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Astrid Weisz is a young hyur woman living alone as a citizen of Limsa Lominsa. Her mother having left when she was a small child and her father having died two years ago, she decided to stay in the city to further her studies. Until her father, Osgar Weisz died she was almost solely schooled by him and rarely had the opportunity to venture out and make friends. Speaking many languages Astrid makes a living working as a scribe. She is skilled in most schools of magic, but prefers not to be in combat. Inclined to see more of Eorzea and meet new people she enjoys traveling long distances even if it is to taste a dish a stranger at the docks told her about or to borrow a book from a scholar in some remote location.

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Astrid Weisz
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
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“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

When Astrid was born, she was a true beauty. Her mother seemed so proud of the small specimen her much older husband and herself had created. But as the child grew and the constant sicknesses kept arising, her mother no longer saw an ounce of beauty and complained that the child must have been stricken with something far worse than ear infections and stomach bugs... she was convinced some virus was sucking every ounce of pretty straight from the child's blood. Astrid's pale hair was slow to grow and it seemed she would be bald her whole life. And at eighteen months of age, Astrid was stricken with an infection that not only took the eyesight from her right eye but also all the pigment. This left her eye nearly completely white and it didn't function as well leaving the small child looking cross eyed quite often.

Astrid's father always reassured her that she was a lovely girl, but in her mind that was something all fathers were expected to think and say of their own daughter. She grew self-conscious and did very little by means of trying to look attractive. She had no reason to... she was rarely allowed out of the house.

Now, as a young woman, exploring the world and developing a sense of self she has become more self aware and caring of what she looks like. She is still small in stature, standing no more than 5'4" and weighing only 100lbs. She takes great care in making sure her hair is well kept and even wears a bit of make up on most days. Recently having cut her light blonde hair with a bit of fringe in the front and most often wearing a headband. She takes care to always be clean and wear light polish on her nails.

Her clothing is more often practical than fashionable, but always well fitted. She likes simple jewelry and rarely comes across a hat she likes to wear.

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Height - 5'4"

Weight - 100 lbs.

Hair - Very light blonde, medium length, various hairstyles

Eye Color - Her left eye is a deep plum while her right eye, the one in which she is blind, is white.

Body - She is petite, but has an hourglass shape. In good shape, as she enjoys jogging.

Scars/Markings - She has no scars or tattoos. The only noticeable identifying mark would be a small beauty mark/mole on the left side above her upper lip.


"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Astrid grew accustomed to keeping herself company from a very young age. Still she finds great solace in being alone, only now she ventures about the lands finding recluse in locations that are more appealing to her senses. Often times she goes wandering until she finds the perfect spot to set up camp for a few days, away from the noise and crowds of Limsa Lominsa. There she will stay and study and relax, finding great pleasure in the solitude. Although she is often content in being alone, she is also aware that it has made her somewhat socially awkward. As friendly as she is, it is difficult for her to approach strangers... but this is something she is working on.

She takes her work and her studies very seriously. She can easily become consumed in research and experiments leaving her late for meetings and flaking on previously made engagements. Although it seems this happens often, she always feels guilty and embarrassed. She may be well educated, but time management was never her strong suite.

Astrid tries to be stoic and thinks she is good at hiding her thoughts and emotions, but truth be told, one need not be intuitive to clearly see her true feelings.



Astrid is a registered member of the Arcanist guild. Being drawn to that which her father studied, practiced and later taught she picked up the understanding of the art of arcanum at a very young age. Although her father discouraged her from joining the guild she would later do so shortly after his death. Although she is not fond of combat, and rarely takes on work that requires it she is proficient in both Summoner and Scholar abilities.

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  • Reading
  • Journal and research writing
  • Nature
  • Exercise
  • Meeting new people
  • Trying new foods


  • Being told she is wrong or how to do something
  • Being interrupted
  • Combat
  • Intimidating or overly aggressive people


  • Having an impeccable memory
  • Is in good physical shape
  • Is Empathetic
  • Has a broad knowledge of linguistics and speaks many langages


  • Doesn't take criticism, constructive or otherwise, very well
  • Always thinks she is right
  • Socially awkward

Medical Conditions

Astrid was sick a lot as a small child, but she outgrew the ailments and is now a shining example of good health. The only exception being that she is blind in her right eye. She wears glasses, but does not let this hinder her in any way.

Personal Items

  • Her father's grimoire. She doesn't use it for her own magical workings, but it is something she holds dear and often has with her.
  • A small, black, leather bound journal and a jade quill.
  • She wears a small satchel of herbs around her neck, the sweet aromas noticeable to anyone standing hear her


Astrid is easily bored and hops from one hobby to the next pretty quickly. Jack of many trades, master of... well most anything she tries. And though she has many talents, she never lets it go to her head. These days the hobbies that keep her attention are botany, knitting and other needle work, as well as fishing.




  • Osgar Weisz - (Father; Deceased) Was born and raised in a small port town in Western La Noscea, he moved to Limsa Lominsa to join the Arcanist guild when he was 19 years old. He made a living working as a professor and scribe. Was a self-proclaimed visionary and philosopher.
  • Bedilia Attwood - (Mother; Unknown whether she is alive or deceased) Born and raised by a wealthy family in Limsa Lominsa. Was sent to study at the Arcanist guild when she was 19 years old, but only stayed for a year before leaving. She married and gave birth to Astrid by the time she was 20. Left Limsa Lominsa at 22 years old and has not been seen or heard from since.
  • Tetequ Tequ - (Nanny; Deceased) Worked for the Weisz family as a nanny for Astrid from the time she was 16 months old until she was 5 years old, when Tetequ passed away.


Astrid doesn't have many friends, but instead has made many contacts and acquaintances through the Arcanist guild. She tends to be reserved when meeting people and the consequence of this has been the lack of real, substantial relationships and friendships.


She has never given anyone a reason to become an enemy...


Common Rumors

  • That her mother is indeed alive and well and that she has contacts that have always watched Astrid and reported back to her about the well-being of her only child.
  • It is rumored that Astrid is a bit strange and she would rather have the company of fish than friends.

Moderate Rumors

  • Her father used to use unethical means of doing his research.

Rare Rumors

  • Osgar Weisz was the real reason that Bedilia left. Astrid's mother having begged to take the child when she left and Osgar having kept her only out of spite.


Early Childhood

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Osgar Weisz and Bedelia Attwood met at the Scholar's guild. Osgar was working as a professor of Aether Sciences and Bedelia was a student. Although it was thought by many to be an unethical decision on Osgar's part, he perused Bedelia none the less, marrying her after only a short time. The age difference was significant... Osgar being 48 years old and Bedelia only 19. Three days short of a year of marriage and Bedelia gave birth to their first, and what would be the only child they would ever have together. They named small girl Astrid Olivia Weisz.

Astrid was constantly struck with sickness, and it seemed to Osgar that Bedelia had been infected with some sickness of her own as well. Bedelia became less and less affectionate with both her husband and her child, growing more distant by the minute; often sad and disillusioned and angry. Osgar continued to work and often brought Bedelia concoctions from the alchemists and the botanists that he knew from the guild with hopes that he could medicate her out of the apparent depression. But nothing seemed to work. Astrid, who had now suffered multiple afflictions was not being properly cared for when Osgar was away. His wife spent her days in bed while the baby cried and was soiled to the point of severe infections and rashes. He hired a woman to care for both his small daughter, who had recently become blind in one eye, and his wife while he worked to provide for them... but it did not help.

To be continued.....


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