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Ul'dah-transparent.png AshwynLatear
"~*Love is a blur, much like liqueur*~"
Strawberry Scented Popstar, "Candy Feather"
Gender Female
Race Hyur Midlander
Clan N/A
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 24
Sexuality Bisexual
Height 5'7"

Roleplay Information

Roleplay Requirements

Para+ Somewhat established character preferred.
Preferred Partner Genders: Futa / Female. (Very rarely M chars. Males, please message OOC first!)
Please review my list for compatibility for purple prose!

List: /c/Ashwyn%20Latear

Feel free to...

  • Feel free to recognize her as an actor at the Red Kitten.
  • If in the Quicksand, character is very likely waitressing! Feel free to order drinks, or go for the ass-smack, like all those other gosh-darned syndicate and drunken pirate sorts do!
  • If your character is magically inclined, feel free to recognize the curse mark on her cheek. It's magic that makes her more sensitive, and responds to her mood and arousal level by changing colors and altering the "fill" of the heart.
  • Feel free to attempt seduction! A saucy closet-pervert waitress girl will have a rough time trying to resist you!
  • Feel free to recognize her as a dancer at a couple seedy strip clubs in the back streets of Ul'dah.
  • Feel free to engage me if you do DM-style RPs or are willing to play multiple characters for a scene!

Character Images

  • "Pick me..won't you?"

"Pretty please..?"
"Don't you think we'd look cute together..?"
"..I totally know you're staring..."

  • "Of course i'm flexible, see?"

"..I can do a lot more than this, too.."

  • Lewd dancer..

Lewd Dancer's Outfit
"..I can dance with this, too..isn't this kinda hot?"

  • Oh...and what do we have here?

Playfully watching

  • "HEY!..What!? No peeking..!"

"..and I mean it!"

  • Pictures of Ashwyn's "Red Kitten" outfits!

Taffeta Outfit Visual aid
Lingerie visual aid
Backside Lingerie Visual Aid

  • "Special service...?"

"..You're my Nunh..we can play pretend..."
"Hey there sugar~ Whatcha doin down there..?"

  • Ashwyn / 3d / Pictures of Dancer's outfit / stripper outfit

An interesting angle, for sure..
"I'm totally cute, right?"
"I bet this gives you some dirty thoughts, huuuh...?"

  • Ash in naughty dancer outfit #1

  • (Spoiler! Topless edition if your character has icly "seen it! )

  • Vocalist of Sweet Edge

  • Dancer's silks

  • Quicksand Waitress Outfit '

Character Information


The darling scantily clad waitress of the Quicksands is typically noticed slumming around for various drinks, at gambling parlors around the city, or pretending to be high-life at some ritzy auction show.. Whether it's gambling herself into a new debt, finding a more creative way to pay it off, or just being tugged along by the adventuring sorts for moral support, Ashwyn is always a few gil away of being found on the Brass Blades' missing persons board. A mischievous party girl out for a fun time and hedonistic to a fault, the hot-bodied girl moonlights as a waitress at the Quicksands, and a dancer at any place accommodating another pretty face. Despite it all, she carries aspirations to become a renowned vocalist, but her uncanny knack at finding mischief keeps her far from greatness. Her lifestyle on the edge has led her through all sorts of seedy attractions, and her time as a vocalist and performance artist in Ul'dah band Sweet Edge has given her enough background to be popular in the roles where she needs to be - but chasing the next get-gil-quick scheme keeps her busy.


Ashwyn is known usually to wear bits of clothing that accentuate the definition of her toned frame, often silks and luxurious dresses that show off her abdomen and the v-line of definition where her hips meet her thighs.

Thick, platinum blonde hair cups around her jaw frame, running down to mid-back, and her lips are usually decorated with some form of exaggeratedly eye-catching glittery lipgloss.

Her features are soft and delicate, and while her posture is deliberately saucy at times, it is also nonthreatening, dainty, and delicate.

Ashwyn's scent is of a potent sugary vanilla, easily noticed anyone who walks within three ilms of her quite easily. She smells like a fruity drink, of sorts, and fits right in with the scents of bars, and clubs.


Ashwyn is brazen, playful, and inquisitive. She is cattish to a fault, and driven by curiosity. A sugary sweet exterior with that gentle hint of chaos behind it that says she's seen her fair share of trouble. Ashwyn is expressive, excitable, and seeks pleasure and adventure.

But... There may be bit of a closet pervert lurking behind the dainty exterior.


Ashwyn is absolutely not a physical combatant. Anyone who is remotely physically trained would find themselves able to outmaneuver her. If pressured in a fight. Ashwyn has no formal physical combat training and would be overpowered easily. However, her song has an eerie quality to it - a voice that's almost otherworldly alluring, and her dance is rallying. Ashwyn is much more useful as "moral support", and might be taken along by adventurers for such.

However, there seems to be a magical, runic tattoo on the side of her cheek in the shape of a heart; anyone sensitive to magic realizes this weakens Ashwyn's magic resistance tremendously. It seems to be a curse of sorts.

In moments of near death, this curse will become something else entirely. There is an incredibly powerful protective void magic etched to this curse mark, but the magics that placed on it carry whispers of unpleasantries.




  • Waitress in the Quicksand
  • Moonlights as a stripper / dancer at a few different clubs.
  • Actor at the Red Kitten ( club in Shirogane )
  • Aspiring vocalist


  • Fruity Alcohol
  • Talented musicians
  • Card games
  • Performing
  • "forward" people
  • Attractive people


  • Being Broke
  • Bugs
  • Violence


  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Drinking
  • Card games
  • Watching combat / gladiators.


  • Meeting new friends and becoming their support on adventures in exchange for entertainment
  • Enjoys sewing to pass the time


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