Artemis D'Argent

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Ishgard.jpg Artemis D'Argent
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 22
Marital Status Single
Occupation Pirate
Height/Weight 5'3"/135 lbs.
Orientation Bisexual, Leaning towards Women
  • Ares D'Argent (Brother)

Basic Info

Born on the 6th Sun of the First Umbral Moon in the year 1552 of the Sixth Astral Era under the patron deity of Althyk, the Keeper, Artemis D'Argent is a Midland Hyur of Ishgard. Her brother is Ares D'Argent, and to Artemis's knowledge, he is a knight of Ishgard. She abandoned her family and Ishgard entirely to become a pirate in Limsa Lominsa. She currently is the captain of the ship, The Screamin' Siren which often docks in Limsa Lominsa and Vesper Bay. Artemis, or Arte as she is sometimes known, is an excellent rogue and can easily be found out by any port city conducting business or drinking rum. Or usually a mix of the two.


The Wide Open Sea
Ships and Sails
Daggers, Ninjas, & Rouges


Arrogant Elezen, Elezen in general
Dragons, Soulstones, and Especially Dragoon Soulstones
Corsets, Bustles, and Hoop Skirts
Silk fabric


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Vice(s): Drinking, Busty Women, Copious amounts of Sex
Favorite Food: Cheese Fondue with Broccoli
Favorite Drink: Rum mixed with any other liquid.
Favorite Color: Deep Red


Artemis wears a pixie cut crow of dark gold hair, the fringes of her ill cut mane a light blonde color than the scalp of it. It was once a light blonde, almost platinum, but the long days of the sun beating down overhead and the rough spray of the salty seas of Limsa Lominsa dye her head the golden crown it is presently. Her hair is always cut short and haphazardly, the ends spilt and uneven at best. She cuts her own hair with her daggers, which give it its constantly uneven and messy ends. Her lifestyle means her hair is rarely washed, and it usually appears quite oily and full of sand and salt. When she does wash it, it is fluffy and silky, although it lays quiet messily against her head thanks to its cut, even if one were to brush it for hours.

She once had pale flawless alabaster skin like her brother, but like her hair the long days under the sun’s rays, and about three hundred sunburns later, it has been washed into a dark tanned color. Most notably about her tanned and muscular skin is the small dark beauty mark beneath the outer corner of her left eye. Just adjacent to her beauty mark is a shallow cutting scar over the bridge of her nose.

Her hands are rough and often blistered with thick calluses, along with her feet. Her body is leanly muscular and hard, even her small chest is not a plush pillow but firm pockets of protective muscle and fat. Her face is demure, although her vulgar nature tends to destroy the image rather quickly. Most notably, are her eyes, which are the color of the Limsan seas; the color blue of a crashing wave that breaks upon the shore.


Upon first meeting Arte, one might get the impression she is a racist, crude, and vulgar woman. One might also be fairly correct about those things. She tends to judge Elezen harder than other races, being unfairly quick to dismiss them as arrogant and unworthy of her attention. She never watches her language nor does she filter her thoughts, speaking only the truth as she sees it or as it will benefit her.

But Artemis is also a loyal and caring woman. She holds true to her own personal code of piracy and takes great pains never to break that code, nor her word that she promises. While she takes pleasure in giving her opinion and fighting strangers, those who find a place in her heart she is loathe to fight with. She loves to be generous with her friends, as much as she can afford to be and occasionally more than she can afford.

Despite being a pirate, Arte isn’t a vicious woman. She gives mercy whenever she believes it to be sufficient. She is however, overindulgent of herself in booze, sex, and wealth of course. More than anything however, she is in love with the freedom of piracy and the ocean. Her independence and her freedom mean more to her than then all of the world’s treasures, and she will fight to her last breath to keep herself free.




Artemis D'Argent was born in the Six Astral Era in the year 1552 on the 6th Sun of the First Umbral Moon. She was born the younger sister of Ares D'Argent, younger by four years. The House D'Argent was a small lesser house under House Fortemps in Ishgard, made of Midlander Hyurs. Despite their relative wealth and past triumph with Dragoons of the house, they fell into obscurity and became considered lesser by their Elezen peers by Artemis's birth.

Arte grew up surrounded by religious fanaticism and the wealth of her family and its history. She, like her brother, adored the elite ranks of the Dragoon Knights of Ishgard and their amazing powers. The D'Argent family had its own family heirloom in a single powerful Soulstone, though Artemis's parents often warned herself and her brother that the stone was deemed too unsafe to be held by any of them. When Artemis was five years old, It was Ares however that found the soul stone and brought her to visit it. With Artemis's encouragement, Ares took the stone from its resting place. But the power of the family heirloom proved to be far too much for the young boy to handle, and his body convulsed with its power, screaming furiously. Artemis was too young to understand what was happening, and terrified by her brother's screams she ran to fetch their parents for aide. His screams haunted her through the next few years of her childhood, her adoration of Dragoons turned to a respectful fear.

By the time Artemis had turned eight years old, Ares's love of Dragoons had taken hold of him completely, and he was accepted as a squire to a Dragoon. Proud of her brother, but still wary of the soulstones, Artemis tried to support her brother as he went away to train. She sparred with the servants at home on her own, mimicking what she thought her beloved brother might be doing while he was away. Her mother however, had a different idea for her daughter's future. Artemis was forced into etiquette lessons, dancing lessons, all manner of the 'proper' sort of manners and lessons for a girl.


1568 - 1577

1577 - Present


Artemis Inspiration Blog


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Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing

Zelia Drieu : A tall and buxum Elezen whom Artemis befriended out of mostly the woman's weariness. The friendship is still new and exploitative for the both of them, but the woman has a certain softness and stability to her that Artemis enjoys being about. She also cooks delicious food that keeps drawing the Hyur back.

Ares D'Argent: Artemis's brother. She hasn't seen or spoken to him since she left her own life behind some six years ago. She still holds him in her heart as a dear friend and her closest family member, and would love to see him again sometime, but refuses to go back to Ishgard to do so.

The Screamin' Siren


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Lalafell Dunesfalk


Theodoric Breaker
Highlander Hyur
First Mate