Ash'ir Sylla

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Gridania-transparent.png Ash'ir Sylla
"Talk it out? He's on the floor, words don't do that, do they?"
Scion of the Shifting Ternion
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Place of Birth Gridania
Guardian Byregot
Nameday 6/22 (Age: 26)
Marital Status Clan-bound
Occupation Transporting and Hunting
Pronunciation "Ash-eer Sil-la"

Basic OOC Info

"Bedouin; desert dwellers. The Bedouin are an semi-nomadic group, 
descended from nomads who have historically inhabited the deserts."

— Merriam-webster

Ash'ir's character is based around these nomads, constantly travelling across the sand plains with basic supplies much more valuable than in civilization.

The two unlisted family names included in the clan are open slots for anyone to put themselves in, send me a message and we'll sort it out.

If you find any mistakes in lore in this profile, please inform me and I'll get it changed. Thanks ahead.


Ash'ir stands a little taller than most of his kin that walk the grassy plains of Gridania's wealthy forests. His pigment regularly warrants confusion about his heritage, most often mistaken for a Seeker until his fangs or irises are spotted. Taking the latter into detail, a scar runs swept through his right eye-socket — this having impaired his vision the damage blinded his eye. A second scar is found at his opposite cheek, yet stretched diagronal and smaller than the previously mentioned. Many of these trivial scars are found throughout his toned canvas though.

Wherever Ash'ir goes, his gait is held with a dexterous grace; his chin never leaving its confident height that he keeps it raised in. His shoulders are equally as rocked back, furtherlu construing the self-assurance that oozes from his disposition. When pulling every fiber of muscle in his body, the potential hidden in his limbs chisel up into capable bulks, suggesting evidence to his history in hunting and other hardships. When relaxed, line upon line of muscle still contribute to a quasi-intimidating appearance, though not discouraging approach as much as when hardened. When challenged conversationally, he is usually seen with a smug fucking look that makes you want to punch it.

Starting from the top, his hair appears washed at all times but unkempt all the same, a hand frequently swooping through it to reset it to its casually intended style. The strands of hair are thick and expansive in nature, providing the sinister cat with a big bush sprouted from the top of his head. Ash'ir carries various beads and necklaces serving as trophies while his left arm has native warpaint akin to his cheeks; both of these refreshed before combat by himself or a female of his ternion as it is believed to enhance his performance; adding to this is his art in alchemy, brewing improvised incenses to boost his combat capabilities.



  • Laying about.
  • Laying about while fishing.
  • Laying about while eating.
  • Gathering herbs.
  • Swindling easy targets.


  • Coming together with other members of the Ternion.
  • Tantalizing Uldahn dancing catgirls.
  • Overall relaxing, experimenting with tranquilizing scents.


  • People standing still at stairs, typically getting in the way.
  • Badly prepared food that could've been better.
  • Senseless arguements, he has a down-to-earth mentality.


  • Color: Earthly green.
  • Food: Grilled Dodo.
  • Drinks: Mountain water.
  • Place: Gridanian forests.

Current Goals

  • Keeping himself a roof under his head and finding a suitable partner in crime.
  • Searching for new contacts and entrepreneurs to deploy his skillset with.



  • He doesn't seem biased about his blue natives or tanned counterparts. Rather, all Ash'ir seems to be driven by is the colour of gold and the unified spirit of his band of misfits.
  • He isn't easily angered unless dealing with business, paying tribute to his calm nature.


  • When angered, it's difficult to put a brake on him and reason as well as logic become negligible factors.
  • Further flaws will need to be inquired ICly.


  • Moogles (unease, no downright fear)
  • Being scammed. He always plays his deals out on his own accords to ensure success.


Ash'ir acumen in both business and combat suggest an above-average intelligence, though he seems to do his best not to make this apparent — believing it will put off potential tricks and businessmen thinking to scam him for being easy-minded. An anti-meta thief.

Abilities and Skills


  • Close quarters combat
  • Alchemy
  • Basic hunting (fishing, tracking, catching wildlife)
  • Trading business (transportation, buy cheap sell high)


  • Experienced with sabers, shortblades and bows.
  • Less proficient with all other weaponry.


  • None known apart from alchemic results.


  • Herbalism (& Alchemy)
  • Basic crafting needs (rafts, complicated knots, smithing)

Family and Relationships


All what is written here bears absolutely no OOC feelings, and may be subject to change as the story develops. If your name doesn't appear in this list, I have probably forgotten, or my character just doesn't remember you. Please do not use these information to affect you ICly or mess with my character's feelings. Use of OOC information will be flagged as mEtAGaMiNG and I will not react to it ICly if I feel this is what you're doing.


  • Micho'a — Father (62)
  • Ashali — Mother (58) (Deceased)
  • Ash'a — Brother (40)
  • Ashan'to — Brother (39) (Deceased)
  • Kas'la — Brother (35)
  • Hali'sae — Brother (32)
  • Ho'ra — Brother (30)
  • Deeza — Sister (28)
  • Nahli — Sister (28)
  • Tuza — Sister (25)
  • Cehto — Sister (23)
  • Zolu — Sister (21)
  • Nokuh — Sister (20)
  • Mohju — Sister (18)
  • Rehmi — Sister (16)
  • Evo — Sister (13)
  • Uri — Sister (10)

Positive Contacts

  • Nahli — Sister
  • Ashan'to — Brother (Deceased)
  • Uri — Sister
  • Shika Breakfury — Thanalan Distributer
  • Evo Sylla — Sister
  • Faye Kuro — Shifting Ternion

Neutral Contacts

  • Kas'la — Brother
  • Icarus Hyun — Shifting Ternion
  • Deeza Sylla — Sister
  • Traders

Negative Contacts

  • Uldahn dancing cats

Clan and Ternions

Clan Name: The Condorbane Clan

Known Families: Sylla, Hyun, Kuro, two more unlisted families

Original Location: Twelveswood // Current: Spread around Twelveswood & large cities

Clan Traditions

Ternions: Since the very crossing of the frozen oceans, the Condorbane clan has stayed true to its dispersive behaviour. Members of this clan are divided in packs of three to promote the spreading of the clan; each consisting of atleast one female and one male. The third is usually a secondary mating partner to ensure growth in the clan or an additional feeder. They're not particularly lead by one of the three members, though the matriarchical females do tend to take decisions more often than the men — for example, a ternion identifies itself by an adjective thought up and decided by the females of the group. The adjective is subject to change when a member has fallen and a new female takes its place. Although this option is not always chosen, it is a form of paying respects to the new "matriarch" of the triad. The members of the ternion tend to stick together in a general area, some having taken to fishing and poaching in Twelveswood whereas others have travelled to cities in pursue of survival by thievery or profession. Few notable ternions have turned to aid the Elezen in quenching the Ixali threat.

Tribal Paints: Face markings and paint are given at the birthing of a new ternion. The females of the group have responsibility over the application and styling of it, many resembling rehearsed ancient patterns embedded deep into the clan's history. Once a new female joins a ternion, it is tradition that she cleanses the other members' markings and reapplies her own, serving as a signature to enforce her presence in the ternary group.

Maturing: Should a Condorbane female yield offspring, she is to nurture it until its sixteenth age, which is when they mature. The males of the ternion are tasked with feeding the children of its ternion until the cub matures and experiences the Union of the Ternions (see below). It is then placed in a new ternion and caretaking is then relied on the members of the ternion themselves. Often do Condorbane members not get to see their original parents inbetween unions.

Naming conventions: When a new ternion is formed (note: at age 16, not when a new female enters an existing one), the males of that trio have the option to further his mother's name as his surname while keeping the suffix of the original mother. His first name is then replaced by (either) of the females in the ternion. This latter tradition happens rarely and is mostly used to mend a difficult relation or to create a stronger bond between the members of the ternion.


Union of the Ternions: A three-monthly seasonal ceremony that celebrates the fertility and success of the clan. It is this ceremony where all seperate ternions and their individual birthparents come together for a grand feast hosted by the more famed Condorbane ternions. This ceremony is also the event where newborn that have aged to 16 are effectively merged into new ternions, birthing new groups which members are usually influenced by the females' choosing. Should there be a rivalry over a particular male, both females are to mate with the designated male and, when offspring is had, these three form a new ternion together with their children. Until this happens, the male is considered groupless and must survive on his own while the females stay with their parents. Usually, men going down this path end up stronger and more independent than others, they turn out to be better leaders and caretakers as is required when needing to feed two cubs at once. The clan generally only allows mating between different ternions and other members of the clan — while not punished, this tradition is ruled to be held in high regard. Those who breed outside of the clan are looked down upon.


The Condorbane Clan: The clan he was born into, it's one of the older existing Keeper clans.

The Shifting Ternion: This ternion prides itself on its cunning ability in swindling and trickery. They are smart individuals and particularily well-trained. The males are often bruisers and have a tanned skin gained from their usual habitat when not in cities to deploy their shady craft: Thanalan's Sagolii Desert. The persistent exposure of the sun has pigmented veterans of this ternion to a dark-brown complexion. Mostly driven by survival, members of this ternion hold no grudge against the Seekers that they often run into when traversing the warm sands. Instead, some have taken to distributing water to parched adventurers in the desert in trade for unusually high monetary values, extortion at its finest. Ash'ir falls under this group.


Note: This section is editable by anyone. Just keep in mind that the rumors here may be both true or false.

  • Has unusually big hands in proportion
  • Invests his profit into the black market
  • Has an obsession with Uldahn dancing cats
  • ????


Name and Lifestyle

Name Etimology

"People with this name tend to initiate events, 
to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful 
personalities. They tend to be focused on specific 
goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and 
have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency 
and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes 
aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend 
to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, 
proud, and impatient."

— Various sources


  • Ash
  • Ashji

Current Residence

Currently having no stable place to call home, he travels by caravan. He frequently makes stops at crowded areas and wanders about; running through people's pockets when the streets are busy enough.

Other Notes