As'koya Renha

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Sharlayan.jpg As'koya Renha
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper Of The Moon
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age 27
Height 5 fulms
Diety Azeyma
forever and always a wip


Rainy mornings, fall evenings.
A warm breakfast.
Stars and the horizon beyond.
Alcohol. Wine, especially.


Sweets in excess.
Being talked down to.
Ignorance, intolerance.
Unwillingness to change.


Alignment: Neutral Good with a lean to True Neutral
Vice(s): Alcohol, Hopeless Romantic, Vanity, Flirtacious
Favorite Food: Baked Pipira Pira
Favorite Drink: Ishgardian Tea
Favorite Color: Dalamud Red.
Theme Song: ♪♫♪♫

appearance & personality

As'koya stands at five fulm, and is relatively small, by most means. There is muscle, but there is not much; one can tell she has been using magic her whole life, that she's never been one for physical labor. She had begun to learn to control the flux of aether in her body since she was very young, beginning with the runes tattooed across her tanned skin both to enhance her power, as well as help harness it. This led to her body seeming... soft, her body more meat than anything else. Still, she is relatively fit, though her thighs seem to catch what fat her body does collect, leading to quite plump hips.

Years of learning from the sophisticated scholars of Sharlayan has groomed her into a precise, calculated step. She stands with her back straight, a ruler used to tell her where the back should curve and where it shouldn't. Brennaux would raise her into a graceful creature, though there are certainly times in which she lets herself slacken, where she feels no need to keep appearances high. Despite all the learning that went into making her all but a swan, she is rather wild inside, enjoying climbing trees, rolling through brush and sticking flowers in her hair, swimming in rivers, much to the chagrin of the man who raised her. Her love of these things has led to botany as a hobby; she can tell you what most every plant you come across is. She keeps a book of pressed flowers, and uses her knowledge of flora to create potions and salves to sell.

Another wild side she has is that of a party girl; from a young age, say fifteen or sixteen years, she had wedged herself into the so called seedy underbelly of Sharlayan's youth. She never quite grew out of the midnight rendezvous, the drinks around the bonfire, the locked closets and close bodies, even now in her later twenties. It's made her out to be an alcoholic, and a night owl.

Her personality is welcoming to most degrees, though she can come across as too blunt or too smart for her own good. Having spent years poring over books and tomes and scrolls, she has more knowledge than she cares to admit, and often uses that in conversation to correct others, and they often hate it. She isn't very tactful, which is both a blessing and a curse, and is flirtatious and nigh unyielding in what she wants, though at first she can seem shy whilst deciding how she feels. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance, and may even be seen as vain by some. While at times she isn't afraid to get down and dirty, she's more often than not trying her best to avoid looking disheveled, keeping in top condition (something that was ingrained in her by Brennaux.)

She is well-versed, reading and writing come easily, and has an expanded enough vocabulary. She knows several languages, both verbal and non. She can read just about anything put in front of her, and can decipher codes given enough time.

She is also prone to being nosy, and thinking she knows whats best for her friends, or perhaps that she knows absolutely everything. She has a motherly air about her, putting on concern for each of her compatriots. She is stubborn and headstrong to those who know her, often unmoving in her beliefs and her work, but does her best to be understanding of those around her.

As a healer, she is very skilled. She spent just under a decade becoming a certified Astrologian, and she is known for being very good. Not only can she read the stars and what they have to offer, but she can knit wounds closed and help the ailing. She will often do this for a price, but is not above helping those in need when they truly need it, and may not have anything to give her in return.

As a thaumaturge, she is less skilled, but by no means worthless. She has a firm grasp on its mechanics and uses, the difference between fire and ice, the feeling of power leaving your fingers that works to destroy rather than to recreate. It helps her unwind, and makes her feel more down to earth. Fuller. Better.

As'koya is, unfortunately, a hopeless romantic to the extremes. Her flirting tends to develop into more hardened crushes, but she ends up feeling more often than not unfulfilled. This leads her to many rendezvous with individuals of varying genders for... well, more immediate satisfaction, out of fear that she will break her own heart yet again. She truly does hope to find someone perfect some day, but until then...


Born in the Wyvern tribe near the former colony of Sharlayans, As'koya was one of two children born to As'virre, both sired by As'renha. Unfortunately, the first child, was born still. The traumatic event nearly killed her mother out of sheer sadness, and the extent to which seeing the daughter she had spent months carrying come out silent and unmoving had scarred her kept her at bay from bearing any more children. As'rehna, who coveted As'virre dearly, would remain by her side and console her during the months that followed her child's death; the two loved each other, that tender care eventually leading to As'koya to be born.

At the age of four, she was given her tattoos. Traditional white ink etched into her skin, a painful experience that served to make her into quite the magic user as she grew older. Still, the girl cried for days after they were applied, the burning in her skin almost too painful to handle. Her mother held her in her arms, let her sob all snot and salt on her pretty silken sleeves, until the pain faded away and the young Miqo'te learned to love her tattoos, to adore them.

At five years, the tribe was raided. This is an event that As'koya would only just remember, but what she would remember would haunt her nightmares with crystal clear clarity. The fires and the yelling, the smell of burning wood and shattering of glass. Swaddled in a blanket under her mother's breast, the girl clutched onto her mother for dear life, until it came to be that out of desperation and fear, As'virre would pass Koya into the hands of a dear friend of hers who was visiting at the time, a man named Brennaux Truvelle. He would take her, as she wept and reached with little hands for her mother as she got smaller and smaller upon the horizon, and take her far from the village. For several nights, he hosted her in his inn room, until he decided that taking her back to his home would be better, that raising her far from the tragedy that had befallen her homeland would likely be for the best. Together, they boarded a ship for the nation of Sharlayan, and he raised her as he would his own child, like he promised her mother.

Over the years, the Miqo'te would suffer common night terrors reliving that fateful night all that time ago. Therapy helped, but only just. The event left her with a lasting mental fragility, a life of panic attacks hidden in the back of the library and of memories of sad faces and screams.


For the first few years after she was taken to Sharlayan, things were hard on her. She'd awaken in the night to flashes of memories, of her mother's pale, saddened face as she stared over the shoulder of a man who she didn't know. It was difficult to get her to go outside, to eat, to want to wake up in the morning. It wasn't until Brennaux had an old friend come over, another Miqo'te by the name of J'theira, whom As'koya took to quite easily. Though she wasn't of her own clan, the young girl found in J'theira a mother figure, who served to encourage her to take her first steps into the metaphorical light. She was only in Sharlayan for a brief time, but she helped As'koya grow into her new home, to go outside and smell the flowers, and to learn to appreciate everything she had laid before her. The woman would hold her hand as they went into the garden, as she told her stories of grandeur adventure, of pirate ships and deep dungeons. As'koya loved them, and would commit them to memory while she wove pretty flowers into crowns that she'd lay atop Theira's head.

After the Calamity, Koya would learn that J'theira was an adventurer Brennaux had met as she traveled the world, and that she'd been struck down during the Battle of Carteneau. This was the beginning of a secret love of traveling on her part, and she began to dream of worlds she'd only read about.

When she was ten, As'koya began studying the way of the Astrologian along with her general classes. She was a natural, thanks to the aether inside her, and her enhancing tattoos. Quickly, she became one of the best in her class, and became a full fledged Astrologian by the time she was eighteen. Brennaux was quite proud of her, even going so far as to hosting a party to show off his daughter and her newfound title. She had, after all, been one of the youngest Astrologians to be titled. Soon after this, with permission from the higher authority, As'koya was allowed to travel to Ishgard for studying abroad. After a year, she decided this would be her new home, which was met with hesitancy, and then acceptance, from both the Council and her father. She still exchanges letters with Brennaux, as she had regrettably lost the linkpearl they shared on that very trip to Ishgard. She keeps promising she'll get a new one, but forgets.

In Ishgard she stayed for five years, weathering dragon attacks and helping those who came to her door, knowing an adept healer lay behind it. Social unrest was beginning to rampage, the highborns and lowborns clashing, but she did her best to remain apart from it, staying within the walls of the home she shared with a highborn family. They were more than happy to house a Sharlayan, though they were wary of her in the beginning, considering her art, however useful, nigh on heretical. However, when one of their sons was injured after a scuffle in the Brume, and As'koya went to knit his wounds with her skill, they became very amicable to her. While living with them, their staff taught her a menagerie of helpful skills, from sewing to cooking. She likes to consider herself good at many of these, and hopes one day to apply them to earn herself more coin.

Once the gates opened up, and adventurers from all across flooded into the city, As'koya found their stories absolutely enthralling, and wishing to undertake her own, she left the comfort of her highborn home, sent a letter to her father, and set out into Eorzea.


Upon staying in Eorzea for a few weeks, she'd made her way to the city of Ul'dah, where she learned of the existence of more of her tribe, which she'd believed to be destroyed in its entirety. The first she met was As'terryn Hyun, a woman who she would learn to regard as family (which, they were, but blood ties aren't always as strong as the ones you form,) who offered her a home, as well as work. At the Wyvern's Nest, As'koya worked as the manager, working with papers and ordering boxes of supplies, tinkering with decorations and poking fingers at those who slack.

It ended up being too much for her, mixed with her nightmares once again bubbling up to the surface of her mind, and a brief romance held with a man named V'tehn, and she fled all the way back to Ishgard in the midst of a night to stay with her host family. Her she would spend nigh on two months wallowing in a depth of depression, before picking up a cudgel; she had learned much in her time in Sharlayan, of various magical studies. While the astrolabe was her first and foremost... she had suddenly felt a call to the weapon. It is now her lifeline, fire and ice grounding her sanity to her like her shadow.

She has returned to Eorzea, a different person than she was before. Not incredibly different, but... noticeably so.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She was a good house guest, very smart, willing to do work we wouldn't dream of!" - A Highborn Elezen.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Sexual Attraction
Good Standing Neutral Standing Poor Standing
-- As'terryn Hyun: Upon coming to the city of Ul'dah, Koya quickly was approached by someone whom she beared many striking similarities to, whom she'd discover was a member of the tribe she was torn from at a young age. The two became fast friends, and As'koya adores her and her daughter.
-- Orlandeaux Durellion: Having met the elezen man at an All Fool's Day party, she took to him quickly. His sourpuss attitude and expression, while off putting, only served to want her to bother him if only a bit (to see if he really could smile, which, the answer to that question is yes.) Their start was a shaky one, as the girl made a few poor decisions in quick succession, but they worked past it in a bit of time. She hasn't seen him in a long time, and worries frequently.
-- Y'uraq Tia: During a brief excursion to the city of Ishgard, a quick visit to the Astrologicum would introduce the Sharlayan to a young man who wished to learn the art of the Astrologian. Quickly, despite accepting this offer, As'koya realized the boy hardly had a bone for healing in his body, much to her inner disappointment. She didn't speak with him for a long time, but recently met up with him at a ball, finding that he was doing well. She told him to contact her more often, and awaits her student to do so.
-- V'tehn Tia: As'koya befriended the young blacksmith when she needed a pair of daggers crafted, taking to the male rather quickly. After showing up at his shop late at night and drunk, she began to forge a relationship of some kind with him, getting him to agree to a date. The date went well, but not long after did As'koya lose control of herself, and ran without so much of a word to him.
-- Aulsoix Claimane: This elezen wandered into her inn in search of a drink and a place to stay, and left with a newfound contact and traveling partner. Though As'koya's duties are oft bound to the inn she now manages, she has decided to take part in Aulsoix's journeys around La Noscea (or perhaps, further, if the absolute need arises,) seeing as he's uncovered something she's very, very interested in.



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