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A displaced noble with a taste for the macabre, as well as a wicked sense of humour. Atarefaunet is possessive of specialized skills - namely the ability to replicate the appearance, personality, and body language of anyone he studies intently enough. Well and truly a chameleon, Atarefaunet utilizes those skills of subterfuge and camouflage for those he considers allies.


Atarefaunet is ghostly pale, far paler than the other sons and daughters of House Dzemael to note. He is possessive of spectral white eyes which on occasion, seem lively. Saying that, his experiences while displaced have resulted in them being rimmed with dark circles that suggest a weariness of the world. Atarefaunet is possessive of high cheekbones as well as well-angled eyebrows, suggesting that he pays intent attention to his grooming, as well as a mane of soft, ashen blonde hair which appears white in bright lights.
Aspects That Would Not Stand Out:
Lash marks on his back. Atarefaunet bears ten long, deep marks from a whip on his back, which have scarred yet remain sore and tender to the touch.
Fangs Perhaps modification, perhaps natural, Atarefaunet bears a set of canines which are far more pronounced than others of his kind.


Atarefaunet, like others of the Ishgardian ruling class, enjoys pursuits of the finer things in life - debauchery and libertinism especially. Pursuits of this kind are very much a large part of the reason why he tends to not be overly judgmental.

Atarefaunet has a very loose understanding of how a noble is supposed to behave, and while it does come out in his manner of speaking, his time away from the noble house of Dzemael has meant that he has opened his mind further than what most Ishgardians have, especially in matters of faith - something he's never really held close to his heart.

Atarefaunet can be an extremely wicked person; he does have a very private sense of joy when he witnesses suffering, especially when it is warranted. However, he is an extremely playful person, and mostly, these feelings are jovial. Mostly.


Darkness. Atarefaunet finds a charm in dark themes and things, and believes darkness is not to be feared, it is to be loved.
Caves. A Duskwight through and through, Atarefaunet feels most at home warm, enclosed, and underground.


Do-gooders. Nothing makes Atarefaunet roll his eyes more than when someone states that they are going to set the world to rights.
Religion. Originally raised with a strong focus on Halonic teachings, Atarefaunet never really believed. Being displaced brought this further - teaching Atarefaunet that men are responsible for their mistakes, and to hear people use imaginary divinities as crutches, let alone assume they care about their lives, makes his eyes roll.


Sex. Always temporary, never the same person. Atarefaunet has left more than a few men and women to an empty bed in his wake, and treats it as a hobby. Like stamps. Just much, much worse.
Blacksmithing. As a son of House Dzemael, he knows (very well) how to use a hammer. The fact he has a talent for it makes him enjoy crafting all the more.


Loyal. Atarefaunet is not a conventionally 'good' person, but he is a loyal one, and he tends to stay true to those who he finds worthy of his trust.
Open-minded. Regardless of the issue and regardless of what he should believe, Atarefaunet is prepared to judge all by how they are, and not their circumstances.


His back. Atarefaunet has been flogged, and his back remains a weakness for him to this day. Touching it will cause him pain, and striking it is probably enough to knock him out.


Learning' - Atarefaunet is motivated by the desire to learn about the family from which he was separated from, even if they are a great deal less impressive post-Dragonsong War.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Tarresson de Dzemael | Father. NPC.
Atarefaunet barely remembers the previous Count of House Dzemael, but does remember a kind man, with hands as worn with work as stained with ink, and a keen set of instincts.
Archombadin de Dzemael | Cousin. NPC.
Atarefaunet does not know of Archombadin's existence, as he would have been born after Atarefaunet went missing.
Grinnaux de Dzemael | Cousin. NPC.
Atarefaunet remembers a cruel man whose peerless combat skills were recognized by the Archbishop, but also a source of great distress due to his poor temperament.
Jandelaine de Dzemael | Brother. NPC.
Atarefaunet is not aware that his brother is working as an aesthetician. Nor is he aware of the intrigue surrounding he and Guilefresne being considered to overtake the role of Count.
Guilefresne de Dzemael | Brother. NPC.
The new Count Dzemael. Atarefaunet recently became aware of Guilefrenes' appointment, and if anything, is relieved of the fact.
Izea de Dzemael | Cousin.
Atarefaunet met Izea after being displaced, and learned that his cousin made a break away from Ishgard as well - and is now working as a void hunter. Although faintly concerned at Izea's occupation, let alone hobbies, Atarefaunet knows to seek him out should he need it.
Hyrtsolk Kentenlonswn, | friend. ( )
Character's Thoughts: "She acts hard-faced. I don't have the heart to tell her that I see her vulnerability. Or the desire to be beaten."
Hyrtsolk is probably the person which knows the most about Atarefaunet. Trusted exclusively.
Leonoyne Iseterre. | chaos. ($ )
Character's Thoughts: "A thug. But a useful one."
Atarefaunet is impressed by this elezen's capacity to stay alive. He sees Leonoyne as the equivalent of a warhead, in terms of temper and destructiveness. Leonoyne's amazing capacity for causing chaos, as well as ability to survive it, will never not surprise him.
Mieuseloir Enchelles. | instructor. ($ )
Character's Thoughts: "There aren't words to explain what he means."
Someone Atarefaunet owes a lot to. Mieuseloir has helped him for a number of years, and was considered a father figure shortly before Atarefaunet became displaced. Upon re-meeting, Mieuseloir ended up transmitting his affliction to Atarefaunet, in order for it to not destroy him. It fell to Mieuseloir to teach Atarefaunet how to use these gifts, and Atarefaunet feels a bond with Mieuseloir which is stronger than all.
Valentinoix Urselmert. | heretic.()
Character's Thoughts: "Fun."
Atarefaunet finds Valentinoix interesting, given the fact he should, by all means, be forgotten about - but their paths keep crossing. Atarefaunet has a fondness for Valentinoix which means he will always spare him his time, no matter what.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"He's earned himself a nickname throughout these parts as "The prince". Because he's good-looking? Gods, no! He's made more than a few girls cry, that one. Men, too. They call him it because he's never satisfied. Beds them, makes them do things, unspeakable things, ruins them, and kicks them out."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I wouldn't be surprised if there was more than a little bit of the Dzemael line in him. Look at him! He's the image of nobility! Come to think of it, didn't they have a son that went missing at the tragedy at the Darkhold?"
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"He looks like a Duskwight, but he's not. He's not even human..."


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.


Louverance Mistalle
Louverance Mistalle was a Forestborn sellsword which participated in the failed attempt to reclaim Dzemael Darkhold from the Voidsent, and was the reason Atarefaunet survived the attack by the XIVth legion that followed shortly after. In the chaos, Louverance snatched Atarefaunet and hid with him, planning on selling the young noble to House Dzemael in order to get out of the situation better than what he was when he came into it. That intention was brought to nothing when Garlemald discovered them, and brought them in, later executing Louverance. Cowardly and dishonorable, Louverance is a personality Atarefaunet enjoys taking on in cases of extreme duress - as Atarefaunet enjoys making even his persona suffer in Louverance's stead.
Febrenaud Brunnaut
Febrenaud Brunnaut was a devoted Halonist, and a low-ranking priest of Saint Reymaud's cathedral, charged with the education of children of the upper class. Underneath his stern and calculating demeanor, Febrenaud was possessive of a number of deviations - most notably an interest in his charges that went far beyond their education. His interest in Atarefaunet in particular was cut short when he was found drowned in Coerthas under mysterious circumstances. Cold and clinical, Febrenaud is a personality Atarefaunet is careful to use, and generally serves only for trips to Ishgard.



Player Note
I'm an EU player that tends to stay up way too late. Atarefaunet is my take on an unfinished plotline from 1.0, and I hope to explore the implications of it through RP. I do my best to be lore-abiding in all circumstances, and I'd really like to have Atarefaunet develop a circle of characters which do that as well.
Personal RP Limits
I'm not willing to RP out this character's death- under any circumstances. If he annoys your character to a certain degree where your character simply won't let him get away without some sort of injury, talk to me about it, and we'll discuss something adequate. I'm not okay with possession / telepathy / mindreading happening without permission, either... but saying that, I'm not closed to the themes. If you really want to do something a bit unconventional, talk to me. We my be able to arrange something.
I will playDark/Mature themes, rivalries, and generally the more unpleasant sides of roleplay. I'm not a person which only roleplays positive things, but I'm not someone that roleplays a character which is always experiencing misfortune. I think there's a balance of good and bad things in life, and I think it is realistic to incorporate both into roleplay.
Little Tidbits.
Atarefaunet is a massive flirt, with some very odd preferences. This doesn't mean he is an ERP character, I swear. While his character dictates he is fond of hookups, this is generally handled offscreen, between him and NPCs.
While he's generally fond of dark themes, bats, claws, and has modified his teeth to have fangs, he's not a vampire, I swear. He's just an enthusiast.


Potential Plot Hooks
Ishgardian characters - most particularly those affiliated with the Faces of Mercy / House Dzemael.
Garlean characters - Most particularly the XIVth legion.
Darker characters.
Lore references
Atarefaunet's history and the lore compliance of it is best examined through a series of references, as follows.
Disaster at the Darkhold - The incident which would have resulted in Atarefaunet being separated from Ishgard and taken by Garlemald.
The Faces of Mercy - The organization which serves House Dzemael, and something Atarefaunet may reference.
Future's Perfect - An example of Garlean indoctrination techniques.
Eyes on Me - A rare sighting of an Imperial Frumentarius, illustrating the role assigned to Atarefaunet in the XIVth.
Together We Stand - 1.0 footage of Garlemald razing the Black Shroud in attempt to kill the Sylph. In the aftermath of this, Atarefaunet became lost in the Black Shroud.
Elementals - 1.0 footage of the Elementals power, and penchant for taking those not of the wood. Something which happened to Atarefaunet pre and post Calamity.

Name - Atarefaunet de Dzemael
Race - Duskwight Elezen
Age - 30
Deity - None

Alias: "Serenius", Febrenaud Brunnaut, Louverance Mistalle, "Seliph"
Citizenship: Ishgard
Occupation: Career criminal
Hair color: Ashen blonde
Eye color: White
Complexion: Ghostly
Piercings: None
Marks or tattoos: Whip marks
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Drink: Tea
Favorite Color: Black
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