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Latest activities (RP hooks): Asher is currently a dedicated member of the Immortal Flames, ensuring the protection and prosperity of his family's adopted home.

Birth Name: Asher Mateus Faris

Gender: Male

Race & Clan: 1/2 Seeker of the Sun, 1/2 Midlander

Age: 31

Height 6 fulms 3 ilms

Weight: 215 ponz

Nameday: 1st Sun of the Fourth Astral Moon

Guardian deity: Byregot, the Builder


Birth Place: The Royal City of Rabanastre, the Kingdom of Dalmasca

Citizenship: Ul'dahn

Free Company: N/A

Residence: Bright Estate, Ul'Dah

Marital Status: Widower

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Job: Lieutenant of the Immortal Flames

Hobbies: Archaeology, History, Reading, Chess

Alignment: Neutral Good


Asher Bright is the eldest son of the Victor and Camille Bright, proprietor and owners of Bright Smithing. The Bright Family immigrated to Ul'dah nearly thirty years ago, and with them they brought a prestigious smithing heritage that originated in the sands of Dalmasca. Few know the true origins of the Brights, but they've been a boon to Ul'dah ever since their arrival.

Bright Smithing provides weapons and metalworks to the Flames and citizenry as a whole, and Asher himself provides for his adoptive nation through service in the Immortal Flames. It's an occupation he's held and been passionate about for well over a decade, and has risen to the rank of Lieutenant in the Grand Company.

Having inherited the gift of gab from his mother, Asher is often seen chatting up the nearest person, typically in relation to his duties as a member of the Flames or in service to Ul'dah. He's eager to provide help and be an assistance where he can, and has an especially soft spot for the many refugees that come to the nation. He's ever on the prowl for great food and company, and is often accompanied by his faithful dog Tomaj.


By most standards Asher is a tall man, his broad frame filling out the form of a tried and true knight. His lunar hair, long but neatly combed, is fitting of his Dalmascan heritage. He has shining amber eyes and a strong, smooth shaven jawline. While not overly built, Asher is toned indicative of a warrior's life, his frame supporting a soldier's lifestyle undeterred by his noble upbringing.

Voice: Asher has largely adopted the accent of Ul'dah, the only home he's truly known for most of his life. There is only the slightest hint of a Dalmascan accent, picked up from his parents during childhood. [Voice Claim: Griffin Puatu - Dohalim].

Clothing: Asher is often seen sporting heavy armor, crafted in the expertise of his familial line. Black and gold, a homage to his new home of Ul'dah, is often seen in it's creation. During social situations, Asher is often attired with some of the finest clothing available, an inherent advantage given to him by his family's wealth.

Markings: While typically hidden from view beneath his clothing, Asher possesses several body tattoos in homage to his desert homeland. A large tattoo of the Kingdom's crest has it's home upon his left pectoral. His left arm is adorned with both gods and historical figures of Dalmascan legend.

Impish, Affable, Driven, Focused, Noble, Motivated

  • History
  • Allagan Ruins
  • Military Strategy
  • Firearms
  • Spelunking
  • Classy Parties
  • Dogs
  • Chess
  • Triple Triad (Collecting)
  • The cool night of the desert


  • Garlemald
  • Monetarists
  • Slavery
  • Arrogance
  • Oppression
  • Laziness
  • Snow
  • Low quality weapons
  • Sour things
  • Over-cooked meat

Distinctive Features

  • Complete destruction of Rabanastre
  • Never going home
  • Closed off / tight spaces
  • Unregulated Magiteck


  • Favorite food: Lamb skewers
  • Favorite drink: Rum
  • Favorite colour: Palm green
  • Vices: Insatiable sweet tooth
  • Possible alignment: Neutral Good


If you spend any amount of time around Asher it will be immediately apparent that the man loves life. The Hyur carries within himself a warmth that he spreads to others with his impish sense of humor and overall jovial nature, believing that there's nothing beyond the reach of a good sense of humor. He always seeks to bring out the best in people, both competitively and socially, especially those he considers friends or comrades. These values formed at an early age as a result of losing his birth home, and he quickly grew to value the notion that home was where your loved ones were. As far as he's concerned, spreading kinship and building strong relationships is the surest way to live a full life.

To this end, Asher possesses a rare loyalty for those he's close to, almost to the extent of a fault. Having lived and lost has instilled within him a strong worth ethic, and Asher is dedicated and driven to complete any kind of task he sets his mind to. These traits have molded him into the successful knight he's become, serving his adopted nation of Ul'dah with the same loyalty and vigor that he shows in his every day life. It's not enough to him to merely finish a job, but to do it better than anyone else has ever done it. Perfection, much like the crafts of his family of old, is the name of the game for Asher.

In combat he's as dangerous of an opponent as they come. Asher was taught discipline, focus, and trained in the ways of his forefather's blade from nearly the time he could walk. Much like the precision he dedicates to his everyday life, Asher is a tactician in battle, his mind ever analyzing the situation, and he strikes without equivocation. He sees his blade as an instrument of his family's honor, and defeat is never an option.

All of these characteristics are amplified by the Bright family reverence of attributes such as honor and nobility. As such, it'd take an act from the Gods themselves to stop Asher from righting a situation he sees as wrong. It's not just a matter of moral decency, but an affront to his family's honor if he didn't act on such things. It's probably why he makes such a good member of the Flames, being able to serve the community around him while building connections to build a brighter future. A brighter future that includes a free Dalmasca. But that is, as they say, a story for another day.

Skills & Abilities

   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

While loving, Asher's father was a strict man that instilled a strong work ethic into his son. He pushed both mental and a physical exercise, the former creating a love of reading at a young age for Asher. Reading became a favorite hobby of the young Bright, and as a result he grew into a well read and intelligent man. Asher has an encyclopedic knowledge of many cultures - especially Dalmasca for some odd reason - and has read extensively on military strategy from many great minds over the years. This has bequeathed him with an analytical, sharp mind that's thirsty for knowledge.

Physically Asher has been trained in the ways of his forefather's greatswords since the time he was able to physically hold it. The Brights are not only masters of the creation of such weapons, but upon their use as well. Well over two decades of training and refinement has honed Asher's martial craft into a force to be reckoned with. What he completely and utterly lacks in aetherical capabilities, he compensates for with the skill of his swordsmanship.

While not particularly capable with the workings of advanced technology like magiteck, Asher has an unsurprising interest in mechanical technology. Specifically, tinkering with firearms and other devices serves as one of his foremost hobbies, and through it he was able to craft his very own rifle. He often uses it to hunt wild game, a lover of the many indigenous meats that can be found around Ul'dah.

And last but certainly not least, Asher is rather capable in the art of diplomacy. This is thanks to his mother, who over the course of fifty years had become something of a master of the trade. She taught her son everything she knew, and like anything else the Bright heir learns he's always seeking to improve it. It's one of the many reasons that Asher seeks out conversation so readily.

Heavy Metal Greatsword Icon.png
Historically wielded by the commander of the Bright Blades, this greatsword was forged through traditional House Faris smithing techniques as the pinnacle of their trade. Inherited by Asher as the eldest son of House Faris.

High Mythrite Cuirass of Fending Icon.png
Lightbringer's Cuirass
Traditional House Faris armor created for the commander of the Bright Blades.
Steel-barreled Carbine.png
Dalmascan Rifle
A rifle assembled with Dalmascan aesthetics in mind. Nothing particularly special about it beyond it's appearance.
Adamantite Knives Icon.png
Farisian Dagger
A traditional dagger created by House Faris smiths. Once standard issue among Dalmascan infantry.

Notable Posessions
Wondrous Tails (Key Item) Icon.png
Desert Jewel: The Kingdom of Dalmasca
An extensive series of books detailing the long and storied history of the once proud Kingdom of Dalmasca. It serves as a constant reminder of Asher's lifelong dream of liberating his home.

Wolf Pup (Minion) Icon.png
A very good boy that Asher found as a stray in Ul'dah. Enjoys ear scratches, dodo meat, and chasing marmots.
Personal Transportation
Company Chocobo Icon.png
Desert Chocobo
Asher's trusty steed. Sired from a breed of desert acclimated chocobo.
Bright Estate

While Asher is oft traveling because of his duties, his family owns an estate in Ul'dah as a result of their successful entrepreneurial relocation.

Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


Victor Bright ( ) - Father
Asher's father and current head of Bright Smithing. Last true Commander of the Bright Blades before their annihilation during the Garlean invasion and occupation of Dalmasca. Victor has a close relationship with his son, and is Asher's closest confidant, friend, and teacher.
Camille Bright ( ) - Mother
Asher's mother is a kind woman that is wise beyond her years. While she doesn't possess the martial knowledge of her husband, the Bright matriarch had grown to a be cunning diplomat during her prime. She often dealt with the politics involved among the noble houses, and has worked to teach Asher all she knows in the realm of charisma and politics.

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Company / Affiliation

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Machina and Magitek

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Common rumours & quotes

  • "I tricked him into eating one of my son's sour candies - the look on his face was worth nearly getting punched." Mischievous Flame Private.
  • "Asher's super nice! He gave me this cool wooden sword and lets me train with him sometimes!" Excitable Ul'Dahn Boy
  • "I'll have one of each!" Asher as his eyes widen looking at a street vendor's selection of sweets.
  • "There's a reason the coldest people live in the coldest places." Asher talking about his hatred for snow, and the nature of Ishgardians.

Rare rumours & quotes

  • "Aye, he's a chipper enough fellow as far as Flames go. Always talkative and has a warmth about him - it seems like he cares. Always seemed like a really trustworthy guy, but I've seen him meeting with shady individuals more than once. They thought they was bein' secretive but I see everything on these streets!" Anonymous Ul'dahn Urchin
  • "He seemed so happy during Doma's liberation! But ... after the Empire laid waste to Rabanastre, he was inconsolable. Does he fear for Ul'dah?" Anonymous Flame Private

Players rumours & quotes

  • "Your quote here." No one because he needs to get out and RP.

Son of Dalmasca

While only known to the most privy and well-connected persons, Asher's true lineage lies outside of the great nation of Ul'dah. The Brights, as they have been known in Ul'Dah since their arrival, are in truth displaced refugees from the once great Kingdom of Dalmasca. They were known as House Faris, one of the prestigious noble houses of the desert nation, and trace their lineage back to when the nation was but a fledgling state. Their forefathers, and subsequently House Faris itself through the many generations, were expert smiths that supplied their nation with the finest of arms and metal works. They worked in unison with the other houses of Dalmasca to support their beloved nation and rulers, and due to their heritage the Brights have a love for their true home even after three decades.

House Faris was responsible for the creation of an elite unit of swordsman, known as the Bright Blades, that served the nation of Dalmasca both domestically and in times of need. This all changed, however, when Garlemald invaded. Despite a valiant effort, the Bright Blades found themselves overmatched by the wondrous magitek of the Empire, and the unit was utterly destroyed by their Imperial invaders. Shortly after Garlemald's victory, House Faris fled the country both in shame of their inability to protect the land they love, and the refusal to allow what wealth they had that remained and their smithing abilities to help their new overlords.

Victor and Camille Bright, heads of the House, found themselves and their kin refugees in need of a new home. They'd find their bastion in Ul'Dah, taking up the surname of "Bright" for the protection of their family and as an ode to their once renown company of warriors. Seeking a way to undermine the Empire and prevent any further victims, the Brights put all of their resources and knowledge to work for Ul'dah. Over nearly three decades they've made quite the name and fortune for themselves, their estate a testament.

Asher was only two years old when his family left Dalmasca, but despite this he still has dreams of the land ... the glistening sand, the palm trees, the azure water, and it's distinctive architecture. He was taught the importance of keeping their family's past a little known secret, though, and like his father began down the path of bettering themselves in their new home. He joined the Flames as soon as he came of age, and has dutifully served ever since. The dream was and always has been the eventual liberation of their once proud home, and that dream drives him in everything he has done and ever will do.

Scion of the Ravaged Sands

  • The news of the razing of Rabanastre was devastating. The sense of loss was only eclipsed by the feeling of guilt, as Asher had been working discreetly to supply and fund the revolutionaries. He, like his countrymen, were inspired by the liberation of Doma. He's not sure if he'll ever get over the regret of it all - should they have waited? Would it have mattered? These questions and more still haunt him.
Noble House Faris

House Faris was once one of the great noble houses of the Kingdom of Dalmasca. They trace their lineage all the way back to when it was but a mere fledgling city-state, and it was during that time that they rose to prominence due to their renown ability on the forge. For generation after generation, House Faris supplied Dalmasca with much of it's weaponry, refining their trade continually.

To go along with this, the leaders of the house established an order of Knights known as the 'Bright Blades'. Together with their forged equipment, they served Dalmasca faithfully as a benevolent organization to solve domestic issues. The company was predominantly greatsword wielding, lending to the fighting style practiced by the smiths of Faris. The House ceased to exist upon the fall of Dalmasca to the Garleans, publicly dust to the wind. Behind the scenes, however, they fled to Ul'dah and reestablished themselves as the Brights.

OOC Information

Stances on RP: I enjoy all kinds of lighthearted and social situations, but I'm also up for mature content and themes (violence, sexuality, drug / alcohol use) as long as they're logical in a plot-driven encounter. Coarse and excessive language. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters. I'm open to permanent injuries depending on the content of the RP itself, but this would need to be discussed ahead of time. I'm not interested in any kind of character death or rape plots.

Hooks and relationships: Totally open to any idea that can provide potential quality RP with my character. If you feel that my character profile can provide a hook for a story you have in mind, don't hesitate to reach me out to see what can be done! I am also definitely open for family ties, or background/business connections between characters. Also, if you have a Dalmascan character I highly encourage you to reach out to me! I'd love to get in touch with other characters of the same heritage.

RP combat and injuries: Open for most systems as long as they make sense to me. I can roll random dices or settle it through a fully organic RP exchange without any other tool, or a combination of both..

Miscellaneous: That wiki page is pure OOC knowledge unless your character specifically knows or learned about it.

Trivia: The surname 'Bright' was chosen in homage to the wonderful JRPG series 'The Legend of Heroes' !

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