Augustine Frost

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Augustine Frost
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 30
Guardian Oschon the Wanderer



Augustine is on the taller side of the height spectrum. He seems to be of average weight. His nose is a bit too big on his face and his eyes are naturally narrow. Needless to say, he isn't the most attractive of men. It's normal to see him in heavy armour, which only makes his bad posture worse.


Some have had the unfortunate experience of getting to know this man. Most would describe him as rude, selfish, manipulative and vindictive. He seems to find everything and everyone uninteresting if they can't do anything for him. Most times, he has no issue telling people what exactly he finds uninteresting about them.


As far as anyone is concerned, he still works for 'The Coral Sea'.


Augustine Frost was born to a pirate comfort girl and a displaced Ala Mhigan. He grew up in a brothel, with his mother 'working' and his father guarding. Needless to say, it wasn't the best place for a child to be. His childhood consisted of raising as much hell as he possibly could. He'd burn all the corsets and stockings he could find, set rats loose in the beds, fight the other kids and was all around an undisciplined little shit. Try as his father might to set him straight, it did him no good. At fifteen he left home to pursue his 'calling'. For ten years, he lived on the road with his chocobo. Perhaps impressively, he suffered little to no loss from the Calamity. He claims to have been 'chosen' by Oschon. For what? Who knows. To wander endlessly is as good a guess as anyone's got. He became a man of few words and of even less morals.


Cornelius Frost - His father. This man taught him everything he knows. He turns into a scared little boy when he's nearby and tries to do everything in his power to keep him happy.

Monica Frost - His mother. He's not a fan of her cooking and doesn't like visiting her very often. She loves to nag him.

Gangulphus Frost - His brother, who died by starving himself.

Maximilian Frost - His little brother, who looks up to him.

Ridley Moore - Might as well be his sister, he grew up with her and was very close with her and her family.

Armellant Duval - Turns out Threed wasn't his real name... Augustine is usually always seen in his company. Latest and greatest. The pair are usually accompanied by an Apkallu. They bought a house together? Is this the end of the line?

Stefan Delumiere - Ex-lover? Ex-boss? Co-worker? On the side boss? Either way, most of the mercenary work Augustine does is given to him from this fella. They seem to get along very well. It's not unusual to see them sharing drinks and joking around. (Maybe other stuff too.)

Trisselle Ganathain - Ex-lover...? He seems to dump everyone he gets with. Her legs go on for days, weeks, or even months. She also has a nice Elezen neck. Her hair also changes color a lot.

Garrett Slater - Ex-lover, now-wizard, maybe touched by the Black? Maybe not? Augustine isn't sure what the Black is or how it works. Either way, they broke up. It's not unusual to see Augustine drunk beyond belief and grinning at him.

Xenedra Ambreaus - He likes her. She's fun to drink with. Not only that, she has told him the reason for all his bad relationships with women are because they hypnotize him with their breasts. Could she be right? Is this ground breaking information for Hyurkind?

Castus Allard - Fun fella. Often thinks about brawling him. Then thinks not as soon as the guy starts talking about bombs and making things that explode in general that aren't bombs? Needs to buy bombs from him. Bombs for stuff.

Seiko Mamushi/Chou Mori - He teases her. He shouldn't tease her but he does. After he noticed she looks just like his mum, he's tried to stop teasing her.

Avalt Laguz - Augustine is always highly on edge and uncomfortable around him.

Vaande Darkehallow - Ex-lover? Maybe? They had a really sordid affair. They also robbed people together, treasure hunted together and seemed to get along quite well.

Tabitha Greyhaven - A poor fat girl who makes Augustine cakes. She only wants to be his friend, but he's awful to her. He insists she poisons everything she makes but proceeds to eat her pastries anyway.

Caen Jabari - Augustine sees him like a son, even though he's a Miqo'te. If anyone looks at him funny, they risk a punch or a verbal lashing from Augustine.

Xao Ganajai - Are they friends? Are they enemies? Who can be sure! It seems he's pissed her off pretty bad this time.

Alexaria Whiteraven - He commonly describes her as his 'lesbian mum', even though he's not really sure what's going on with her these days. She's usually sharp with him, but he can appreciate that in a person.

Renaud Becquerel - His current boss. He's flowery, positive, assertive and makes Augustine uncomfortable about his own sexuality. But he has a great neck and pays well.

Garrett Sancsaron - Augustine and Aerius have dubbed this poor bastard the 'king of Virginity'. He spares no expense when making fun of this poor soul.

Aerius Destroven - They're alcoholics but don't tell anybody. They don't seem to notice that they're alcoholics, either.

Memeli Meli - She slaps his ass and he can't punch her face because she's a Lalafel. It would be too difficult to get her at his height and her speed.

Juste Fantome - An Elezen with a long neck. Augustine insists that his face was scribbled on by a toddler. Despite that, Juste saved his life.

X'yue Tia - A friend? Maybe? Augustine has tried to rope him into robbing people with him, only to be left hanging and almost arrested. He seems to hate that Augustine has trust issues.

Lyse Crofte - Augustine approached her while drunk and befriended her. He was between relationships and chose Garrett over her. She gives him run-by-kisses on occasion that land him in the doghouse with Garrett.

Sigurd Rainecourt - A poor fellow who has no business being anywhere near Augustine. He's a nice guy, but Augustine seems to enjoy screwing around with him. One minute they're flirting, the next minute Augustine has a dagger at his throat.

Sylas Peregrine - A co-worker, who wears tiny mankinis at the beach and bends over right in front of him. He also seems to know a lot about the fighting pit in Ul'dah.

Eugennoix Sorel - A rival? Ex-lover? Co-worker?

If I forgot your character on this list please poke me and let me know!


"Oh, honey, no. Don't go with that patron anywhere. Girls who leave with him never come back." -Some random courtesan.

"That guy? The crazy Oschon worshipper? Don't go anywhere near his camp. He'll kill you. That chocobo of his is a demon, too." -Some random bandit.

"He's got a different person on his arm every other day. He doesn't look good. Maybe he's charming?" -Some random tavern patron.

"You want to see him twitch? Get a fire going. He hates fire. He freezes up around it. Doesn't even try to run. Easy target. I hit him with a couple of flares once. I should have finished him off." -Eugennoix Sorel.

"He is a book inscribed in a foreign language and sometimes I think I can read it, but that is rare. The man should only be considered a complexity bound by a plethora of poor habits and sometimes surprisingly good intentions." -Trisselle Ganathain.

"I don't know when he's coming back. Or if. At least he was nice enough to hire someone to look after me while he's away. A strong, handsome master dragoon, even. ...who's- he's just my bodyguard. He's just here to protect me. That's it. Nothing else." -Armellant Duval.

"Augustine...? Well, he... hrrm. Folks like to say all kinds'a things about him. But he's been pretty nice to me, at least. An' Mister Threed seems to like 'im plenty, I think? I mean, that mess that one time, that was... he was just actin', right...?" -Jajara Jara.

"T-that drunken lout! He's completely incorrigible; the rudest Midlander I've ever met!! He steals my food, h-he eats in my bathtub, and his beast of a chocobo wants to eat me! But... he is helping me try to find my mother... s-so he has his moments, I suppose..." -Chuchukepa Hohokepa.

"I won't pretend to understand what goes on in that head of his. He's an insufferable arse when his friends are around but oddly tolerable and well-behaved when its just him and Ar-armelly... Arm-melon...Threed." -Chou Mori

"He's a little quirky, but most people worth any time are. Good for a tea party, or raiding a house full of wizards, or anything between most likely. Fun times." -Xenedra Ambreaus


Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught - Don't play cards with him. Don't date him. Don't trust him with anything honourable.

What You Are In The Dark - He'll urge heroes and nice people to do bad things. Sometimes, for the 'greater good', other times 'because who's gonna know?'

Anxiety Dreams - He dreams Tassine burns him alive almost nightly.

Raven Hair Ivory Skin - Speaks for itself. He has dark hair and pale skin.

Drowning My Sorrows - He drinks a lot to forget what a depressing and awful piece of shit he is. Since drinking is easier than changing himself.

Make It Look Like An Accident - He's usually the one to set this type of murder up for someone else.


The Berserker - While in combat, he seems to have little care for his own safety. Like most people with anger problems, there are situations that cause him to see red.

Thousand Yard Stare - He looks like he's seen some shit.

Commitment Issues - Speaks for itself.

Dump Them All - It's not you, it's me. But no, it's really you.

Gold Fever - Now I aint saying he's a gold digger, but he aint messing with no broke.. people.

Entitled Bastard - Everyone owes him something. Everyone. Maybe even everything. That tree? That tree owes him some fruit. You may not have met him, but you owe him too.

Manipulative Bastard - What better way of satisfying your entitlement? You have empathy for your fellow peers? Good. That gives him something to work with.

Ungrateful Bastard - No matter what anyone does for him, it's never enough. No matter how big or small. He always wants more.

Taking Advantage of Generosity - You think killing him with kindness is going to make him a nice person? Think again. He'll take all that kindness and proceed to expect more.

Egocentrically Religious - For whatever reason, he seems to believe his relationship with Oschon is a spiritually intimate one. No one else gets the divine favour he does. While most people do what they can for their deity, Augustine wants to know what Oschon can do for him. He often mistakes his insane luck for Oschon's intervention.

Skewed Priorities - He dreads seemingly normal, mundane tasks. He'll sooner attempt to clean the inside of his chocobo's beak and risk losing a finger, than make sure his socks don't have holes in them.

Jerkass Has A Point - There is never a time when he doesn't feel like pointing out obvious flaws with people's plans. He loves to do it in the meanest way possible, too. Sure, they can get mad that he's a dick. But he's got a point.

Green Eyed Monster - No, his eyes aren't green. But he's jealous. He can get jealous over seemingly nothing. Someone looks better than him? Jealous. Someone he likes gives the wrong sort of glance to someone else? Jealous.

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