Artorias Zyat

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Artorias Zyat
Arnus Rem Zaius


Artorias by nature, is a calculating and quick to judge individual. Being open to others for far too long in his adolescence left him with disappointment and betrayal of beliefs and thus, spawned hatred and retaliatory tendencies. He is often open to talking to others but will easily and quickly form an opinion of them. Often he will appear to be anywhere from polite to brazen. Abrasiveness is often looming close behind him if something he sees goes against his morality or nature. He will rarely speak out against this, if the person performing this irksome action is a stranger to him, but he will often remember and have that memory instilled for the eventuality of their meeting. Though at times, his former self makes tiny appearances in the form of kindness or encouragement. This calm, demeanor and soft tone usually flourish when in the company of hard working and selfless individuals for a cause that aligns either with or within the parameters mirroring his own. At moments he becomes rather self centered when bashing heads with someone else and becomes over confident in his declarations and claims, even if he internally has doubts about its legitimacy. Programmed to despise failure, ruthless by his past influences, all of this has caused him to do anything he can do to prove himself right, even if it comes off at times as petty or desperate, just to calm internal doubts and self loathing for putting himself between a rock and a hard place. Though he is often one to reflect on past mistakes and accept them for his fault and carry that chip on his shoulder, possibly longer than one should.


Age: 25

Build: Lithe, muscle toned.

Height: 5' 7"

Skin: Ash Gray

Hair & Fur: Black w/ White Highlights.

Facial Hair: Short chin beard.

Eyes: Indigo

Distinguishing Features:

Noticeable scars:

  • Cross cut shaped scar on left cheek, scar over his right eye.

Other marks:

  • Two sharp black tattoos, two a-side stretching from jaw-line to cheek
  • Dark gray, curved eye markings, symmetrical.

Attire & Voice

Artorias wears a combination of armoured, hard leather materials with stylish attire. Typically giving off a tough and daring look while also being not too reinforced to become a social pariah. He usually favours darker colors; grays, blacks and silvers versus anything with 'color' or intensity. Upon closer inspection of Artorias, one would see wear and tear of the material, evident that his gear is not tailored often or repaired by anyone with the practical means of doing so, how ever he doesn't come off as a person of ill financial fortune. He harbors a strong dislike for hats and even more for helmets, evident through received scars of battle and well kept hair. Lacking on his body often is jewelry, finding it cumbersome and without any practical purpose, though ironically not feeling the same way for helmets. How ever his ears are often pierced with silver hoops, a recommendation from someone lost to him long ago, though an opinion he appreciates to this day. Artorias rarely wears his armor in public and social environments, reserving it purely for when he is going to fight. As such he is typically a threat when not dressed in anything that isn't considered 'casual'. His armor consists of armor on his limbs and a plated heavy coat that serves as protection as good as a cuirass but with better balance and weight than the aforementioned piece of protection.

Artorias speaks in a often calm, collected and educated voice. How ever these traits easily begin to bleed into arrogant, disdainful and even sarcastic as topics arise. Not being one to hide his opinion, it easily comes off in the sharp tongued statements he recites. His accent doesn't harbor any underlying mannerisms of elongated emphasis' on 'R's or any quips. Priding himself on not being a 'tribal runt', he easily matches the intelligent demeanor of a lord or nobleman. When frustrated, his voice is rarely raised to yelling, more so a deep, growling tone of disdain and contempt.

Childhood and Youth (Ages 1-19)

Artorias was born under another name, in another place, as another person. He grew up with predetermined dreams and a predetermined life, others wanting much from him without he knowing what he wanted. His mother was a shadow to him, he had no knowing of who she was, her face, her name, everything was stolen from him. With their death of their Nunh, Artorias' mother's tribe was absorbed by that of his father's. As he grew, he was constantly left in company with his father, Artorias was groomed to be a scholar, with his head in the books and fingers coated in ink, he was told time and again that this was the life for him. As he grew older, spending more and more time within doors, the sun not on his face and without the company of others, he began to resent his life. The only company he had most nights, were candle light and fragile pages. As years passed on and the hatred for his life in books grew, Artorias' life in seclusion became more and more unbearable, a seething contempt grew for his tribe and with it, Eorzea as a place that he felt society forced people into being cattle to appease their fate and blind leaders. At the age of nineteen, an unforgettable event occurred which brought rapture and destruction to Eorzea and with it, erasing all trace of the tribe his mother had belonged to. Remnants were scattered, familiars and old members but even then, without her name, a shattered tribe held as much hope finding her as a blank map would. With little hope left of pursuing a happy life within the three city states or perhaps starting a life with the other half of his family, Artorias left his tribe and predestined life as a scholar. With isolation causing his hatred to germinate, Artorias saw the three city states as weak, unable to truly protect themselves or be worth his time in their ranks. Traversing to the north-east, he stumbled across a society that were as formidable as he sought for.

Adulthood (Ages 19-24)

Enrolling in the Garlean Imperial Legion was as tough as one would have presumed. For three years he bled, sweat and killed for the Garlean Empire, allowing the adolescent hatred he had built up for so long take action. Knowing fine well that reward is not without hard work, he endured much punishment from his superiors, both out of their amusement or within their own interest in strengthening the potency their Century or even their Manipulus. Though through self reinforcement that the actions brought unto him was to better strengthen Garlemald and with it, himself, he continued onward through his duty, no matter how low or how much it belittled him. Standing in the rain while others filled their stomachs or hunting rats in the encampments, though eventually, when the sting became natural and little entertainment to the higher ranks occurred from his pain, his jobs became more meaningful and less tedious.

Though his species and background was a hindrance, his dedication to the cause bore fruit as he slowly ascended to the rank of Duplicarius. Though still a foot soldier, a grunt in the eyes of the Legatus, his loyalty was still unquestioned as his resilience to waver in his tasks and on field prowess ensured he was no Eorzean spy nor weak willed. With the eventual formation, strengthening of the various Castrum emplacements, the eventual event he had come to anticipate and deep down, dread would occur, the invasion of Eorzea. In his fifth year of service, Artorias left the Garlean Empire, and for reasons unknown, he returned to Eorzea, though if his rank and allegiance has been cast away is another question entirely.


❤-Romantic ♡-Platonic ☮-Ally ⚔-Adversary

☮ - Dice Domino

This RPC is a work in progress, there are some inaccuracies in the info and code to be cleaned up!