Ash'li Ehri

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ash'li Ehri
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age 20
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Physical Therapist/Unconventional Healer/"Alchemist"
Martial Status Single
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Barely a waif compared to many of his kind, Ash'li's form is lacking. He's thin, almost sickly-so; with a wiry frame wound in garishly little muscle to provide any sort of variable leanness; it's clear he doesn't make much of an outward effort at direct combat of any kind. His skin is so pale it's very nearly translucent, the tangled webbing of his purple-blue veins beneath his flesh is very nearly visible upon parts of his body, though he doesn't seem so terribly worried.

His features are aristocratic. Refined, delicate, deliberate. His jawline is soft, his brow-line is barely pronounced. His nose cultivates a slight curve towards the tip, with a triad of markings inked into his flesh just over the bridge, beneath the elaborate cuff of his glasses. His eyes are wide, carefully accented and eye-catching. His features are a blend of pleasing attributes when set aside and separated; but set together as they are on his face, he only serves to look... strange.

An artfully-arranged cascade of deep-red hair partially obscures his gaunt features, with a lone braid tied at the nape of his neck with a white ribbon, it only seems to draw more colour from his features. The ends are tipped with an alluring plum shade that only seems to compliment the violet tint to his eyelids, and the amethyst teardrop earrings almost always hanging from his pointed, pierced ears.

Ash'li's eyes are mismatched, though not from a fortunate case of genetic heterochromia His left eye is a bright, vibrant, almost pastel shade of wondrous heliotrope, while his right is pitch black. So dark that it's nigh impossible to tell where pupil ends and iris begins. He's loath to admit to the cause of this abnormality, though it seems he can still see from this altered eye, despite his penchant for keeping it concealed, if not by his hair - then by an eyepatch (that will almost always match the shade of whatever robes he might be wearing on any given day). Yet at times, he seems unaware of things approaching from his right, as if this eye's abilities are greatly hindered.


Nonetheless, a pair of full lips tinted a gentle peach and an artificial blush to the crests of his rounded cheeks lends some colour to his features, but not enough to stop him from looking as if it's been quite some time since he has seen any sun. A pair of elaborate, vine-rimmed glasses sit upon the bridge of his nose, delicately inlaid with amethyst gemstones, glasses that look as if they ought to belong to some sort of noble.

There's not a mark, scratch, nor blemish upon this Miqo'te's features. His complete lack of any scarification would seem utterly abnormal, though he almost always seems to conceal every inch of his figure from his neck down. He favours darker shades, muted colours with splashes of brightness and hints of silver. A book is never terribly far from his side, and a deep satchel is almost always slung carelessly over his left shoulder, with a protective thumb wedged beneath the strap.

Despite his gloved hands, his fingers are nonetheless adorned with countless rings, all inlaid with differing gemstones, all visibly quite precious to him. Added embelishments include silver talons slipped onto the tips of his index and middle fingers, a crude display of pure vanity. Around his neck sits a simple black-velvet choker with a small silver crescent moon hanging over the dip of his collarbones. His tongue has similarly been pierced with a lone stud, along with his right eyebrow; as if the silver stud will somehow detract from the awful, ugly look of that black eye.

Ash'li cultivates the pervasive scent of something utterly acrid. It follows him around like some lurid, pervasive perfume, clinging to every stitch in his robes, and every needless adornment to his fingertips.


Cold weather.
Extravagant clothing. The gaudier the better.


Being interrupted.
Being alone.
Young children.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vice: Greed.
Favorite Food: Dark chocolate.
Favorite Drink: Jasmine Tea.
Favorite Color: Violet.

Speech & Mannerisms


Ash'li carries himself with the air of a noble, though it's evident just by looking at him that he's no such thing. He walks with squared shoulders, with slow steps as if nothing has him in any sort of great rush, as if he has nowhere to be, or no one to see - nothing important enough to have him moving any faster. He tends to hold the front of his robes out of his way as he moves, eyes often downcast to his feet to watch where he steps. He favours boots with heels, to make himself just an added inch or two taller, given his slight, and short stature - these added inches help a great deal. His gait is graceful, and deceptively sharp - he's one who is rarely aware of his surroundings, but aware just enough.

He speaks with a Sharlayan accent, whether it's truly caught on to his manner of speaking, or if he's putting it on for show is nigh impossible to tell. His features are often impassive, difficult to read but prone to curious bouts of utter thoughtfulness and daydreaming. His attention is quick to stray, and though he prides himself in keeping his emotions reigned in, his ears, and his tail are often the ones to give him away. His tail is incredibly expressive, as if making up for what his features might do their best at concealing.

Nonetheless, the cadence of his voice is soft. Often, he will rarely speak over a quiet murmur, as if he's caught in a constant state of complete absent-mindedness. As if he truly cannot raise his voice above a low grate; his tone is close to androgynous, without any lilt one way or another - the fact that he speaks so softly barely tends to aid that.




■ Often seen close to the Ossuary in Ul'dah, though he does make frequent visits to the Quicksand.
■ Immensely thoughtless, reckless, selfish, single-minded, impulsive, power-hungry, vain and pretty - he's definitely something.
■ Posesses an unnatural adoration for dark chocolate, and once put in an order to have some shipped right from Ishgard when the gates did open.
■ A very, very skilled alchemist. He knows how to make the simplest potions, to the most complex. It's a useful skill.
■ Likes fire. A lot. Pls put ur flames away. He's like a moth.
■ Favours gaudy, brightly-coloured, extravagant clothing - clothing well above the salary of a physical therapist.
■ Takes a hands-on approach to his healing, and is known to explore alternative routes to therapy - the effectiveness of which is often difficult to discern, but past patrons speak very, very highly of him.
■ Is definitely not sinister or evil at all. Has a heart of gold. Honest.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"He's a strange fella', always seems to be muttering to someone, even when he's all by himself." - Quicksand patron.
"He spends a lot of time near the Ossuary, it's a bit suspicious if you ask me." - Ul'dah citizen.
"Some reckon he's a gambler, or some sort'a high roller. He always smells like chemicals, dunno why." - Ul'dah citizen.
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I heard he used to be a healer to some noble, but he got kicked out of that job for experimentin' on all the wrong people. A bit weird, hey?" - Limsa resident.
"That black eye of his? I heard he's cursed, and that's how you know. That damn eye." - Quicksand patron.
"Oh, he's a lovely lad! Helped me find my cat when she went missing, isn't that nice?" - Twelveswood resident.
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"That Miqo'te over there? He practices dark magic. I saw it for myself, with my own eyes, I swear by the twelve!" - Limsa resident.
"He's mad, he's utterly mad. Don't listen to a word he says!" - Ul'dah resident.
"I saw him once with some vial of blood, like a big vial, when he saw I was lookin', he just.. watched me. Watched until I left with that dark eye. He's bad news, I know that much." - Little Ala Mhigo merchant.
◢ PC Rumors (Feel free to add your own!)
"He creeps me out, too interested in magic for my likes, sometimes it's smart t'just listen to your gut, y'know?" -- Jess'a Vaati
"Oh, he's quite intelligent. I had a wonderful conversation with him about tarot cards not long ago, why - did he do something wrong?" --Ari'ya Mhoki


Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Ari'ya Mhoki -- A lively conversation about tarot cards brought Ash'li into the other Miqo'te's evening by pure chance, after spotting the Conjurer shuffling his desk, Ash'li kindly asked for a fortune reading. While his fortune did read grim, his spirits remained brightened by the other Miqo'te's optimistic outlook on what the cards drawn meant. Though, there's no mistaking a reverse-castle, and both knew it.
Jess'a Vaati -- Jess'a once briefly worked for Ash'li, providing a generous blood donation to the physician for a potion he's still in the process of creating, though during the ordeal - he took too much blood from the little thief, and Jess'a didn't quite take kindly to it, and left in a fleeting fit of relative rage that only seemed to placate Ash'li. He hasn't seen Jess'a since.


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