Asala Adaar

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Asala Adaar
Asala Adaar Icon.jpg
Birth Name Asala Adaar
Pronounced Ah-SAH-Lah Ah-dAAR
Age 27
Nameday 31st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Race Roegadyn
Clan Hellsguard
Alignment True Neutral
Citizenship Ul'dah
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Height 7' 2.5" (220cm)
Weight 187lbs (85kg)
Physique Muscular.
Hair Red-Orange with Gold-Orange highlights
Eyes Gold
Skin Darker Tan
Noteable Features Scar on cheek, Freckles
Occupation Tank Adventurer
Combat Style Tank
Skills PLD, WHM
Primary Weapon Swords
Secondary Weapon Sheild
Transportation Midgardsormr
Username silvermoonwings
Time Zone -7:00 UTC MST
Server Exodus/Siren
Additional Characters Una Watanabe
Jemma Solis
Free Companies Rolanberry Brigard (Exodus)
The Inquisition (Siren)
Linkshells Soggy Burritos (Exodus)

**Infobox template adapted from: Infobox-TMI by [MoenMoen]


-Think of a large breed puppy, personified
-often found Smiling
-Physical in expression of emotions (Punch when mad, back slaps to friends, etc)
-Emphasizes words and stories with hand gestures
-Can act over-eager
-Thinks on her feet
-Intelligent, but surprises people with it, as she doesn't flaunt it. She doesn't act dumb, though.
-Enjoys fighting. Will often charge into the midst of battle. Tanking is her specialty.
-LOVES dragons. So much. Its kind of problematic.
-Indifferent about other animals overall.
-Is a 1-handed sword user, but doesn't like to use a shield often. Her left arm is covered in scars because of this.
-Sleeps in misc. places and falls asleep fast. Sleeps deeply. Its hard to wake her up.
-High Alcohol tolerance. Can drink many people under the table and barely feel tipsy by the time they're already unconscious.
-Also very stingy with money. A penny-pincher. And is wealthier for it.
-Pretty easy going. Nonchalant at times, even when in potential danger.
-Has a quick, explosive temper. It burns hot and fast but disappears just as quickly.
-Absolutely HATES slurs.
-Talks a LOT (with added pun bonus)
-Will carry smaller/lighter races on her shoulders.
-Also is very protective of friends. All friends. You mess with them= You mess with her.
-Very “you got a problem with me spit it out and we can deal with it” type.


-A good fight


-Arrogant people/Rude people
-Mooooost of the dungeons that have a lot of status effects. Like.. c'mon.


-Big. Tall. Very "Roegadyn" (almost a stereotypical way)
-Burning red-orange hair with golden orange highlights
-Has freckles
-Gold of eyes sometimes overtake the darkness of her iris, making her eyes appear wholly gold sometimes.
-Hair changes from very short to very long depending on the day(in game)
-Has a scar on her cheek and a mole/"beauty mark" near her eye


-Please see my personal blog and her tag for details. Asala is actually an OC of mine from the Dragon Age fandom (hence her last name)