Arikane Kurogane

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 Arikane Kurogane
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridanian, Doman
Server Mateus
Age 23 (approximate)
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Healer
Height/Weight 5'2 / 50kg
Orientation Homosexual
  • Ine (Mother)

Arikane Kurogane is a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, originally hailing from the Twelveswood. He was adopted by Ine, a Doman refugee who fled the Garlean invasion of Doma and who eventually settled in Gridania. He is Ine's only child.

Basic Info


Healing & helping others
His mother and adoptive/found family
Sweet foods
Quiet time spent with his lover, usually reading or simply spending time together


Hurting others
Revealing what he is


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Sarcasm/Sass
Favourite Food: Sashimi
Favourite Drink: N/A
Favourite Color: Black

Appearance & Personality


Arikane is a very short Miqo'te male, something which he both is and isn't too conscious of. He favours clothing that reflects his Doman identity, but allows for freedom of movement and is easy to clean, as he tends to end up getting dirty quite a bit (after all, he works as a healer). In addition, he usually wears glasses (although he doesn't really need them), which he uses in an attempt hide his mismatched eyes.


Although he's a mostly gentle soul, Arikane can be quite brisk and doesn't really tend to mince his words – coming across as being fairly harsh. He doesn't like to take much shit, of which he's afforded a lot given his height and race – and which he deals with a lot when it comes to his occupation (and his lover). Though he may sound a little harsh, Arikane truly does care about the well-being of others, and does his best to make sure that they're comfortable and well looked after for as long as they're in his care, and frequently beyond that.



Arikane cannot really remember much of his childhood before Ine adopted him. He was either orphaned or abandoned, a fact that he's unsure of and which does cause him quite a bit of pain later in life – especially with his burgeoning healing abilities and visions. However, his childhood was a happy, if slightly lonesome, one as Ine spoiled him and treated him as her own son – despite the differences in their races.


As a teenager, Arikane joined the Conjurers' Guild in Gridania to better hone and control his burgeoning healing skills. He also began to experience "visions" on occasion, provoked when he touched someone – although he could not control when and if they happened, they appear to come at random, but usually lead him to some insight or revelation that he wouldn't have otherwise come to. He hoped that joining the guild would lead to him further understand this "gift" of his, but that never happened.


Currently, Arikane is serving as the primary healer to the Free Company, Hands of the Vagrant, although he is making preparations to return to Doma with his mother, and help with the reconstruction efforts there.



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