Aria Benett

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Gridania-transparent.png Aria Benett
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It's not that I want to come across this's just in my nature.
Hearer of the Stillglade Fane
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridanian
Age 20
Sexuality Heterosexual
Height/Weight 5 fulms/105 ponze
Occupation Conjurer; Healer
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Nameday 3rd Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
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Aria Benett is a female Midlander born and raised in Gridania; though her father died before she was born, his status as a wealthy businessman gave her and her mother a comfortable life, and gave Aria a substantial wealth when her mother passed away during the Calamity. She is a highly compotent Conjurer, a small-time business woman, and a pursuer of knowledge, hoping to one day use it to better mankind to it's full potential, in any way possible.


Physical Appearance

Despite being 20 years of age, Aria maintains a youthful and cheerful appearance, often complimented by her natural appearing cosmetics. She is a petite girl, standing at a mere 5 fulms 2 ilms, and weighs just over 100 ponze (for this is considered top secret information). Her skin is a gentle, fair complexion with no blemishes or scars; she possesses few curves, though the most prominent occurring around her hips and bottom, and possesses a small, humble chest. The girl also possesses a pair of light blue eyes, and short blonde hair, which she often keeps under a headband and bandana.

Aria has a variety of different clothes, some humble and plain, with others being more extravagant and colorful, often saved for more formal occasions, or simply when she isn't overcome with chores or duties. Her most common outfit consists of a Felt Bliaud with matching Gaskins and shoes, all mostly dyed a lovely Lotus Pink. Alternatively, she may be seen wearing a similar black Bliaud, accompanied with a pair of stockings and white dress shoes, and sports a decorative, feathered hat to complete the set. For more work-related duties, namely when weaving or tending to the injured, she opts to wear a simple beige piece consisting of a vest, a crafter's belt to carry equipment, a short skirt, and leggings. Aria sports no piercings or tattoos, though often accessorizes with bangles or bracelets, very subtle eye-shadows and blush, and sports a bandana of a complimenting or matching color to almost any outfit she chooses.


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The few people who know Aria all regard her as a gentle, kind soul who only wishes to help and better those around her, and protect those who would find themselves in harm's way. She generally carries a stern yet light voice and rarely finds herself interacting with large groups, but she still chimes in should she feel her opinion be important enough. She always carries a very formal and lady-like posture, a result of her upbringing by a very refined woman; when it comes to her choice of words, it is often speculated she comes from a noble background.

With that being said, Aria can also be quite motherly despite her young age, and even younger physical appearance of around 18 years; she is quick to scold others for their wrong or even illegal actions, and can be pushed into giving punishment if angered enough, though this is often the last resort. With it comes to physical contact, Aria is mostly uncomfortable; she is not used to physical touch, but as her time outside of Gridania grows, so does her readiness for it - it is because of this seemingly cold exterior that Aria can be misinterpreted as uninterested in others.

Another side to Aria is that she is very easily embarrassed when it comes to more intimate or spicier topics; unfamiliar with the concepts of both courtship and mateship, Aria is unsure how to act both in and around people in a relationship - she often acts stiff and frozen, mostly watching others to learn. When asked embarrassing questions, the Padjal often resorts to blushing and avoiding straight answers.

Skills & Abilities

Conjury & White Magic

Even at a young age, Aria showed a great level of skill; by the time she was 14, Aria was capable of casting high level Conjury spells without a great deal of fatigue as consequence, and was more than capable of attuning herself to the elements around her to unleash devastating elemental attacks such as Stone, Aero, and Water, as well as their higher level variants. As a bonus to her healing abilities, Aria is also highly adept at identifying the cause of various injuries almost immediately, and can even identify internal bleeding without much problem, even under stressful circumstances. Though often used as a last resort, Aria is capable of harnessing her own life energies to heal the ill and heavily injured, producing extremely potent spells at the cost of her own health.

As a Hearer, a person who has the ability to hear the Elementals of the Twelveswood, Aria has the ability to communicate and understand their feelings regarding anything she wishes to ask or know about - this is what gives her the title of Hearer. She can use this ability to seek permission from the Elementals for anyone who wishes it of her.


As a hobby during her time at the Stillglade Fane, Aria took up both Alchemy and Weaving when she wasn't studying Conjury. Whenever she is not engrossed in other duties with the Free Company, Aria often weaves her own clothes or for others, and maintains a full stock of simple healing potions and salves should a healer not be present. In her spare time, Aria runs a small clothes shop in Mist, mostly dealing in swimwear and bikinis.

Other Skills

Aria has spent a great deal of time studying a variety of different cultures and societies during her time in Gridania, but has little knowledge of the more major societies in Eorzea, such as the Ala Mhigans, the Ul'dahns and the Lominsans. Despite that, she is a quick learner, and had taken great interest in Ala Mhigo due to her former boyfriend, Dural Shieldsplitter, a Highlander from Ala Mhigo. Her main specialty when it comes knowledge, however, is Primals. Aria possesses a great deal of knowledge about Primals, their abilities and respective beast tribes, and other trivial knowledge, her expertise lying with the Primals of the Twelveswood and Coerthas; Garuda, Ramuh and Odin. As a side note, Aria enjoys interacting with, and studying, the Sylphs of Little Solace.

Rumours & Quotes

Common Rumours

  • "Always well-spoken and polite, that one. She must have been raised quite well, I'd wager."
  • "She looks awfully young, don't you think? She speaks like a woman well beyond her years, and her face comes no where near her true age. She must be a lucky one."
  • "You wouldn't think it looking at her, but she's actually a very talented Conjurer. She's as humble as they come, mind."
  • "Supposedly the girl's with a Highlander. Ala Mhigan. Not very similar, but...opposites attract, right?"

Uncommon/Rare Rumours

  • "You ever noticed she never takes that bandana of hers off? An' when she does, shes' got a bloody hat on. I don't know, just seems odd to me."
  • "Call me suspicious, but that girl's got a lot of knowledge for someone her age; she's a great Conjurer, she's got all the grace and charisma...sort of. And she's a bookworm. I've got the feeling she knows a lot more than she's letting on."
  • "She's pretty friendly, don't be gettin' me wrong, but...she ain't one fer talkin' all that much, an' 'alf the time she's in a whole different world in that head of 'ers. Am thinkin' she's got something rackin' her brain."


  • Aria's idol is A-Towa-Cant, the legendary White Mage who became the first Padjal to leave the Twelveswood to heal and aid the people of the world outside his home.
  • Aria has a Unicorn whom she mostly leaves in the Twelveswood, and keeps a pet Mandragora at her Free Company's estate in Mist.
  • Aria's favorite food is either Noodles or Fried Orobon, but she also possesses a sweet tooth. She does not drink alcohol, and has only done so once, though it was only one glass of wine.
  • Aria's favorite color is purple, though she feels she cannot pull it off; because of that, she wears her second favorite color, pink.
  • Aria has an extreme dislike toward any form of illegal or forbidden magic, the most obvious point given being Black Magic. as a Lawfully Good person, Aria would often take it upon herself to apprehend anyone who studied the craft, or any forbidden magic she is aware of.
  • Aria Benett's name comes from the character of the same name in Final Fantasy III; she was a Priestess of the Water Crystal who aided the party as a guest, casting White Magic randomly for support. She died defending the party from Kraken.