Arik Reginleif

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 Arik Reginleif
Arikensi doma.jpg
Gender Male
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Vagrant
Age 24
Height 6 feet, 10 inches
Profession Freelance Mercenary / Investigations
Patron Deity Thaliak
Server Balmung

Arikensi (Arik) Reginleif is an Au Ra man, native to the forests of Gridania. Even though he was raised in the Black Shroud, he does not consider it his home and is very much a nomad. He has wandered Eorzea for years, taking any jobs he can and looking for any trace of his father. He is rather uneducated and charismatic all the same, but can come off as abrasive at times. He does not have many possessions, but those he does have are cherished a great deal. Most importantly being, a pair of named daggers, Antare and Aldebar, a small golden inlaid ring with an emerald affixed atop, and a leather-bound journal. He can be very particular about who he speaks of his past with, and very rarely talks of his true goal in life, finding a trace of his missing father. Although he has done rather unsavory things in his life, he is a very kind and polite soul, especially to those he holds dear.


Arik is of slender build, with some muscle tone. Very angular features, especially in the face. He has dark brown skin, black scales that of the traditional Xaela, and bright green eyes. He was born without Limbal Rings, most likely inherited from his father. His hair is light brown, rather long, and usually cropped in a braided pony-tail that extends slightly below the crook of his neck. He usually wears brown, black, or grey; with his clothing preference being wool or linen cloth and leather. Some have said Arik always looks angry, but after getting to know him, that opinion usually changes.


Native to Gridania, Arik has known the forests and wood of the Shroud pretty much all his life. When he was a newborn, his father, Arecensai Kharlu, deserted the Kharlu tribe of Xaela in the coastal regions of Doma. He told no one, not even his wife. He left behind his most precious possessions, a golden inlaid ring and his pair of hunting daggers, Antare and Aldebar. When Arik's mother, Kachi Kharlu found this out, she knew she had to flee as well, lest suffer the wrath of the warmongering Xaela clan. She fled across the sea with her infant son, to the forests of Gridania in Eorzea. She hid herself and her son for years and changed her surname to Reginleif, only going into town to sell goods and purchase food. Although she mostly lived off the land, there were some things she just couldn't acquire herself.

When Arik turned 11 years of age, his mother disclosed this information to him and gifted him three items: The pair of hunting daggers left by his father, the golden inlaid ring, and a small leather-bound journal. Arik didn't know how to take this information at first, because he always only knew his mother, he never even thought to believe he had a father. It became easier over the years, however he also gained a sense of curiosity about his father, a wanting to find him. When Arik turned 18, his mother became very ill, and permanently bed ridden. A little under a year later, shortly before the Calamity, Arik's mother passed away in the dead of night. He awoke to her cold corpse.

With nothing else holding him to Gridania and the stark forests of the Shroud, Arik set out to look for his father. He was not sure why this was so important to him, probably having something to do with never being able to even meet him, as well as some resentment for leaving him and his mother behind. Although in the back of his mind he believes his father to be dead, he still left to gather any information about him he could.

5 years have passed since Arik left the Black Shroud, and has found not a single trace of his father. Still though he moves forward looking for any notion that his father is still alive.


Arik is a somewhat polite, abrasive person who always speaks his mind, no matter who it might hurt or benefit. He says he has no love for combat or killing, although when in the act seems to enjoy it a great deal. He comes off as intelligent, although can say and do rather stupid things at times. Very interested in making money, most likely gained from growing up in poverty, he is however not greedy. He is very walled off about his past, and very rarely speaks of his real goal in life, finding a trace of his father. He usually tells people he is just looking to make money, or see the world. He is very protective of innocent life, and will never harm a soul unless he believes they deserve it (Reason why he was terminated from work for the Brass Blades, disobeyed a direct order). Arik does not like those of Royal descent and usually avoids them all-together. Unlike most Xaela, he has no qualms with the Raen clan of Au Ra, most likely gained from his mothers teachings of "Never judge someone by the color of their scales, only by their actions Arik."

Affiliations and Known Associates

Aethertide Ventures Co. - S.T.O.P Branch

Rogue's Guild of Limsa Lominsa

Freelance Mercenary for the Brass Blades of Ul'dah (HIRE TERMINATED)


  • Nicknames: Arik (Short for Arikensi)
  • Age: 24
    • Nameday: 4th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 6 feet, 10 inches
  • Body: slender, toned
  • Hair: light brown
  • Eyes: bright green
  • Skin: darkish brown with many black scales
  • Clothing: Brown, Black, or Grey Leather and Cloth


  • Combat
  • Humor
  • Strong drinks
  • Meeting new people
  • Chivalry


  • Authority
  • People who can't take a joke
  • Harming innocents
  • Unprecedented cruelty
  • Royal descent

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Dual Daggers, Mudras, Hand-to-Hand
  • Crafting: Novice Miner and Leather-worker
  • Other: Persuasion


  • Stealth
  • Investigation
  • Verbal manipulation and persuasion
  • Pick-pocketing (Though he doesn't like to do it)


  • Can drink a little too much
  • Walled off personality has kept him from getting close with others beyond acquaintanceship
  • Being called out on his abrasive comments
  • Doesn't like staying in one place for too long, feels tied-down

Other Notes


Arik believes in the 12, although does not worship any profusely or makes it known he is religious at all.




Twin Daggers - Antare and Aldebar (One of the few things he has left of his father)

Multiple Throwing Knives he keeps hidden on his person at all times, whether in combat or drinking at a bar

Hard-Leather Jack, Trousers, Boots, and Gloves (and as of recently, Traditional Shinobi Garb"

A golden inlaid ring with an emerald affixed atop, although it has zero magical properties

A small satchel that Arik keeps miscellaneous things in, from food and drink, to his leather-bound journal he always keeps on his person


The following rumours can be heard about Arik, predominantly in any of the three City-States and around Eorzea. (If your character has an opinion about him, feel free to add it here.)

Common Rumours

  • "Arik comes in every night to order a drink and speak to new visitors. I havent seen him in 3 days. Im starting to worry a bit." ~Mistress Momodi, Owner and Proprietor of the Quicksand
  • "Arik always says 'Good Mornin' or 'Heyo!' to me as he leavin' Ul'dah for the day. But' this mornin he didn' say a thing, even when I spoke up me'self. He didn' even look at me!" ~Peasant worker at the gates of Ul'dah
  • "He's so nice! Arik always makes an effort to stop by and say hello to me, even if not buyin' anything. I haven't seen him in a few days though." ~Bread Saleswoman - Ul'dah, Merchant District

Uncommon Rumours

  • "Have you spoken to that Xaela over there? Hes always asking people around here questions that dont make any sense. Id stay away if I was you." ~Elezen bar-goer

Rare Rumours

What PCs are saying

Known Haunts

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