Ashianne Douveux

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Ishgard.jpg Ashianne Douveux
Heiress to House Douveux
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Patron Diety Halone, The Fury
Age Late 20's
Nameday 9th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Marital Status Single
Height 75.1 ilms
Class Dragoon
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Ashianne Douveux is the eldest daughter of the Count of House Douveux, and an esteemed Captain in the Order of the Knights Dragoon. Her house, smaller in size than perhaps the more notable Ishgardian noble houses, is a firm believer in the old ways of Ishgard. Together with a modest group of the smaller houses of nobility House Douveux formed a coalition that aims to restore Ishgard to its' former glory and independence before the Warrior of Light's intervention, and ultimately, reignite the Dragonsong War.

Aside from her duties as a captain in the Order of the Knights Dragoon, Ashianne currently helms House Douveux's reconstruction and reinstated military presence efforts in the areas of Coerthas that were extensively damaged following the Calamity, and begrudgingly acts as the house's emissary in foreign affairs despite her feelings toward outsiders.


Being the first-born daughter to the Count of House Douveux during the Sixth Astral Era, Ashianne was slated to inherit her father's position from quite a young age. She was groomed to be absolutely prim and perfectly ladylike, while gaining a discerned eye for Ishgard's iconic dragoons and the way they trained so fiercely to slay the draconic Horde in service to Ishgard. Seeing this, her father sensed a fire burning in young Ashianne's eyes despite how young she was, and decided to have a close relative that was a commissioned dragoon begin to train her in basic lancing techniques.

When Ashianne came of age, she enlisted in the Order of the Knights Dragoon, and became an amalgamation. When not training, she was that perfectly-crafted image of a noblewoman; prim, proper, and polite. But in the field, she became a completely different woman- one of valor, and peerless resolve. Already so skilled despite how young she was, Ashianne soared through the training regiments, and her dedication to the training and Ishgard's cause against the dragons certainly shone through to her superiors- evident by how quickly she attained the rank of Captain after she completed training and began her full service to Ishgard.

A Calamity raged, an era passed, and three outsiders stood at The Gates of Judgement to change Ishgard forever. Ashianne fiercely denied every word of so-called past that Eorzea's hero and his companions dug up; her House called for them to be slandered as heretics, and cast aside as would any other that opposes the Holy See.

Yet, despite House Douveux's objections, Ishgard seemed to so suddenly throw everything they knew away in favour of the Warrior of Light's story, and all that opposed the outside heretics could only watch as the past they held so dear was cast aside for the so-called 'truth' discovered by the Warrior of Light. The archbishop was struck down by Eorzea's hero, and even Nidhogg himself slain by the Warrior of Light, effectively ending the Dragonsong War in the eyes of most Ishgardians.

To House Douveux and their allies, however, even Nidhogg's death and the loss of the archbishop wasn't enough to sway their beliefs. They soon combined forces to form an internal political coalition against the major Houses and newfound republic, intent on reverting Ishgard to the old ways, and restoring the Holy See's glory that was lost when the Warrior of Light meddled in their affairs. Ultimately, they aim to reignite the Dragonsong War, fully believing that the war could never truly be over until what remained of the Horde and Dravanian dragons were all but eradicated.

House Douveux

Currently, House Douveux is not major House of nobility in Ishgard; much of their power and influence was lost following the events of and territory that was lost during the Calamity, though they still remain the largest among the smaller Houses in the Holy See. They hold a modest amount of power, and have many political allies in the smaller Houses beneath them as well as several smaller figures in employ to the major Houses. Count Auchaut Douveux, Ashianne's father, currently leads the House, with Ashianne slated to take his place as Countess when he passes on or steps down.

House Douveux was responsible for manning and maintaining several key military outposts in the Coerthas Eastern Lowlands, Coerthas Central Lowlands, and Coerthas Eastern Highlands prior to the Calamity. However, the extensive damage caused in those areas during the Calamity resulted in those territories, along with many structures and troops stationed there being lost.

Currently, House Douveux is responsible for the Riversmeet area of the Coerthas Western Highlands, and several small outposts in safe areas of the Coerthas Eastern Lowlands, Coerthas Central Lowlands, and Coerthas Eastern Highlands. They are also almost solely responsible for restoring a military presence in the areas of Coerthas that were extensively damaged during the Calamity.

House Douveux is notoriously well-known to all those immersed in Ishgardian politics as being a standout voice for a return to the old ways of the Holy See. Though both they and their allied Houses believe in this cause and pursue it at any cost, it has made them a bit of a social pariah among the politicians and highborn of Ishgard, and a target of scorn by Ser Aymeric.


Ashianne often comes off as proud and stubborn to those who meet her. While she is very polite when dealing with fellow nobles regardless of their affiliation, her political position has left her a target of scorn, and she is often subjected to ridicule for her House's notorious political opinions on the future of Ishgard as a nation. When dealing with commoners, she is quick to put them in their place regardless of the newfound republic's views on the nobility and commoners, and doesn't take kindly to being accosted by those she views under her status.

When traveling and dealing with outsiders, Ashianne is much more polite and professional; she's representing Ishgard, and regardless of her views and opinions, she wouldn't do anything to make her nation look bad or get herself into trouble.


Ashianne is a tall, brown-haired Elezen Wildwood woman with striking cerulean eyes and fair skin. She's lightly built from her training as a Dragoon, and can often be seen in most situations wearing her iconic Drachen mail with a custom-made armoured mask.

In professional engagements and political meetings, or when she otherwise has to make an appearance not as a soldier but a noblewoman, she wears a purple high house bustle with black halfboots-- although she has many other dresses she wears at times as well.



Ashianne was trained as a dragoon by the Order of the Knights Dragoon-- the iconic dragoons of Ishgard whose one true purpose is to combat the Dravanian Horde in the thousand-year Dragonsong War. She has unparalleled skill with a lance, and has various aerial techniques at her disposal that, without being a dragoon, would be physically impossible for others to perform.

Owing to both her powers as a dragoon and the vigorous physical regiments she performed, Ashianne is capable of jumping fulms into the air and controlling herself using the armored fins on her armour and lance to bring herself down in a spineshattering dive upon her targets. Though not capable of staying aerial indefinitely, all it would take to return to the skies is another powerful jump.

Despite the Dragonsong War ending and Nidhogg being defeated, Ashianne does not neglect her training against mock Dravanians. She truly believes the war is not yet won, and would not find herself behind on her training when the fighting against dragons commences yet again.

Aside from lancing, Ashianne has basic knowledge of combat wielding a blade and shield, and also performed rudimentary archery techniques during her initial training. Aside from a very basic knowledge of conjury for field healing, she lacks any knowledge of performing battle magicks.


For the most part, Ashianne is equipped much the same as any of her fellow dragoons. She opted to retain the traditional colour of her Drachen mail despite the opportunity to dye it arising when she became a Captain, and wields the traditional Gae Bolg lance. Rather than the armet worn by most dragoon, she opts for a custom-smithed armoured mask crafted by one of House Douveux's blacksmiths, and dyed the same colour as her mail.





Father - Auchaut Douveux, current Count of House Douveux

Mother - Adrionne Douveux

Siblings - none


Various friends among the nobility of Ishgard


Due to her house's controversial views of the Holy See and her status as heiress, Ashianne has countless political rivals and enemies among the highborn and lowborn of Ishgard.


Common rumors

Gods, that entire house should be abolished. Douveux stick to the old stories of Ishgard despite all that happened, and refuse any who would oppose the old beliefs. - Unnamed source in House Durendaire

Uncommon Rumors

I heard Lady Ashianne takes personal strides into the western highlands when her duties don't have her otherwise occupied. I'm unsure where she goes, but it can be days at times... - House Douveux manservant

Rare Rumors

I was amazed when she came into the Hall of Flames. An Ishgardian dragoon is quite a sight, and I'll admit I've always admired them. But this one... Well, when I talked to her, she was the most stuck-up woman I may have ever met. The Warrior of Light did wonders for Ishgard, but her family would refute all he did? - Khachi Satsumi, Chief Flame Sergeant [PC Rumor]


"The Holy See as we know it has fallen to the likes of outsiders and heretics, and we alone serve to restore it to the glory we all knew well. Allied as one force, we can overthrow this ruse of a republic, and mount a return to the true past- not this farce of history drawn up by outsiders." - Ashianne during the deliberation with other Houses on creating an political alliance for a return to Ishgard's old ways.

"And once the Holy See is restored, we will reignite the Dragonsong War, and bring about a true end to this conflict and an age of genuine peace for Ishgard- one where no Ishgardian must fear the likes of dragonkind any longer." - Ashianne during deliberations, cont'd.

"I did not become a dragoon to risk my life against the enemies of outside nations. I became a dragoon to fight Ishgard's one true foe in the Dragonsong War, and I intend to die fighting for that cause- none other." - Ashianne to her commanding officer in the Order of the Knights Dragoon when asked to serve with the Eorzean Alliance in the offensive to retake Ala Mhigo.


Ashianne is a very well-known public figure, so much of her backstory and history will be known to most in the Holy See. However, I'd prefer to discuss anything that might be questionable knowledge beforehand.

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