexterity 170
Intelligence 200
Vitality 80
Mind 400
Piety 172
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Basic Info

Eyes: Left Purple Right White

Hair: Snow White

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135

Appearance Details: Has a White heart under his white eye he is shy about.

Clothing / Accessories: Wears Cloth outfits and a Cactar Earring

His waiting for his soulmate to find him. They met once before in a distant dream but he cannot remember the face. So everyday he goes to that same spot in his dream waiting for him.


Born into a poor family. The parents are deceased and he was adopted later by a friendly couple in Girdania. He started his adventure in life finding he could heal without using nature. As gifted as he is he knew to get help from the conjuring guild. He received help and excelled very quickly being only 14 and already a White Mage. Now his 19 and looks for people that need his assistance for no fee.

Founded the Organization Chains of Hearts in order to help those in need of a place to belong and train at their own pace.

Recently on an adventure in town confused what to do he sat at a fountain and made his first real friend Terrance Ballingford. He was very shy at first but he opened up to this stranger and hope the bonds last.


He is extremely shy, Stubborn, a Fool for Romance. Finds the good in even the most evil people. Hesitant at first but easy to trust, Very quiet, and after getting to know him he can be a bit loud.


Head Master of Chains of Hearts

Other Notes

Sexuality: Homosexual

Childhood: Adopted raised in Girdania

Notable Relationships: Single