Arthurioux Rigaud

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Sharlayan.jpg Arthurioux Rigaud
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The Dusk Flame
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Mixed
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 27
Height 6'7"
Profession Gran Knight
Patron Deity Nald'thal, the Traders
Server Balmung

Arthurioux Rigaudアーサーロア・リゴー), nicknamed Arthurアーサー), is a mixed-clan Elezen from Sharlayan, bearing the Wildwood skin and name, and the Duskright affinity in magic and tattoos.




Arthurioux was born to a Wildwood mother and Duskright father in Sharlayan in 1550. His father was a friend of the Archon Louisouix, and Arthur became one of his pupils to pass on his teachings to. Arthur gave himself the surname Rigaud, since because he was born to the two different Elezen clans, he had no real last name. When he was 18, he left Sharlayan to explore Eorzea and its many wonders, learning something new each day.

Meeting the Gran siblings

Arthur was in Gridania by the time Niklas and Rena Gran arrived in the Black Shroud from Coerthas. When they arrived in Gridania, they met Arthur in the Carline Canopy when they were registering as adventurers. They introduced one another and talked. Afterwards, the Gran siblings went out to take on their guildleves. The next time they met was in the Shroud when Nik and Rena were under attack by Treant saplings, and proceeded to help them with his magic. He warned them to be careful of taking on challenges they are not ready for, before leaving. Soon after leaving for his next destination: Ul'dah, he was attacked by bandits and mages aiming to take Arthur's stuff. These bandits were much stronger and smarter and ordinary, and Arthur would have been done for if it weren't for the intervention of Nik and Rena. After saving him, Arthur decided to join the Gran siblings in their adventures, believing they could use a mage like him.


He is a calm, collected bookworm, and is wise and smart due to him possessing Louisouix's teachings. He tries to keep his friends and companions in line, while also tending to his books. If they get a little out of control, Arthur is the one to get things back in control.

Affiliations and Known Associates


  • Nicknames: Arthur
  • Age: 27
    • Nameday: 32nd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon (1550)
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 6 fulms and 7 ilms
  • Weight: DISCLOSED
  • Body:
  • Hair: Silver-blue hair
  • Eyes: Teal green eyes
  • Skin: Pale skin
  • Clothing:



Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Black Mage
  • Crafting:
  • Other:



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  • Journey of the West: Sha Wujing/Friar Sand, AKA the wise one of the 4.