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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Asher
"Lookit I got stabbers."
Gender Male
Race halfbreed (Hyur/Miqo'te)
Clan Keeper of the Moon/Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 23
Namesday unknown
Orientation Straight
Current Occupation Bodyguard


"Alright, so I ain't ye typical cat. Wotcha gonna do 'bout it? Dem Yellowbellied Saltpups know'm far too well."

Born in the cellars of the Crimson Serpent , Asher's practically lived his whole life at sea. He's known best for sneaking onto ships and tampering with its cargo. Blessed with the looks of his Keeper mum, Asher's appearance is exactly that of a Miqo'te--tail, ears, and all. However, his hair color and mannerisms are all thanks to the towering Hyur of a dad that never expected to have a son. Despite the hardships that came with abandonment when he was barely eight summers, Asher has learned to make a living out of next to nothing. Many have heard of Asher in a negative light, earning him the hateful titles of "Fluke" and "Bilge Rat". Albeit they are true, his reputation has earned him tenuous respect in the eyes of those that have held him in their employment.


"Wotcha lookin' at? M'payin' fer t'sights, lass."

Standing at less than average height of most Keeper Miqo'te, what he lacks in build he makes up for in speed. A roguish smirk is almost always a common element to his face, which is kept free of stubble save for a rough patch on his chin. Sun-kissed flesh kept a constant darkened color from the endless days spent outside hold many secrets born of numerous scars that adorn a lithe and athletic build.

Asher ears.jpg
Eyes as blue as the ocean often sparkle with uncanny mischief. Pale blonde tresses are often swept back in a makeshift ponytail, whilst shiny brass bands embellish perceptive cream-furred spires seated atop the shaved sides of his head. Peer closer at the rogue, however, and one can easily take notice the ragged look to his features and occasional dark circles under his eyes—the smirk he wears is but a well-practiced façade.


  • Thin, discolored lines criss-cross his arms and hands from the cuts received while learning to properly hold his daggers and throwing knifes.
  • Remnants of multiple stab wounds mar his thighs and torso, and he will happily tell their story in gory detail. Inexperience is a bitch.
  • There are smaller and far more faded marks across various parts of his body, many a few remnants of lacerations and burns that adorn his upper torso and shoulders. If one with a sharp eye were to catch sight of them and present an inquiry, he would most likely brush the questions aside or pretend rather to not have heard them at all. These are markings received as a child, and an unwanted subject to reminisce upon.
  • There is a long tear across his back, suggesting evidence of a rapier injury.
  • Thin scars from dagger wounds and various scuffles are sprinkled across his chest, far newer than any previous injuries. He takes no pride from these marks and dislikes remembering how he got them.
Asher tail.jpg
One particular event as a young kit left him with almost no tail and a loathing for one particular individual with an axe. Asher's stubbed tail is proudly displayed and he rarely keeps it hidden. He has no shame in his lack of a tail, or the story of how it was given to him. He adapted easily to the difference in balance and sees his stub tail as just another telltale sign of his mixed blood.


Asher vest.jpg Asher pants.png
Asher boots.jpg
Asher-no background.png


"Oye, yer a real piece o'rubbish, ain't ye? Piss off."

Complicated. Cocky. Selfish. An undeniable bastard with enough sea-salted ego to boot. Asher takes pride in his ability to work alone and will do whatever he can to keep it that way. He does not play well with others, and is extremely picky when it comes to tolerating those he meets. Asher finds most men to be reasonable, so long as they don't point anything sharp in his face. A good drinking buddy is accepted every once in awhile. With women, however, there is no middle line. Those that find interest in his eyes are playfully teased under a crooked grin. Those that he dislikes are rudely scorned and taunted. No matter how little Asher knows them, he is quick to decide whether or not he'll accept a particular lady.

Being abandoned as a child never settled well with him, therefore he often scoffs at the idea that others want to be around him. Twelve forbid, someone ever does--especially a woman. Asher is constantly denying a broken heart that's been nursed since he was barely eight summers. This causes things to get a little twisted when he's feeling particular naughty with a female. He'll willingly flirt with them, occasionally even take them to bed, but any mention of long-time commitment and they are quickly abandoned that night.

Aside from the careless show and salty demeanor that the Halfbreed constantly puts on display, deep within a hardened exterior is a lingering sense of loneliness that has plagued him ever since he was left alone as a child. Few have glimpsed his true nature and most tend to steer clear of his brash attitude. His friends are treated as friends, though even they are not spared from an occasional blow of disrespect. Some learn to shrug it off, but others hasten to leave him right after the confrontation. Asher's developed a habit of pushing people away once he's done with them, or the job's been finished, so forming any sort of true bond with the rogue is as difficult as it is dangerous.


Asher belt.png

The black leather belt holds sheaths for two pairs of daggers and contains various pouches for storing items of necessity. One small pouch carefully tucked away against his backside contains the few objects he considers most valuable upon his person.

Gil Pouch - holds the amount of money he's accumulated from an assortment of semi-legal activities that includes gambling, knife-throwing contests, smuggling operations, and whatever tasks he was assigned to throughout his brief career in the Rogue's Guild.

Hand-Carved Figurine - made from the distinct reddish-brown wood of the Crimson Serpent herself. Shaped like a flying bird, the design is very detailed and clearly made by a professional. It was gifted to a young Asher on his presumed birthday to remind the lad that freedom is always possible.

Oval-cut Diamond - a small gem stolen from the Swiftsure in the spur of the moment. He leaves it at his apartment and plans to turn it into a piece of jewelry one day.

Crimson-red mask - ironically it is a color he fears, but the wooden mask is kept alongside his other valuables, perhaps as a reminder of his cowardice that caused him to abandon the one he loved for several months.


Taken in by the Rogue's Guild for a time, Asher developed exceptional skill with wielding daggers. Under guidance from a Miqo'te nearly as prickly as his weapons, Asher prospered under the protective shelter of the Rogue's Guild for five summers until deciding to make his own way outside of the guild.

Asher dagger2.png
Daggers: Standard weapons of choice. They are old and worn from many years of use, but always kept razor-sharp. The blades appear to be chipped and finely rusted. Rarely are his daggers cleaned, but they are certain to be sharp. He carries a total of six on his person at all times.

Asher throwing knives2.png
Throwing Knives: Thin and aerodynamic blades that have no handle. The user must balance them carefully between their fingers before releasing them with a sharp flick of the wrist. Most often used for ranged combat or to aid in a tricky escape. They are tucked away in one of many pouches secured to his belt.

Asher claws2.png
Claws: Daggers with long, hooked blades. They are narrow enough to slide into the smallest of nooks, but also sturdy enough to support the wielder. Asher uses them primarily for climbing the spires around Limsa Lominsa and sneaking aboard the hulls of ships. He usually leaves them at his apartment, but when they are needed, the daggers are strapped across his back and sheathed against each other like dual broadswords.

Asher is almost always bristling with daggers and speed is constantly at his advantage, allowing him the advantage of a quick getaway. Recent events, however, have caused him to learn a method of unarmed combat that is similar to that of the Pugilist Guild, but scrappier. He will revert to this fighting style only as a last resort, preferring to keep this knowledge secret.



observing things from afar
going about unnoticed
high places


weak-minded women
physical abuse
The Crimson Serpent
The Reaper (a healthy fear of the monster depicted in many a rumor)
smoke bombs (especially those crafted by a certain someone!)
panic attacks (he's suffered from them since childhood)
teleportation by aetheryte


using his daggers as toothpicks
can hurl his daggers with unnerving accuracy (was his main means of income for a time)
pissing off those that can't take a joke
showing no respect for those with authority
he'll call himself "cat" and feels no offense towards the name since he's a halfbreed


Favourite Place: topmost spire in the Lower Decks
Favourite Food: anything involving dodo meat and/or eggs
Favourite Time of Day: dusk
Favourite Colour: blue-gray
Favourite Scent: exotic spices (they remind him of his mum)


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Family Member Deceased Friend Enemy Neutral Good Standing Bad Standing ? Unknown Trust



"T'final time I saw 'er, she told me 'Mommy loves ye'. Wot a feckin' joke."

Having never understood the true reason for her disownment, Asher has always seen the event in a negative light and has carried a deep resentment for his mother ever since.

Magnus furor.png
Captain Magnus Furor
Father, Captain Fury

"They say time heals all wounds, but t'stuff I 'member 'bout 'im is too damn clear--'nuff to t'still paralyze me when I think 'bout wot I should've done years ago."

There are two things Asher will always remember about his father. One: He commands the Crimson Serpent and will continue to do so until his corpse rots in hell. Two: That man should have died long ago.

Toast head.JPG
Kirby Clove

"I ain't e'er gonna understand why a man like 'im was on t'at ship. Maybe he was justa 'nother prisoner too, though 'is bravery is one t'respect afta realizin' he saved m'life. Wherever t'at man is now, I 'ope he finally founda chance t'escape too."

Very few good people existed on the Crimson Serpent. One that Asher will never forget was the ship's cook. It was because of the Midlander's kindness that he was able to survive the horrors that he suffered through. Asher has no idea if he's still alive, but likes to think he is dead and no longer at the mercy of those he served. Toast often had flour dusted across his face and clothes, for he was always hard at work preparing the crew's meals, but still found time to assist the young Miqo'te below.

Placeholder person.gif
Sylbzahr Ahldoensyn

"Ol' Cap took m'in when no one else would've dared touched m'filthy self. He made m'feel wanted an 'imporant; qualities I'd thought I'd discarded on t'Limsan docks. I was a damned mess back then, but he was desperate fer a Cabin Boy methinks. Sumtimes I still wonder 'ow he was a Captain in t'first place."

Sylbzahr Ahldoensyn (Silver Tooth) was the Captain of the Rolanbrine, and the most good-natured Sea Wolf Asher ever met. All it took was getting caught stealing from a crate of vittles meant to be carried into the ship, and Asher was given his first job. Tasked as a lowly Cabin Boy, the troubled lad wore the title begrudgingly at first, but his time on the ship sparked a lifelong love of sea life and the memorized footwork of a popular sailor's dance. Sylbzahr ultimately made a dramatic impact on his life--a debt that Asher can unfortunately never repay.

Tenfingers head.png
Baderon Tenfingers

The lively owner of the Drowning Wench, he quickly became one of the few people Asher will willingly call a trusted friend. The Hyur's kindness has saved him from many a tight spot, and while he's been living in the tavern's inn, Asher's gotten to know him pretty well when he visits the bar for vittles.

Vupa head.JPG
Vupa Royuh

Seasoned Keeper with a temper as sharp as the blades he wielded. He was Asher's mentor when he was part of the Rogue's Guild and taught the boy many other things besides how to use daggers, such as how to sneak around unnoticed and sweet-talk the merchants. Asher hasn't seen his old mentor since leaving the Rogue's Guild.

Miss Amayu $

Her perfume carries spices from faraway places, a scent Asher associates with that of his mother. Cunning and crafty, Miss Amayu was quick to grab the rogue's attention upon arriving in Ishgard, and has since then toyed with him with sensual taunts. Asher is oft helpless in her grasp, smitten by the spiced aroma that is constantly floating around her. It was only after he left Ishgard that he became free from her spell.

Other Players

Sara head.png
Sarameda Silverlark
Songbird, Sara

"Yer special t’me. I’ve finally begun t’realize it, an’ wiff it comes a weakness I don’t want. All someone’s gotta do is take ye away from me, an’ I’ll fall apart. Pathetic, right? It’s like yer t’glue t’at holds m’heart together, an’ I’m still gettin’ used t’feelin’ whole.

Everythin’ I’ve ever done, I’ve done wiff risks, an’ now yer in t’middle o’it all. I don’t want ye t’get hurt, songbird, but I’m done tryin’ t’push ye away. Lovin’ ye is t’biggest risk of all, an’... I think m’ready t’face it wiff ye at t’helm."

Their time together in Ishgard has caused the halfbreed to finally realize just how important Sara is to him. Solitude is no longer sought out quite as often—rare is it for him to not be by her side. His role as a bodyguard has ended and the reward granted, but Asher fears for the safety of the first person he’s deemed precious to him. Sara has proven herself to be anything but helpless, but that doesn’t stop the rogue from being overly cautious. There are many in Eorzea that seek to harm him, which makes Sara the perfect target. Thus, he promises her safety in exchange for his life, much like a knight to his beloved Queen.

Placeholder person.gif
Clover Hawthorne

He stumbled upon a quaint bookshop while seeking distraction, and unexpectedly found a pleasant conversationalist who made cornbread almost as well as a certain blonde Hyur. A second, unintended meeting found the halfbreed introduced to Clover's daughter as well, who looks nothing like her mother. However, he can tell that Clover is extremely fond of the child, and so he does his best to tolerate her. Since then, the bookshop that the Elezen works at has become one of his favored haunts.

Khloe Meui

Theirs is a curious association. He calls her "girlie" without bothering to know what her real name is and he's surprised himself many a time by actually risking himself in the white-furred Miqo'te's defense. Although he will blatantly refuse all connections with the lass, he's yet to tell her not to call him "Dagger" and has put up with her stupidity more than he thought possible.

Placeholder person.gif
Kireina Trocaire

They met at the Quicksand, like most people do. He was bored, having grabbed an airship to Thanalan for no particular reason, and happened across a shy Au Ra sketching something in a sketchbook. Her stuttering and awkwardness remind him of someone else, and he is impressed at her artistic talent.

Placeholder person.gif
Captain Nova

Sought after with interest to join her crew, things quickly backfired, turned south, and left them on negative terms with each other. Asher wasted a dagger on her stupid blaster, she was burned on the hand, and he was nicked across the back by a cutlass. It probably could have turned out way better, but that's what happens when a storm meets a volcano. Nova's bound to be out for blood now, and Asher has been warned by a certain white-furred Miqo'te that there's a death mark on his head.


Common Rumors

"Aye, that'd be the Bilge Rat. Lived his life in t'belly of a ship h'did!" -salty sailor
"Every time I walk by those tall pillars I feel like I'm being watched." -concerned Elezen
"That man saved me from a bunch of mean pirates! But before I could thank him, he was gone. He sure doesn't look the sort to help those like me." -curious orphaned girl
"Any ship he b'on looses its valuables. Ye never want t'at 'un aboard wit ye." -rough patron of the Drowning Wench
"'ave ye seen t'way he grins? M'gets chills an' I feels like m'cursed sometimes." -shifty-eyed dockworker
“He gets real jumpy ‘round men in red vests. Maybe he ain’t like t’color?” -puzzled Seawolf dockhand
“Oh, ‘im? T’at son offa bitch owes me two hundred gil!” -angry gambling sailor
“T’word ‘toast’ actually means sumtin’ to ‘im.” -gossipy hag

Rare Rumors

"Saw 'im arguing with a fellow at the docks once. Was refusing workin' fer a certain ship. Something 'bout a snake." -curious local
"There be a cat who looks a'lot like 'im. She's a real beauty a'right. I pay 'er double fer every go!" -delighted male client, probably drunk
"I'd 'ear racket ev'ry night. Screams, cryin', stuff hittin' the walls. Hell itself existed down thar, mark me words." -past crew member of the Crimson Serpent
"Was 'anging 'round the docks n'watched this broken vessel pull in. The crew comin' off her was 'alf bloody dead, I swear. Fight must've happened. There was this lad with a bleedin' stump. Lost 'is tail methinks. Twelve-preserve." -bewildered dockworker
“He’s such a dream! That smile o’his wins us over fine, but he ain’t ever wanna bed us. Not even for free!” -pouting Limsa Lominsan whore
“I’ll gut t’at feckin’ rat, just ye wait. He cast m’mates to t’grave jus’ fer lookin’ t’wrong way.” -???
“They say he got rich afta’ escortin’ sum pretty miss t’Ishgard.” -daily patron of the Drowning Wrench
“Huh. That Ruby Sparrow from the Bloodsands had a stubbed tail too. I wonder where he went?” -random traveler from Thanalan

Player Character Rumours

"He is a-a...friend." She hesitated for a moment, as if unsure what to call him. Then she began to smile to herself. "As difficult as ever, but I hope to prove a few things to him. I'm simply grateful he's giving me the chances to do so." - Sarameda Silverlark
"Tch. He's t'reason I don't wander 'round t'seedier parts o'Limsa Lominsa. He ain't nuffin' but an asshole and thought he could ask why I was stealin' wanted posters. Bastard needs t'mind his own stupid business." - Chip



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Contact Info: Best place to reach me is through Discord (MitsuCat#2335). I sometimes RP in-game, but I prefer doing so outside of the game. You can also reach me on the forums: RPC Profile

Character Prompts: 100 Questions Interview

  • Mizzenmast Inn. He’s secured a room there since the day he walked out of the Rogue’s Guild. Perhaps your character happens to live there too? What if they are neighbors? Gasp!
  • The Crimson Serpent. Asher hates every part of that ship, including its captain. Have you perhaps heard of the infamous ship or was once part of its crew? Confront him about it at your own risk.
  • Smuggler for Hire! He infiltrates ships to usually mess with cargo, but there’s nothing saying he couldn’t sneak something in the cargo too. I’m always up for potential jobs for Asher, so if you think you’ve got a job idea for him, please let me know!
  • Ex-Rogue. He left the Rogue’s guild, but carries with him the knowledge of how they operate and how to fight with knives. Was your character one of their members as well during his time there?
  • Halfbreed. He’s got the looks of a Keeper of the Moon, but the attitude of a Hyur. He also has a stub tail and probably can’t even pronounce the word “Miqo’te.” Poke him about it. It just might make his day.
  • Costa del Sol. Someone at the harem there looks a lot like him… Has your character realized the connection?
  • Gambling Debt. Asher's known for playin' cards in the seedier parts of Limsa Lominsa. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn't, but he always gets his coin... and conveniently forgets to ever pay it back.
  • Bilge Rat. If you're a frequent resident of Limsa Lominsa, you've probably heard of this name more than once when Asher's nearby. It boasts his "popularity" with the locals.
  • The Ruby Sparrow. You may have heard of his brief appearances in the Bloodsands. He has not been seen in action for several months.
  • Shared Blood. Due to the sexual tendencies of those who birthed him, it’s likely Asher has some half-brothers or sisters floating about Eorzea. Is it time to introduce yourself?
  • Professional Carver. Is your character seeking to learn how to fight with knives but doesn’t want to join the Rogue’s Guild? You could try and ask him for lessons. He might just take you seriously.