Astria Stanier

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Ishgard.jpg Astria Stanier
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Balmung
Age 21
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Astria Stanier is an Ishgardian lancer, and one of the heiresses to her family's fortune, along with her cousin and sister-by-adoption, Elisa. She has gained renown- or rather infamy- in some circles for her short temper and tendency to lash out at those who cross her.


Early Life & Childhood

Astria Stanier was born in the city of Ishgard to Godric and Cordelia Stanier. Her mother, Cordelia, was a talented seamstress and her father, Godric, was a soldier-turned-bounty-hunter known for his skill at arms. The family was quite wealthy as a result of the combined fortunes of their ancestors, most of whom were craftsmen or merchants. When Astria was 2 years of age, her parents adopted her cousin, Elisa, after her parents passed away. The children were nearly inseparable throughout childhood, though they were frequently at odds. The children gained a reputation with those who knew them for being troublemakers, often gaining their entertainment at the expense of others. What time Astria didn't spend with Elisa was spent with her father, from whom she received the majority of her martial training. Her father insisted she master archery, but she quickly gave up the bow, forcing her father to acquiesce to her demands to learn lancing instead.


Around the age of 12, Astria and Elisa started becoming more aware of what the world had to offer. They both developed a passion for reading and learning new things, though most often different subjects. Where Elisa was more interested in subjects like alchemy, Astria developed a particular interest in history. Since the family was wealthy, their love of books was no issue. Astria soon found a friend in Cathryn Blacke, the daughter of a much poorer family on hard times. After introducing Cathryn to Elisa, the trio became extremely close, and convinced Godric and Cordelia to hire Cathryn as a maidservant.

Adulthood and Present

As time went on, Cordelia's health began deteriorating. Astria began spending more time with her mother, knowing the inevitable end was near. She was often joined by Elisa and Cathryn. By this time, Cathryn had become, for the most part, a member of the family, and had been given her own quarters within the family's home. After a few months, Cordelia finally passed away, and Godric who was elderly for a man of his occupation joined her a few months later. Astria was not overly saddened by this, though, as she had come to terms with the fact that her mother and father would eventually pass away. Elisa, on the other hand, was devastated by the loss, and much of Astria's time in the coming days was dedicated to comforting her. After the fog of mourning was finally lifted from the household, Astria returned to what she enjoyed; reading, and practicing lancing. However, she and Elisa soon discovered a love for traveling and decided to take a trip to Limsa Lominsa. It was on this trip that Astria discovered a new hobby: Solving people's problems for money. Though she never became a full-time mercenary, she enjoyed the work well enough. She and Elisa continued taking trips to different locales in Eorzea, mostly in the Black Shroud which they had decided was their favorite place to visit. Eventually, the traveling became more seldom, but still retained its charm. The duo did not travel together as often, but would buy various gifts to compensate. Eventually, on one of her solo trips to Ul'Dah, Astria met an Auri man named Jenkshi Kagon, who would become her next employer. The man was the operator of a courier service known as the Veiled Ravens. The couriers were interesting enough, though a only select few stood out to Astria. The courier service, however, did not last long for Astria, as deliveries became fewer and farther between and more dangerous than she liked. The couriers ended up going their separate ways, and Astria and Elisa returned to their normal lives.

Traits and Characteristics


Astria, though a seemingly calm individual, is known to those around her for her short temper and occasional outbursts. She is easily annoyed, and tends to avoid interaction with those who have annoyed her in the past. In social situations, she does her best to maintain a polite facade, more often than not waiting until after the conversation to remind people of their idiocy. Astria is not the type to make friends easily, and is often known to display a lack of interest in conversations with many people. Many have noted her reticence and almost puritanical outlook, as she often refuses to divulge information about her personal life, and is openly condemning of lewd behavior. When she does engage in conversation, however, she is sometimes unenthusiastic, and on occasion rude, but, although rare, she has her moments of kindness. Not hesitant to express her displeasure with any given situation, she complains often, and will do so until she can find nothing more to complain about. For the most part, however, she enjoys speaking to those she deems worthy, especially if she is talking about herself or Ishgard. As a result of being well-read, Astria considers herself to be fairly intelligent, often believing herself to be more intelligent than others. She rarely hesitates to correct the mistakes of others, no matter how minor.

Physical Traits

Astria is roughly 5 fulms and 6 ilms tall and is fairly average in size. Being very conscious of her appearance, she takes great care to look presentable at all times, never letting others see her when she believes she is not. Her love of the colors white and purple are more than apparent in her wardrobe, as she is usually seen, in public at least, wearing her characteristic white armor or, on some occasions, a currant purple dress. She keeps her sapphire hair pulled back in a neat ponytail, on occasion stating she hates the way it looks when she leaves it down.

Likes and Dislikes


This Hyur is a woman of simple pleasures with simple desires. She enjoys tea, books, traveling and buying nice things for herself. She also enjoys fighting, often visiting the Lancers' Guild to spar while on trips to Gridania. One of her greatest loves, however, is her home. Being very nationalistic, Astria considers Ishgard to be nearly without flaw and often praises it whenever the chance arises.


For everything Astria likes, she seems to dislike 70 others. Almost anywhere she goes, she can, and will, find a complaint about it. In Thanalan it's too hot and the sand annoys her, in La Noscea it always smells of salt and it's too humid, and in the Black Shroud, though it's her favorite place to visit, she complains about insects and the scent of the forest. She also has a particular disdain for bards, minstrels and clowns, though nobody is entirely sure why. Possibly her most vehement dislike is alcohol of any kind, which she will zealously refuse to drink regardless of the situation, but she never explains why she despises it as much as she does. Astria also expresses open dislike for flirting and romance in general, but again does not specify why.