Ariel Madaellyn

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 Ariel Madaellyn
"Unwaning Fire"
Gender ???
Race Miqo'te
Clan seekers of the sun
Citizenship Lominsan
Employement Shimmer Song
Role Mercenary / Co-Administrator
Sexuality Bissexual/Nonsexual
Combat Discipline Thaumaturgy / Conjury / ???
Other work: Private Investigator / Adventurer

"The taint of inumerous magical flames have scorched the core, tempering will, burning the veils that once granted the delusion of safety. But in the process, the aether has stirred within. And in the dawn of a new begining, a mage rises."

"If you're not going to kill me, spare both our times and get the hell out of my way." - Ariel Madaellyn.


" Scarred blight upon one's sight, fierce one haunted by an unknown haunt. "

Formerly - Disguises and a variety of battle garments and weapons.

Skin/Face - After now long past circumstances Ariel bears just light lines of burn scars in almost perfect circles on her waist-line, around the elbows, around the knees, the ankles. Otherwise normal-looking, with pale skin and silver hair. Her eyes should be blue.

Clothing - Half-robes, robes, and coats, usually earth colored or darker tones of other natural colors. A variety of hats, gaskins, and crakows.


Melee combat: Ariel had to leave her hands-on combat to the past for some health condition took her hability to fight.

Magical Combat: Faced by her on frailty the Miqo'te took upon herself the task to improve on her less than mediocre habilities spell-casting to replace her various weapons.

Diplomacy: Her first and foremost skill to get out of a situation, or resolve an issue is, even when bearing a wand, scepter, or staff, phrasing. Well versed in all sorts of haggling, Ariel will most likely talk a problem out before any other approach. Unless of course the task at hand is simple combat.

Survivability: Even in her weakened condition, fishing is still an activity she partakes, also being well versed in hiding, and infiltrating.


Previously Ariel can be remembered to work with shady individuals in mercenary companies, and dabbling in other people's affairs.

Has offered some assistance to the Ossuary.


Supposedly still connected to the Shimmer Song mercenary company, the specifics of her work become more and more mysterious.

Whispers in the streets

Easy to catch on the street ((Ari went low profile a while before even the Castrum Novum raid by the Grand Companies. By the beginign of ARR there are no easy to hear rumors about her))

An informant would have heard of by now.

"The lass fought beasmen and the empire using Maelstrom equipment, but ask anyone around here if she was on our side." - Knight from the Barracuda

"Ariel? She fought by our side in the battle of the flats..." - Over-zealous thaumaturge.

Hard to impossible to hear.

"Miss Madaellyn is nothing but the test subject for those damn mages." - Brass-blades soldier.

Tenfold of Aggression: A tale under the crimson sky.

Looking for interesting RP:

-Anyone and everyone.

-If one was to pull godmode or metagame on me I'd just ignore them throughly.