Aria Wintersong

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Ishgard.jpg Aria Wintersong
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Occupation Bounty Hunter

Wandering Sellsword

Guardian Halone, the Fury
Nameday 4th Sun,

2nd Umbral Moon

Height 5'7"
Bloodtype AB
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Aria Wintersong is a wandering sellsword, almost always accompanied by Kuporo, her moogle retainer.


Petite for a highlander, she can easily be mistaken as a tall and athletic midlander woman. Her complexion is an unhealthy pallor and the skin around her eyelids is red, as if from from lack of sleep. Her hair is unkempt and covers part of her face. She maintains a perpetually solemn and melancholy demeanor.


Tending to habitually side with the underdogs of any conflict, she is known to involve herself in the plights of strangers. However, she isolates herself from others on a personal level, unwilling to form long-term attachments and commitments.

She is not above fighting fire with fire, and sees such actions as a necessity for the greater good.

Deeply religious, she can sometimes be found praying at the Arrzaneth Ossuary in Ul'dah. She makes donations there on behalf of those who've fallen beside her and those who've fallen by her hand.

Combat Style

Aria relies on aggression and power to overwhelm or off-balance her opponents with a hateful flurry of slashes and thrusts. Every strike is coldly intended as a killing blow, even when lethal force is unnecessary. When possible she prefers to flank her opponent or keep distance until she's ready to engage, observing and waiting for an opening, or rather the opportunity to create an opening.

When an ally is in peril, she will often break formation and cast strategy aside to attack the threat, intending to either draw it's attention or end it's life before it can slay her comrade.


Born in the reclusive city state of Ishgard, cradled in the holy mountains of Coerthas. She grew up in the small outpost hamlet of Owl's Nest in Eastern Coerthas.

Pre-Calamity (1.0)

One day her patrol was slaughtered by Garlean forces on the Black Shroud's border. A conjurer found her and brought her to Gridania, nursing her back to health. As she recovered from near fatal wounds, slowly regaining her ability to fight by assisting Gridania with local troubles, she came to empathize and care for these foreign people.

When the city states declared their intention to reform the Grand Companies, Aria returned to Ishgard in anticipation of joining her own nation's. She was devastated to hear her homeland was refusing to assist it's old allies.

Aria stole a holy stone from the ranks of her order and left Ishgard to join her friends in defending Eorzea from the Garleans.

Post-Calamity (2.0)

One of the veterans of the Battle of Carteneau who'd been raptured by a mysterious light. She awoke five years later, as if it were the next day. Her closest friends, who'd fought beside her at Carteneau, were nowhere to be found. The old linkpearl she still carries was silent; dead. Everyone she'd encountered since reappearing in Eorzea has no memory of her.

Current Status