Auguste Nouillant

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 Auguste Nouillant
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridanian (ex-Ishgardian)
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Occupation Independent scholar / "Hero of Justice"
Height 6 fulms, 6 ilms
Orientation Gay
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Basic Info

An amiable scholar, Auguste enjoys studying nature; the way plants, animals and monsters alike behave-- and how they are all tied to aether. His current scholarly fixation is the fusion of concentrated aether to inanimate objects to enchant them with amplified properties and abilities.

However, once the wildwood sets down his quill and parchment, he dons his unusual emerald garments and takes on the alternate identity of The Green Warbler-- friend of the forests and the innocent in need! A vigilante hero of sorts, he uses his learned and practiced healing abilities to rescue the injured and out of sorts. Though he mainly works as a defender, he is also not unfamiliar with martial arts. Though he may lack in physical power, he makes up for in the sheer amount of aether infused in his staff. The ambiguity of his mask has given him a new sense of bravery, for better or for worse. His recklessness can lead him into trouble– some may say he is on a constant run from the Greenwrath.

Imbibed with large amounts of wind aether, the Green Warbler's outfit possesses properties which allow Auguste incredible feats, such as increased speed, jumping height and distance. His wind spells possess a searing bite, which is also infused into his weapons.


Sweets and pastries
Feeling needed
Helping others


Acts of injustice


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Bubble chocolate and Sachertorte
Favorite Drink: Hot chocolate
Favorite Color: Green

Appearance & Personality

Skin is a healthy, slighty tanned color. His eyes are tired, expressing dark bags from hours of lost sleep, yet they still contain a youthful glimmer towards the world around him. One iris is a natural brown, whilst the other is pale and damaged, obvious by the deep scar which cascades down the right side of his face. His elezen ears are long and almost droopy, contributing to his puppy-like appearance.

These features only enhance Auguste's warm personality. There possesses no ounce of malice in his being. Though he may retain some relics of bigotry from his highborn upbringing, he does his best to learn of other cultures and races.

Beneath his coy and somewhat mousy mantle lies a man driven by passion. Decadent and sensual, he almost seems like a different person behind closed doors. Beneath his mask, as well, a whole new level of confidence shows--- for better or for worse.


Auguste could be considered a breath of fresh air from the usual reserved stuffiness of an Ishgardian noble. He came from a like background but wished to flee from it. Rather, he had to flee from it. The victim of a jealous friend's web of lies, he instead sought for the warmer lands of Eorzea before the chilling shroud of deceit could catch up to him.

A very successful graduate of the Saint Endalim Scholasticate, Auguste Nouillant was once in consideration for the next generation of the Heavens’ Ward. (It was uncanny in that he possessed a striking resemblance to the late Ser Noudenet of Archbishop Thordan VII’s Heavens’ Ward– as some bear the curse of taking the natural likeness of a celebrity.) With his growing reputation, however, came the jealousy which bubbled within what he assumed to be his closest friend. This friend, overcome with seething resentment, soon falsely framed Auguste as a Heretic and Unbeliever.

Quick thinking and just as swift on his feet, however, he had managed to flee Ishgard and start his life anew in the Black Shroud as his self-proclaimed alias, the Green Warbler.



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