Ashwyn Starsteel

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ashwyn Starsteel
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Age 27
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Martial Status In a Relationship
Nameday 16th Sun of the 3th Umbral Moon
Occupation Bartender and Muscle for the Dread Wyrms


Ashwyn or Ash, as most people call him, spends most of his time at the Dalamuds End. There the man works as the crew mate of the Dread Wyrms and serves his mates drinks. Though not to be underestimated as the man is fairly capable of combat. He loves his whiskey and any chance he can get to spar.


Ash was born in Uldah to a couple who played and pretended to be big, but unfortunately was all an act. His parents owed vast amounts of gil to several lenders most prominently the Syndicate. Ash grew up not knowing any of these things as one would expect parents to hide such information from their kids. Unable to pay for their debt the parents payed a heavy price when the Syndicate kidnapped both Ash and his sister as another form of payment. Ash was only seven when his world changed and he was forced into underground Death Pits. He had no idea where his sister went and he soon forgot her under torture. All that mattered down there was fighting to stay alive.

Fourteen years passed in that hole before an incident occurred allowing Ash to escape. The Hyur struggled for a long time trying to adjust to life outside of the pits and made most of a living being a mercenary. He did the one thing he knew how to do and that was to fight. During his merc. carrier Ash encountered a female Roe named Kasai who became the Midlanders closest friend. She helped the man adjust with outside life and together the two gained a deadly reputation as mercs. Often the two would be sent out on what most would consider suicide missions which helped them develop the reputation. After almost several years of mercenary work Kasai and Ash went their separate ways to each focus developing their own combat arts further. Ash eventually got a message from Kasai asking him to come to the Dread Wyrms and join what she called a lucrative venture. Ash was happy to be able to get payed while being around his closest friend.


Ashwyn is a pretty straight forward person and runs under the motto "Act towards others as they act towards you." In other words if you're an ass to him he'll be an ass to you. The Hyur is blunt, direct, and honest. He expects people to do the same, but is aware that such a thing is rarely the case. He is quick to mistrust someone he catches lying to him even if the lie may seem to be innocent. When it comes to combat the man tends to get very heated and excited which is why he makes a habit of warning people when they spar with him. He's not one to hold back about really anything, fighting, opinions of others, or whats on the man's mind.



Ashwyn is fairly tall for a Midlander standing at a whole six foot two and together with his build looks very intimidating. A constant workout regime has helped him build a strong body, something he has developed a habit for. Ash strictly believes that a person needs to be in top physical form if they intend to be a fighter of any kind. Anything less and one is leaving themselves exposed to weakness. The Hyur's skin has a light tan common to a person who lives in the deserts of Thanalan and his body is covered in scars hes earned in the pits, both from combat and the torture he experienced.

When Ash isn't in a suit of armor he prefers to wear loose clothing and is always meticulous to keep his belongings clean, a result of the poor living conditions of the pit. The man used to wear a small silver pendant around his neck until recently, a gift from his sister when they were kids.


Romantic Love     Platonic Love     Trusted     Liked     Indifferent     Wary     Hated


Arild Starsteel [deceased] – Ash's beloved sister who he was separated from him when the two ended up being kidnapped as children. Ash holds fond memories of his sister and a deep self-loathing for being the person who took her life, something he refuses to let himself forget.


Sasha Murakami – Co-owner of Sakurai Spa and a retired assassin. The seeker stopped to tend to Ash's wounds after an attmepted mugging and the Midlander kept returning to see the Miqote since. Over time the two bonded and moved into a relationship with one another. One of the few people Ash would kill or be killed for. Sasha is extremely kind and gentle and has earned a place in Ash's heart the Hyur never expected to exist.

Kasai Ruby – A massive and scary looking Roe women who was Ash's mercenary partner. Now the two work together at as crew mates of the Dread Wyrms. Ash considers the Roe to be a sister to him. The two have a scary reputation for being efficient and bloody at getting their contracts complete. In combat the two are yin and yang, a flurry of destruction. No one has as much respect from Ash as this women does. He also would kill for her food! Yup that good!

Vjalanir Andermix – A stubborn and coffee loving Miqote who has earned Ash's trust. The two bonded over drinks and is one of the few people that Ash has confided in. In a similar fashion Ash is one of the only people who knows Vjal's past. The Hyur refers to the Miqote as Ard a short version of the man's birth name. Vjal is the person Ash has entrusted his sisters pendant to, a show of loyalty.


Eriko Luiko – One of Ash's former mercanary partners. Kasai and Ash ran with a few years with this Lalafel and in a turn of events he came ended up also joining the Dread Wyrms. Eric is one of the few people Ash knows can hold his own against the Midlander. After all he managed to survive the suicide missions they did.

Raih Unaze – Another person from Ash's past that somehow ended up in the Dread Wyrms. This keeper joined the Hyur for one mission back in his mercenary carrier, but that's all it took to impress him. Unlike most thieves she didn't run and hide but joined the others in the combat. She is pretty straight forward and Ash values that trait a lot which has certainly helped her get into the Hyur's good graces.



Swords of any kind. He can appreciate fine craftsmanship.
Sparring and fighting.
Training and working out.


Roundabout ways of talking
Anything rotting, especially the undead.
Cowards or people who lean on their flaws.


Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Vice(s): Drinking, pushing himself, a lack of pain awareness.
Favorite Food: Cheese and pastas
Favorite Drink: Whiskey!
Favorite Color: Blue and Black

  • Has killed a man with a lemon. Not kidding.
  • Fiercely loyal to those who earn his trust though he isn't willing to break contracts unless the situation is dire.
  • Has no sensations of pain a result of decades of torture. His mind has blocked it out.
  • Very romantic though he'd never admit it openly.

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