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Ariuna Goro is an Au Ra of the Xaela clan, and a member of the nomadic Goro tribe. Having developed fewer scales or obviously-Xaela features than most of her tribe, other Auri often projected onto her a dream of fitting into Eorzean society, being almost able to pass for Hyur. These Auri inadvertently filled her head with dreams about the world beyond Azim Steppe.

In her fourteenth summer, she set off alone with her newlywed husband Batu (a horse, as is tradition for the Goro clan, who view horses as perfect beings), wanting to see the world beyond the Steppe. She spent four years working as a stablehand and a hired sword in Othard, before traveling to Eorzea. On first arriving in Eorzea, Ariuna came to Ul'dah. She fought as a Gladiator for coin and reputation, hoping to find work as an adventurer, a profession that would fulfill her wish of seeing the world. She's used what she learned in the Gladiator's Guild to defend others.

Eorzea has not been as good to her as she had been led to believe, with many seeing her as a savage tribeswoman, reacting especially poorly to finding out she is wed to her steed. But she finds she meets kinder folks as an adventurer. Over the course of her adventures, her commitment to protecting her beloved and strangers alike was noticed, and eventually saw her recommended to the Free Paladin initiative.

Always acting as a shield, however, had begun taking a toll on her small body. Ariuna decided she needed to learn a second discipline. Her fearlessness in the face of danger resulted in a recruitment to the Lancer's Guild of Gridania. Her small size finally became an asset, moving so nimbly with the spear, many mistake her for a Dragoon of the Holy See.


At 4'9" (146 cm), Ariuna cuts a small figure even by Auri standards. She has long brown hair, and brown eyes. Despite being a Gladiator, her build is on the softer side, struggling to put on much in the way of muscle. She's quite curvy for an Auri girl, being about as top-heavy as her kind get. Her Xaela traits are somewhat subtle, having fewer scales than many of her breatheren, as well as Hyur-like eyes and complexion. The fashion of the city-states is still a bit of a mystery for her, coming from the more utilitarian nomadic culture of the Goro tribe, and is still somewhat prone to misunderstanding what is considered appropriate or attractive casualwear.


Ariuna can be a touch dense. She can also be more blunt than Eorzeans like, though is nearly always cheery about it. It surprises some to see that she's got a more serious side when she's working. Despite currently traveling apart from her tribe, she's still a firm believer in their beliefs and ways, and can speak of strange or taboo things with an unexpected and disarming innocence expect. But Ariuna is quickly learning that most in Eorzea react negatively to her tribe's practices and beliefs, and so can be a bit hesitant to discuss them with strangers.


Horses. Like any member of the Goro tribe, Ariuna thinks horses to be perfect beings; fast, strong, sturdy, intelligent, and loyal.
Her heart-shaped collar. There is no standard symbol of marriage in the Goro tribe. (A horse can hardly wear a ring, after all.) Ari crafted her husband horseshoes using Earth-aspected crystal for durability, engraving each with her name. A heart-shaped choker engraved with Batu's name—a small diamond at its center—was chosen as her symbol; she wears it always.
Meeting new people. While not typically wont to approach Eorzeans, she sure loves it when a friendly one approaches her!


Judgmental attitudes toward Goro/Xaela beliefs. Her tribe's beliefs are very important to Ariuna, and she shies away from those who ridicule them. Raen, especially, give her pause for this reason.
Anxiety. Despite her eagerness to see the world, Ariuna can sometimes experience anxiety about new places, not knowing what to expect. This is especially true on adventures, given that a Gladiator is expected to lead the charge and maintain the safety of those who follow behind.


Horse grooming. Ariuna finds brushing her beloved's mane to be especially soothing and relaxing. To a slightly lesser extent, grooming any horse is therapeutic for her, making her feel zen-like and nostalgic.
Chocobo racing. While she'd rather race horses, Eorzea only races horsebirds. Still, she's good at it, and has gotten quite into Chocobo... um, breeding.
People watching. Being an outsider to Eorzean culture, but being endlessly fascinated by the outside world, Ariuna is known to stand around populated areas just watching folks. Doesn't understand why this would be rude.


Earnest nature. Growing up far from the sometimes cynical culture of Eorzea and its major city-states, people often find Ariuna's earnestness disarming.
Stubborn determination. Being so small of stature and physically weak compared to many of her tribe, Ariuna has a bit of a complex, but channels it into a muley desire to be helpful.


Naiveté. Culture shock from big cities exposes her sheltered, doe-eyed nature. Ari believes more of what she's told than she should. She speaks carefreely of taboos. This all projects an aura of easily exploitable innocence.
Self-esteem. It's not hard for Ari to get down on herself, and to think that anyone who ever doubts her is right to.
Feelings of isolation. Ariuna is far from home in Eorzea, and people seldom understand or respect her people's customs. She can often feel like she's all on her own, or like she can't form bonds with others despite her strong desire to.


Seeing the world. Spending all her life on the Steppe, and yet hearing tales of the world beyond, Ariuna will do anything to see the world beyond.
Protecting others. Being so small (and having relatively few scales for defense) in a tribe of strong nomadic hunter-gatherers meant she was always protected and babied by her tribesmen. This has given Ari a bit of a complex. She wishes to hone herself into a shield worthy to protect those close to her, especially her beloved.

Family Romantic Partner Romantic Interest Friend Acquaintance $ Business 💍 Eternally Bonded Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
💍 Batu of the Goro, Loyal Steed - Husband
Character's Thoughts: "I love my husband more than anything, and I would have him at my side wherever I may go."
As is the Goro tribe's tradition, Ariuna was married to a horse when she came of age. In her particular band of Goro, a foal is selected for each Auri by the Khan one year before their marriage, giving them time to bond before they're wed, so they've been by each other's side for half a decade.

Like everyone of the Goro tribe, she sees horses as truly perfect beings, and feels blessed to be one's wife. She sees nothing unusual about it. The two are very close, and comfort one another just by being near. She considers Batu the Azim (sun) to her Nhaamu (moon). They've been with each other long enough and intimately enough that Ariuna insists she can understand his feelings and the intent behind his subtle movements, even without sharing a common tongue.

Batu loyally accompanies her on her journey, and even fights alongside her. Few Eorzeans have seen a horse fight like him, so some mistakenly believe they've seen Ariuna fighting alongside a chocobo. (Though Ariuna does have an affinity for horsebirds, as well.)
N/A, N/A - N/A
Character's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Saw that Auri girl, Ariuna? So quick with the lance, she is, folks call her the Auri Dragoon, but she ain't even from Ishgard. Folks calim she travels alongside a fightin' Chocobo, but the only steed I ever seen her with is a horse. Foreign girl like her is jus' askin' for rumors, 'round here. Who knows what's really true?" — Quicksand Regular
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Havin' trouble with your new steed? There's an Auri girl comes around here with her horse. A horse, mind, not a horsebird. Anyway, some of the other guys'll say she's a freak on account of some things folks here may or may not have seen her up to around the stables, but she ain't so bad. Helped us when some bloke's new bird was on a rampage. Soothed the damn thing so quick, made us look like amateurs. Might be that she could help you. Think you could find her if you ask for an Ariuna at the Adventurer's guild." — Smirking Stablehand
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"You're asking about Ariuna? The Auri? Look, she pays her stable fees, and no other patrons have complained. I don't care what she's doing with her horse when she thinks nobody's looking. Besides, from the sounds of it, the boys usually enjoy the show." — Scowling Stable Manager


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Your Rumor Here!" — Your Name Here!.



Player Note
I'm queer, trans, and NB/genderflexible irl. This character is not my main, and is none of those things. I just wanted to try playing a Goro.
I'm polyamorous and have an irl partner I play this game with. You're completely welcome to flirt OOC, but I wanna be clear on that!
I do sex work, and while I enjoy the subject as kink, most of y'all have no idea what it's actually like, so it ends up being like how doctors can't stand medical dramas. But if you still wanna take a swing at it, let me at least stress a small detail: Prostitute implies a lack of agency in the sex worker. If you're gonna use it, be sure you're trying to be degrading, because that's how it's gonna come off.
Reach out to me on Ariuna's Twitter, or send me a Moogle mail on Balmung!
Personal RP Limits
No character deaths, no permanent injuries. Anything involving non-consent absolutely has to be discussed beforehand. Otherwise, if I'm not comfortable with something, I'll generally say so OOC as it comes up.


Consider checking Ariuna's Carrd for a more condensed version of this character page.
Potential Plot Hooks
Ariuna is a simple girl, so there's not a ton of hooks. But here are a few.
Ariuna is an adventurer, so it's not unusual to bump into her on a duty, or while getting your gear mended, etc. Or perhaps you're looking to hire an one?
Ariuna, of course, smells of horse. Deeply. Someone smelling of horse in a land where folk favor horsebirds over horses may attract curiosity, especially from riding enthusiasts. (If you're also from the Steppes, you may recognize her as a Goro from the smell alone.)
Need help with a steed? Ariuna has a bit of a reputation at the stables of Eorzea... for a few reasons actually, but one of them is that she's lent her skilled stable-hand more than once when help was needed with an unruly steed.
Ari has a habit of ducking out of town periodically to tend to her husband, who can't follow her through the crowded city-states's streets. In a social setting, you might grow curious what she's constantly running off to do.
Au Ra have become a much more common sight in Eorzea in recent years, so it's possible you may have heard certain... rumors about the Goro tribe. On hearing her name, your curiosity may be uncontainable. It's kind of rude to go up to a stranger and ask about their love life, but it's there as an option!
Eorzea is not her home, and Ariuna can often seem a little lost, confused, or even just lonely. If you're the friendly type, maybe you'll want to approach her over that. Or, if you're a fellow Xaela, perhaps you'll understand how lonely it can be out here, and put aside the tribal rivalries of the Steppe to share some company.
Character Lore Adherence
I like it when people use the lore of the game's world as a foundation to build their own thing off of, not when they treat it as a set of religious texts to adhere strictly to. People like to use the word 'canon' as a bat to beat people with ideas they don't like into silence, but 'canon' is whatever a corporation decides will make them the most money at any given moment. People deviate from the norms in real life, and your character can, too!

Ariuna Goro headshot 3.png
Name - Ariuna Goro
Race - Au Ra
Age - 18
Name Day - 12th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
Deity - Menphina, the Lover

Alias: Ari
Citizenship: Ul'dah
Occupation: Adventurer
Relationship Status: Married
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Light-skinned
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: None
Alignment: Chaotic-Good
Key Items: Heart-shaped Collar, a symbol of her marriage
Favorite Food: Beef Stew
Favorite Drink: Triple Cream Coffee
Favorite Color: Green
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