Asher Rukoth

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Ishgard.jpg Asher Rukoth
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"Quick, think of something clever!"
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander/Highlander
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 28
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Namesday 19th Sun of the 5 Umbral Moon


♦ General

Born and raised in Ishgard, Asher had the fortune to exist among the ranks of nobility. Afforded a proper education and the chance to become a knight, Asher leapt upon the opportunity and expeditiously proved his worth by skill, intelligence, and determination. The only reasons he was not cast out in disgrace due to his proclivities as a 'trickster' as said by those who tracked his meteoric rise up into the prestigious order of Knights Dragoon sworn to House Durendaire, for few who didn't among those not considered close would remember, having had left suddenly 2 years prior to the Calamity.

♦ Appearance

Piercing crystal blue hues sit beneath a strong brow, framed by simple yet finely done tattoos on a sun-kissed face too handsome for Asher's own good. And if the devilish smile he principally wears is anything to go by, its a fact that he is more than aware of. It is, perchance, for this reason that someone might have seen fit to scar both cheek and chin in failed attempt to change that, managing only however instead of marring to add a good measure of ruggedness. Were one to pay close attention as well the luxurious mane of hair adorning his head would stand to attention, sable locks of hair (when not a deep crimson) well kept and utterly soft to the touch worn either in a braid or left as a shaggy mess.

Courtesy of the Highland blood flowing through his veins, Asher boasts a more robust frame than many of his Midlander kin, and stands tall at 6'2. Both arms and thighs are thick with muscle, powerful, the latter more so in part because of training undergone as a Dragoon. Relatively little of his form is truly scarred, his love and life of fighting notwithstanding. Still there are THREE that do manage to rise to prominence, such as the whorled patch of skin close to his heart, long since healed burns marks up stretching from the back of his wrist to the elbow of right arm and lastly a lighter swatch of skin upon the left side of his neck.

♦ Behaviour

A relatively easy upbringing paired with martial prowess and success at a young age has left the Hyur confident, so much so the point where it might and frequently does border on arrogance and from his apperance, vanity. On the topic of himself, Asher is not afraid the speak the facts as he sees them, nor hold it against others for not being as great as he. In spite of all this however, Asher remains a laid back, sympathetic individual with a smirk almost always playing across his face.


In any battle, the goal is the same no matter the path taken to achieve it; Dominance. As such, Asher feels no need play by the rules, and will apply both unorthodox and brutal tactics to achieve victory be it by sword, spear, axe or even fists. For though he is proficient in many and most tools of war, these four are his where his expertise truly lie, more so than anywhere else for he enjoys the use of heavy weapons and the knowledge that none are more feared than they who fall from the sky or storm into battle wearing hardened plate and chain.

★ Recent RP events ★



■ Fighting, whether it be a brawl or spar doesn't matter
■ Sex after a good fight
■ Stormy weather
■ Winding down from the day with a glass of wine
■ Baked goods, lemon flavored ones in particular


■Broody Mc'Brooders that won't let themselves stop brooding
■Airships that don't have cannons


■Cleaning (yea, shocker)
■Playing the piano
■Pestering the shit out of Odile
■Sorting through paperwork


Favourite Food/Drink: Limsan red and anything hearty. If it comes with popatoes and gravy, all the better.
Favourite Place:

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"Common Rumors:"

■ "Only thing worse than a man that don't know to shut up, is what that does and decides not to."
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"Uncommon Rumors:"

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"Rare Rumors:"

■ "Ah heard that monster killed as many of his brothers at Cartenau as he did Garleans."
■ "The man's a child killer, 'e is, 'elped wipe out an Au'Ri settlement in Isghard...Came back covered in 'eir blood too."
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Player Character Rumours

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♦ Footnotes

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