Ari'za Tyanu

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 Ari'za Tyanu
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan none
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 24
Height 4'9
Server Balmung
In game Most days and nights. Random times.



Ari is a complex one. Always seems to keep to herself. Yet tries to be social, even with the fear she lives with day after day. She can be seen most nights just chilling in middle of the Quicksands. ((WIP))


Keeps herself clean. She is most times seen wearing a skirt or dress. She likes to look pretty, even though her confidence is not there. Her long jet black hair is pulled back into a tight pony tail. A light tint of midnight blue through the locks of hair. Her eyes are bright greenish blue. It is one feature she is complimented on all the time. She is a short one but they say TNT comes in small packages.


Thought she is highly misunderstood, and can be calm and warm under the right circumstances. She is prone to be more violent towards others because of her difficult past, and is often unpredictable with her moods. This is Ari'za in a nut shell. It takes a stubborn person to break through that wall but once they do. They see a new side of her.





Dominant men, whiskey, Loves to travel, learning new things, And Power


Crowds, Weak men, nosy people,and feeling powerless.



Mated     Romantic Interest     It's Complicated     Sexual Desire    Friendly     Neutral     Hostile

I've seen the various ♥ icons handled differently. Here, they are a heirarchy, much like , , and :

implies both and doesn't really imply anything at all. It's complicated...


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  • "Some rumor." - Someone

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